Gary Moore / Loners End / 2CD

Gary Moore / Loners End / 2CD / Shades

Live At Paradise Theater, Boston, MA, USA 1st September 1987 & Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London UK, 1st April 1987.

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Became the peak of the hard rock era for Gary Moore in 1987 than “WILD FRONTIER” tour, high-quality broadcast sound sources are two types representative of the same year, it appeared in the eagerly-awaited press CD2 Disc! This in addition to Boston, Massachusetts concert World Tour final day By now, the ’87 September 1, the London performance of April 1, which corresponds to the tour early in the main event, which were all package based on past superlative of the master the work is, satisfy the craving that “this kind of item I wanted!” of all of Gary fan, will be made in one to lower the lot Ryuin!

After announcing a large masterpiece “WILD FRONTIER” that hauntingly in the whole volume of the Irish mood, Gary began a world tour starting with the United Kingdom-Edinburgh performances of March 26, ’87. Through the Japan tour of the 16th day from July 13, and then plunge into a full-fledged American tour from Seattle, WA performance of July 24. This US tour that all 28 performances have been performed, but was intended to track the club of small and medium-sized in the main, in the United States met with the tour for the first time since “VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE”, around the live in the big climax from fan greeted is, I was engaged in a heated show.
Boston Paradise Theater performances of September 1, to be the tour the last day, but what one of the incomplete version of recording a broadcast sound source to already issued the air check had been known, in some recently is Long version sound source also has begun to circulate, from the fan was a growing voice overlooking the appearance of the “definitive edition”. The sound source that appeared this time in response to the voice, the longest version of the same day broadcast sound source over 105 minutes, on top of the carefully selected currently available best of the master, we are Onban of conduct remastered treatments work thorough . This panel that a good sound quality that surpasses the already issued to give the guise of press CD what befits to the tone of the tour the last day memorable, from the fan will be welcome as a new classic appearance!
Although the sound and cheers in some places there is a somewhat noisy impression, clear stereo separation has been mix has speculated vividly Gary of the guitar and singing, Bob Dizuri and Eric Singer to support the leading role Shitsujitsu virile rhythm section, and also exquisite support of Neil Carter will be transmitted by the contour, such as take in hand respectively. While Gary’s singing voice is a little tired in every day of the show, the tension of the band is rather high, such as “Thunder Rising” and “Shapes Of Things” will feel the fighting spirit and momentum to decorate the final day. Phil Lynott is thought to bleeding “Military Man”, “So Far Away” and the flow of “Empty Rooms”, and in “Out In The Fields” are both more than 10 minutes enthusiastically, even climax of the audience climax you reached. Above all wonderful depth of content that each song does not think even a long time a smokestack, it is a rarity even flow of the set that worked the sharp of the introduction, development, turn, conclusion.
Encore will continue to start from “All Messed Up”, “Murder In The Skies”. Although met with fierce performance of the endgame has been the voice of Gary pretty rough, freeze guitar crisp and power is up tone finally. Members of the support is also exquisite, it will be entirely overwhelmed the band sound to push in the overwhelming thrill and powerful.
The first track of the disk 2, have been recorded “The Loner,” which became a Boston concert last song. Cozy this song was a remake what was recorded in the 1st solo Powell is known as the classic one of the best in a number of installation that Gary has left. Set in from the ’86 tour in live, but always of more than 10 minutes enthusiastic performance has been showing off, here are played with ultra-long scale of what more than 20 minutes! Moreover, does not mean that unnecessarily redundant, Gary has been put clear meaning and feeling in one sound one note that spun out, phrasing, which is cleverly configured, Shimiwatara excitement to every corner of the listener’s mind then we will. Live performances of “The Loner,” This day is now at the end as a result. The take is a great thing to have been left in this quality, it asserts that it is appropriate content as a bottom line of the song both in name and reality!

