Rainbow / Straight Between The Shape / 4CDR

Rainbow / Straight Between The Shape / 4CDR /Non Label

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Live At Budokan Tokyo, Japan 22nd October 1982 , Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th March 1984.



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Between Tokyo ‘s Budokan performance which became a highlight from ’82 and ’84 tour which can be regarded as a peak for RAINBOW in the era of Joe Lynn Turner, the two performances are set as one by a senior audience recording which has a wonderful listening response I did it, it is the best item of press CD grade!

To the discs 1 and 2, from live performance accompanying the release of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYS”, the live of October 22, ’82 which became the final day, is recorded completely with outstanding sound condition.
The pattern of this day includes the best pressed CD titles such as “CATCH THE NIGHT” (Power Gate) and “SAME OLD DREAM” (Darker Than Blue), as well as “THIRD MASTER” (Shades) which pleased mania There are excellent titles, and it has become a blessed show with sound in terms of sound source. The excavator excavated this time has advanced clearness and wideness of sound comparable to these first-class items, and the sound image where the performance emerges plentifully in this unreliable texture is amazing There is none. With the advent of a new “fourth master”, all RAINBOW fans should be noisy! From the opening “Land Of Hope And Glory”, the brightness of the sound that the field of view can clearly open is without complaint, and it is a famous song of Joe era familiar with the “Spotlight Kid” “Miss Mistreated” “I Surrender” The hand will trip to the Budokan in 29 years ago.
“Can not Happen Here” like a hanging from “Blues” is an unusual combination unique to this show, and the venue also has a festive appearance to Ritchie’s play that releases the accumulated power at once. In the popular “All Night Long”, the excitement of the audience also peaks. Recordings picked up clearly up to the singing voice raised by the audience around the tapers may be divided in likes and dislikes, but it is an important scene that recorded RAINBOW of popularity, and it is a scene to prove the high freshness of this sound source There is no mistake. In Joe’s “Stone Cold” following the unique MC called “vineyard, chewy?”, David Rosenthal inserts “Child In Time” in the intro and this is also an important listening place (of course “Stone Also listen to Joe ‘s vocal listening at Cold! In “Difficult To Cure” 2:21 there is a cut due to a tape change, but here it is supplemented natural from the original tape of “THIRD MASTER” which has already started.
The main feature of the second half of the show is “Catch The Rainbow” which was only played on this day in the ’82 World Tour. “Long Live Lock ‘n’ Roll” From the last, it is about 3 minutes ‘performance as Richie rides on Joe’ s ad lib, but this is the only track in this line – up where the whimsical whimsy The direction of the movement is directing the name scene representative of the tour. In the last “Kill The King” it jumps out to the texture of “A Light In The Black”, and the show where surprises and impression jumps out to the end are the best. If you are RAINBOW fans this absolutely sure you will listen to this original sound source that cut out the best tour of the ’82 best tour with high-quality recording! This freshness preeminent texture, real feeling, if you like audience recording, it is a masterpiece without mistakes that you will be delighted to raise various hands! !

It was on the first day of the 13th Budo Budokan performance which became a legend now from the ‘BENT OUT OF SHAPE’ tour of ’84, and it is contained in the discs 3 · 4. The sound source of this day is suitable for the final tour of the ’80’s RAINBOW, such as “THE END” packed both live for two days, and a famous board “HELLBENT DRIVER” which had an explosive reaction of fans when released the other day I have a full name recording. When compared with the sound quality of the discs 1 and 2, the sound which can be heard with this sound source feels slightly the distance of the sound which the taper concealed the equipment, and although it gives one step to the above-mentioned famous board of gems as expected though the spectator It’s an excellent one even during the recording of the audience at that time, such as realistic feeling that touched the impression and surprise realistically, and the ease of listening to the sound and the like, which was organized favorably with a focus on Joe’s vocals, BGM ‘s “Chariots Of Fire” is a long thing, starting with documentation and entertainment content that makes only one attraction.
The set list is the content that follows the ’82 year tour in the first half, but the performance that increased the tightness by welcoming Chuck Burgi to the drum is wonderful, the “I Surrender” tightened while it is glittery is the ear of the listener I will attract. “Catch The Rainbow” which was a short performance on Disk 2 is an 8-minute performance that has been rehearsed steadily on this tour. Even the same song and different personality can compare Richie’s play with both takes, it is interesting for items like this work (Joe listens to the same song from the 5th minute to the 7th minute list, the original melody line is really That’s excellent). And “Street Of Dreams” letting you listen to dramatic drama from the keyboard solo featuring the intro of “Can not Let You Go” can be said to be one of the best scenes in the history of RAINBOW, which lasted for about 10 years!
The main feature of this show is “Difficult To Cure” incorporating an orchestra. The curtain of the stage opens from Richie’s lyrical solo, and the excitement when the orchestra’s appearance is illuminated, the excitement around the tapers is also alive and it is as powerful as if it is spreading in front of us. The speech between the spectators who are overwhelmed by the spectacular and unexpected production is also interesting as it seems to represent the atmosphere of the venue (In “Difficult To Cure” there are cuts derived from the master in two places but “HELLBENT DRIVER” It has been repaired more carefully than the master of).
In the latter half of the show also, “Points to listen to” such as “Stranded” which included “Woman From Tokyo”, and “Stone Cold” which was not played on the last day, there is no time to listen. After the live announces the end with “Smoke On The Water”, the announcement that “RAINBOW will perform the final performance at Budokan on 14th tomorrow” flowing to the venue will have a special reverberation in the fans’ breasts .

