Gary Moore / Sight & Sound In Concert / 1DVDR

Gary Moore / Sight & Sound In Concert / 1 DVDR /Non Label

Translated text:

Live at Golddiggers Club, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK 16th January 1984 PRO-SHOT

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Rock, blues, access to technology, Gary Moore was face to face to his music in a variety of approaches to each era and even. Speaking of age even in the music of Gary, it is loved by most fans, had been locked in hard and yet, the early 80s that played a solo debut full-fledged again. Above all of 1984 or will not “VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE” at that time.
In this work, “SIGHT & SOUND IN CONCERT”, from the 1984 live, was held in front of the World Tour full-fledged January 16, music program, “the live in the UK, Chippenham” Gold Digger’s Club “from television broadcast master of SIGHT & SOUND IN CONCERT “, I have recorded about 30 minutes.

This video, one of the large classic from earlier between mania. But this work was based on the digital master of when it is re-broadcast specially in the UK, quality that can affirm the record-best in all. In the video of the super level to surpass the already issued of all, I can enjoy the time, the best of the best live.
“VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE” after completion, this live is live can be said for the first time almost. Neil Carter “buddy” of Gary, members Ian Paice who participated continued from previous work. From Neil Murray you return to WHITESNAKE, base has replaced Craig Gruber original RAINBOW.
Number that is included here only five songs. But Choice and two songs that represent the previous work “CORRIDORS OF POWER”, and three songs from the new “VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE” is ideal to ballads from the hard tune. The long playing time of each song one even features. Of the first track from “Rockin ‘Every Night”, you amused in response to intense listening, respectively.
And its “Rockin ‘Every Night”, followed in the “Shapes Of Things”, a strong rhythm play of Craig Gruber and Pace is compelling. Is our big success with the guitar singing Gary. How the tone and guitar playing that he spun out wonderful song! Two songs cited above a heavy, of course, pop “Hold On To Love”, and the melody of him crying is exhibited does not go in hard but “Empty Rooms”, I will be enjoy the delicious play. The best part of the last is “End Of The World” among other things! Rongusoro like raging of Gary, which is disposed at the beginning, gimmicks spectacular stage sets, dramatic excitement to the dynamism of the song either, I will produce a scene worthy of the name climax of the stage!

The TV program is known by the contents of the 40-minute original, it has been re-broadcast several times in the past. Also there was the same on-air content in Japan, but you can look inferior in quality, ticker screen display is or troublesome, difficulties were also seen many already issued.
While classic, this film was the first time broadcast take high quality far as live Gary. Definitive professional shots you want to collection at hand absolutely if Gary fan. Press CD title: Once in the outtakes of “LOST EPISODE Rare Studio Tracks 1978-2001” recorded, was fluent Gary in the studio, please enjoy threatening him of “Gary in the live stage” In this film! I think for anyone who “you have never watched yet,” this video, and I would like you to get this opportunity, of course!


ゲイリー・ムーアはロックやブルース、さらにはテクノロジーへの接近など、時代ごとに様々なアプローチで自身の音楽へと向かい合っていました。そのゲイリーの音楽でも、最もファンに愛され、なおかつハードにロックしていた時代といえば、やはり本格的なソロ・デビューを果たした’80年代前半。中でも1984年の「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」当時ではないでしょうか。
 本作「SIGHT & SOUND IN CONCERT」では、その1984年ライヴから、本格的なワールドツアーの前に行われた1月16日,イギリス・チッペンハム”ゴールドディガーズ・クラブ”でのライヴを音楽番組「SIGHT & SOUND IN CONCERT」のテレビ放送マスターより、約30分間収録しています。

 本ライヴは「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」完成後、ほとんど初めてと言えるライヴ。メンバーはゲイリーの”相棒”ニール・カーターに、前作から引き続き参加したイアン・ペイス。ベースはWHITESNAKEへ復帰したニール・マーレイから、元RAINBOWのクレイグ・グルーバーに交代しています。
 ここに収録されているナンバーは5曲のみ。しかし前作「CORRIDORS OF POWER」を代表する2曲と、新作「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」からの3曲というチョイスは、ハード・チューンからバラードまで理想的です。さらに一曲ごとの演奏時間が長いのも特徴。1曲目の「Rockin’ Every Night」から、それぞれ強烈な聴き応えで楽しませます。
 その「Rockin’ Every Night」と、続く「Shapes Of Things」では、ペイスとクレイグ・グルーバーの強固なリズムプレイが迫力満点。我らがゲイリーも歌にギターにと大活躍。彼が紡ぎ出すギター・プレイとその音色はどの曲でも素晴らしい! ハードでヘヴィな前掲2曲はもちろん、ポップな「Hold On To Love」、彼らしい泣きとメロディがいかんなく発揮される「Empty Rooms」でも、味わい深いプレイを堪能させます。とりわけラストの「End Of The World」は圧巻! 冒頭に配されたゲイリーの荒れ狂うようなロングソロ、壮大なステージ・セットの仕掛け、いずれも曲のダイナミズムをドラマティックに盛り上げ、ステージのクライマックスにふさわしい名場面を演出します!

 ゲイリーのライヴとしては定番ながら、ここまでクオリティの高い放送テイクは本作が初めてでした。ゲイリー・ファンなら絶対に手元でコレクションしたい決定的なプロショット。プレスCDタイトル「LOST EPISODE : Rare Studio Tracks 1978-2001」収録のアウトテイクで、スタジオでのゲイリーを堪能した後は、本作で「ライヴ・ステージにおけるゲイリー」の凄みをお楽しみください! もちろん本映像を「まだ観た事がない」という方には、この機会にぜひゲットして頂きたいと思います!

1. Rockin’ Every Night 2. Shapes Of Things 3. Hold On To Love 4. Empty Rooms
5. End Of The World

Gary Moore – Guitar & Vocal Ian Paice – Drums Neil Carter – Keyboards, Guitar & Vocal
Craig Gruber – Bass

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 30min. 

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