Than the second song of the disc 2 to the last, this is also known as a staple broadcast sound source of the ’87 tour, it records the London Hammersmith Odeon concert of April 1. Here, listen to the contents is what was recorded rebroadcast has been Upper & Long version in recent years Germany, separated from the mix of the official class, sound quality that combines a sense of stability and clear of is, of opening “Over The Hills And Far Away” from, it boasts exceptional quality that surpasses even the main Boston performances. Powerful raw whiff and sound compared to the sound of Boston was attractive, the sound of the London show is more listening ease of trim line unique is attractive, is about the same in terms of the personality of sound There is a thing. Keyboard “Thunder Rising”, which is clearly feature is the brilliant arrangements and elegant melody, hard in the speedy deployment is to build the best sound space in the Trinity, by invite the listeners to the world of Celtic mythology Sho! And “Wild Frontier,” you did not hear in the Boston performances, performances such as live highlights “Out In The Fields” is hardly longer indescribable, such as Gary has confronted the “Irish soul” to the audience of Hammersmith terrible you remember!
Also already issued the same day air check sound source is often thing called “So Far Away” is accrued, but had started suddenly “Empty Rooms”, here in the present sound source has also been recorded properly, in a way that Gary was intended you can enjoy the development of the music. Round out the sound track to a condensed “All Messed Up” until the ’80s taste of Gary, feel the density far exceeding the time of about 53 minutes, also in terms of satisfaction does not take a shrinkage in Boston performances!

This work was cut out in any inferior unexpected high-quality source of the key points of the ’87 tour, is the definitive edition of “WILD FRONTIER” live recordings without complaint. From the ease and beauty of playing listening, for beginners as “one to listen in the beginning”, veteran collectors as a press CD and the sound quality is nice, “must-have sound source”, this film will be a large classic unavoidable ! Everyone official grade one that does not miss the Hard Rock heavy metal fans, is fully qualified press CD in imposing release of!

ゲイリー・ムーアにとってハードロック時代のピークとなった1987年の「WILD FRONTIER」ツアーより、同年を代表するハイクオリティな放送音源が2種類、ファン待望のプレスCD2枚組で登場です!ワールドツアー最終日となった’87年9月1日のマサチューセッツ州ボストン公演に加え、ツアー序盤のメインイベントに当たる4月1日のロンドン公演を、いずれも過去最上級のマスターを元にパッケージした本作は、全てのゲイリー・ファンの「こういうアイテムが欲しかった!」という渇望を満たし、大いに溜飲を下げる一本になる事でしょう!

アイリッシュなムードを全編に湛えた大傑作「WILD FRONTIER」を発表した後、ゲイリーは’87年3月26日のイギリス・エディンバラ公演を皮切りにワールドツアーを開始しました。7月13日から16日にかけての来日公演を経て、7月24日のワシントン州シアトル公演からは本格的なアメリカツアーに突入します。全28公演が行われたこの全米ツアーは中小規模のクラブをメインにサーキットするものでしたが、アメリカでは「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」以来となるツアーとあって、各地のライヴはファンから大きな盛り上がりで迎えられ、白熱したショウを繰り広げました。
場所によってはサウンドや歓声がややノイジーな印象があるものの、明確にステレオ・セパレートされたミックスは、ゲイリーのギターと歌をありありと浮かび上がらせており、主役を支えるボブ・ディズリーとエリック・シンガーの質実剛健なリズムセクション、そしてニール・カーターの絶妙なサポートもそれぞれ手に取るような輪郭で伝わります。ゲイリーの歌声は連日のショウでやや疲れ気味ですが、バンドのテンションはむしろ高く、「Thunder Rising」や「Shapes Of Things」などは最終日を飾ろうとする気合いや勢いを感じます。フィル・ライノットへの想いが滲む「Military Man」に、「So Far Away」と「Empty Rooms」の流れ、そして「Out In The Fields」はいずれも10分を越える熱演で、オーディエンスの盛り上がりも最高潮に達します。曲それぞれが重厚長大でも時間を長いと思わせない中味の濃さが何より素晴らしく、起承転結のメリハリが効いたセットの流れも絶品です。
アンコールは「All Messed Up」からスタートし「Murder In The Skies」へと続きます。激しいパフォーマンスの大詰めとあってゲイリーの声はかなり荒れてきているものの、冴え渡るギターのキレとパワーはいよいよ上り調子です。メンバーのサポートも絶妙で、圧倒的なスリルと迫力で押し出すバンドサウンドにはひたすら圧倒されてしまいます。
ディスク2の1曲目には、ボストン公演最後の曲となった「The Loner」を収録しています。コージー・パウエルの1stソロに収録されたものをリメイクしたこの曲は、ゲイリーが残した数多くのインストでも屈指の名曲として知られています。ライヴにおいては’86年ツアーからセットインし、常に10分以上の熱演が披露されましたが、ここでは何と20分を越える超ロングスケールで演奏されています!しかもいたずらに冗長という訳ではなく、ゲイリーが紡ぎだす一音一音には明確な意味と気持ちが込められており、巧みに構成されたフレージングは、聴き手の心の隅々まで感動を染み渡らせていきます。「The Loner」のライヴ演奏は結果としてこの日が最後になりました。そのテイクがこのクオリティで残されたのは素晴らしい事で、名実共に同曲の総決算としてふさわしい内容だと断言します!