RAINBOW in the era of Joe Lynn Turner has left amazing live performances at many shows, but again there is no other way they showed their merit than taking a tour to Japan. This work is an exquisite title that reproduces this named performance two as the only new excavation master.
Even within each same day sound source that has appeared so far, this time item is a mistake to become a storyteller among fans as “name phantom sound source” in both name and story. To the extent that I can hardly believe it, I absolutely affirm that it is unprecedented and one of disqualification!


ディスク1と2へは「STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYS」リリースに伴う来日公演から、最終日となった’82年10月22日のライヴを、抜群のサウンドコンディションで完全収録しています。
この日の模様は過去にも「CATCH THE NIGHT」(Power Gate)や「SAME OLD DREAM」(Darker Than Blue)といった極上のプレスCDタイトルの他、マニアを喜ばせた「THIRD MASTER」(Shades)などの優良タイトルが存在し、音源的には質量共に恵まれたショウとなっています。今回発掘された音源は、これら第一級のアイテムにも匹敵する上級のクリアさ・音響のワイドさを持っており、この堪らない質感の中で臨場感たっぷりに演奏が浮かび上がる音像は驚くほかありません。新たな「第四のマスター」出現に、全てのRAINBOWファンは騒然となるはずです!オープニングの「Land Of Hope And Glory」から視界が透き通って開けるようなサウンドの明るさは文句なしで、「Spotlight Kid」「Miss Mistreated」「I Surrender」と畳み掛けられるジョー時代おなじみの名曲連発で、聴き手はたちまち29年前の武道館へトリップしてしまうでしょう。
「Blues」からなだれ込むような「Can’t Happen Here」はこのショウならではの珍しい組み合わせで、溜め込んだパワーを一気に解放するようなリッチーのプレイに、会場もお祭り騒ぎの様相を呈します。人気の「All Night Long」ではオーディエンスの盛り上がりもピークに達します。テーパー周囲の観客が上げる歌声までクリアに拾った録音は好き嫌いが分かれるかも知れませんが、人気絶頂のRAINBOWを記録した重要なワンシーンであり、本音源の鮮度の高さを証明する場面であるのは間違いありません。ジョーの「ブドウカン、キモチイイ?」という個性的なMCに続く「Stone Cold」では、デイヴィッド・ローゼンタールがイントロに「Child In Time」をインサートしており、ここも重要な聴き所です(もちろん「Stone Cold」で聴けるジョーの々しいヴォーカルも必聴!)。なお「Difficult To Cure」の2:21ではテープチェンジによるカットがありますが、ここは既発「THIRD MASTER」のオリジナルテープよりナチュラルに補填しています。
ショウの後半の目玉は、’82年ワールドツアーでもこの日のみの演奏となった「Catch The Rainbow」です。「Long Live Lock’n’Roll」ラストから、ジョーのアドリブにリッチーが乗ったような約3分間の演奏ですが、このラインアップでの同曲はこれだけで、気まぐれなリッチーが利かせたその場の機転が、ツアーを代表する名場面を演出しています。ラストの「Kill The King」では「A Light In The Black」のキメまで飛び出し、最後まで驚きと感動が入れ替わりに飛び出すショウは最高です。’82年ツアー最高のライヴを高品位録音で切り取った本音源は、RAINBOWファンならば絶対に必聴でしょう!この鮮度抜群の質感・リアル感、オーディエンス録音好きなら、諸手を上げて大喜びしてしまうこと間違いなしの絶品マスターです!!

ディスク3・4に収められたのは、’84年の「BENT OUT OF SHAPE」ツアーから、今や伝説となった武道館連続公演の初日・3月13日のライヴです。この日の音源も、ライヴを二日間ともパックした「THE END」や、先日リリースされるやファンの爆発的なリアクションがあった名盤「HELLBENT DRIVER」といった、’80年代RAINBOWのファイナルツアーにふさわしい名録音が揃っています。本音源で聴けるサウンドは、ディスク1・2の音質と較べた時、テーパーが機材を隠したような音の遠さをやや感じ、上記した珠玉の名盤にはさすがに一歩譲るものの、観客の感動や驚きをリアルに捉えた臨場感や、ジョーのヴォーカルを中心に程好くまとまった演奏とサウンドの聴き易さなど、いずれも当時のオーディエンス録音中でも優れた一本であり、録音も開演前のB.G.M.である「Chariots Of Fire」から始まる長大なもので、ドキュメント的にもエンターテイメントとしてもオンリーワンの魅力を感じさせる内容です。
セットリストは前半こそ’82年ツアーを踏襲する内容ですが、ドラムにチャック・バーギを迎えてよりタイトさを増した演奏は素晴らしく、煌びやかでありながら引き締まった「I Surrender」は聴き手の耳を惹き付けます。ディスク2では短い演奏だった「Catch The Rainbow」は、このツアーではしっかりとリハーサルされた8分間の演奏になっています。同じ曲でも個性が異なる両テイクでリッチーのプレイを比較できるのも、本作のようなアイテムが持つ面白さです(同曲の5分から7分台にかけてジョーが聴かせる、オリジナルなメロディラインは本当に素晴らしいです)。そして「Can’t Let You Go」のイントロをフィーチャーしたキーボードソロから劇的なドラマを聴かせる「Street Of Dreams」は、約10年に及ぶRAINBOW史上でも最高級の名場面だと言えるでしょう!
このショウの目玉はオーケストラを組み込んだ「Difficult To Cure」に尽きます。リッチーの叙情的なソロからステージの幕が開き、オーケストラの姿が照らし出された時の盛り上がりは、テーパー周囲の盛り上がりも生々しく、まるで目の前で繰り広げられているかのような迫力です。壮大で思いがけない演出に圧倒されている観客同士の話し声も、会場の雰囲気を表しているようで興味深いです(なお「Difficult To Cure」では2ヶ所にマスター由来のカットがありますが、「HELLBENT DRIVER」のマスターより丁寧に補修してあります)。
ショウ後半も「Woman From Tokyo」をインクルードした「Stranded」や、最終日は演奏されなかった「Stone Cold」など、聴くべきポイントは枚挙に暇がありません。ライヴが「Smoke On The Water」で終わりを告げた後、会場に流れる「RAINBOWは明日14日、武道館にて最終公演を行います」というアナウンスは、ファンの胸に特別な余韻を残す事でしょう。


Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 22nd October 1982

Disc 1
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Miss Mistreated
5. I Surrender 6. Blues 7. Can’t Happen Here 8. Tearin’ Out My Heart 9. Lazy
10. All Night Long 11. Child In Time/Stone Cold 12. Guitar & Keyboard Solo 13. Power

Disc 2
1. Difficult To Cure incl. Keyboard Solo 2. Difficult To Cure(reprise) /Guitar Solo
3. Drum Solo 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 5. Catch The Rainbow
6. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll(reprise) 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Maybe Next Time
9. Since You Been Gone 10. Smoke On The Water 11. Kill The King/Long Live Rock’n’Roll(reprise)
12. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th March 1984

Disc 3
1. Chariots Of Fire 2. Land Of Hope And Glory 3. Over The Rainbow 4. Spotlight Kid
5. Miss Mistreated 6. I Surrender 7. Can’t Happen Here 8. Catch The Rainbow 9. Power
10. Keyboard Solo 11. Street Of Dreams 12. Vocal Intro. 13. Fool For The Night

Disc 4
1. Difficult To Cure(Intro) 2. Difficult To Cure(with Orchestra) 3. Guitar Solo
4. Drum Solo 5. Stranded incl. Woman From Tokyo 6. Blues 7. Death Alley Driver
8. Fire Dance 9. All Night Long 10. Maybe Next Time 11. Stone Cold
12. Since You Been Gone 13. Smoke On The Water 14. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Chuck Burgi – Drums


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