ディスク2の2曲目よりラストまでは、これも’87年ツアーの定番放送音源として知られる、4月1日のロンドン・ハマースミス・オデオン公演を収録しています。ここで聴ける内容は近年ドイツで再放送されたアッパー&ロングバージョンを収録したもので、公式級のミックスと分離、安定感とクリアさを併せ持った音質は、オープニングの「Over The Hills And Far Away」から、本編ボストン公演をも凌ぐ抜群のクオリティを誇っています。生っぽさと音の迫力が魅力だったボストンの音と比較して、本ロンドン公演のサウンドはより均整がとれたラインならではの聴き易さが魅力で、音の個性という点では甲乙付けがたいものがあります。キーボードが鮮明にフィーチャーされた「Thunder Rising」は、輝くようなアレンジと流麗なメロディ、ハードでスピーディな展開が三位一体で最高の音空間を構築し、聴き手をケルト神話の世界へと誘う事でしょう!ボストン公演では聴けなかった「Wild Frontier」や、ライヴのハイライト「Out In The Fields」などの演奏はもはや筆舌に尽くし難く、ゲイリーがハマースミスのオーディエンスに「アイルランド魂」を見せつけているような凄みを覚えます!
また既発の同日エアチェック音源は「So Far Away」が未収というものが多く、いきなり「Empty Rooms」が始まっていましたが、本音源ではここもきちんと収録されており、ゲイリーが意図した形での楽曲展開を楽しめます。音源を締めくくる「All Messed Up」まで’80年代ゲイリーの旨みを凝縮した曲目は、約53分という時間をはるかに上回る密度を感じさせ、満足感の点でもボストン公演に引けを取るものではありません!

’87年ツアーの要所をいずれ劣らぬハイクオリティ・ソースで切り取った本作は、文句なしに「WILD FRONTIER」ライヴ音源の決定版です。聴き易さと演奏の素晴らしさから、初心者には「初めに聴く一本」として、ベテランコレクターはプレスCDと音質向上が嬉しい「必携音源」として、本作は避けて通れない大定番になるでしょう!ハードロック・ヘヴィメタルファンの誰もが見逃せない公式級の一本が、完全限定プレスCDで堂々のリリースです!

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Over The Hills And Far Away 3. Thunder Rising 4. Shapes Of Things
5. Military Man 6. So Far Away 7. Empty Rooms 8. Out In The Fields 9. Rockin’ Every Night
10. All Messed Up 11. Murder In The Skies

Disc 2
1. The Loner

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 1st April 1987

2. Over The Hills And Far Away 3. Thunder Rising 4. Shapes Of Things 5. Wild Frontier
6. So Far Away 7. Empty Rooms 8. Out In The Fields 9. All Messed Up

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocals Neil Carter – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Bob Daisley – Bass Eric Singer – Drums


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