Gary Moore / Monument For Victims / 1CD

Gary Moore / Monument For Victims / 1CD /Shades

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 11th February 1984 STEREO SBD

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Etc. any number of live recordings that decorate the hard rock era of Gary Moore, large classic FM sound board sound source impassable by everyone avoided if the fan even in it, revives a restrictive press CD in the past the finest quality!

After the release of the new album “VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE”, Gary will start the UK tour starting in Cardiff performances of February 4. Members at that time, ’83 continue, led by Ian Paice of drum remaining in the band on tour, joined by many years of a collaborator Neil Carter as a keyboard and side guitar, and Neil Murray returned to WHITESNAKE Craig glue Var of the original ELF is the successor bassist, known for superior technology (and RAINBOW) was greeted. Band lineup of the ’83 tour, but was also described as “COLOSSEUM Ⅲ” between mania from its membership, in the lineup with the ability not inferior to it also lineup of the early ’84, band is still high performance capability I was proud.

Pattern of the London Hammersmith Odeon concert recording has been tour 7 performances eyes, February 11, in the present sound source is radio broadcasting is carried out, some of this when the official recordings have been take the official live work “WE WANT MOORE! also “has been adopted. This live is broadcasting in each country as well as the United Kingdom, each of the air check source has emerged various collector’s item of which is the source. These are known to fans as a staple of FM sound source until now.
This work this time is emerging is using the broadcast sound source in Germany to master the quality of the sound unnecessary impurities such as small noise and hiss has been eliminated is the last clean. Powerful treble of coming out bass not only the sense of separation of sound is also nice, the past of the same sound source has a clear distinction Quality. The sound source seems to have different master itself that was used when broadcast, I feel different feel of the sound to be present from the conventional source. Also song order that was different from the actual in its outstanding also, here has become a recording of a stream that conforms to the correct set list at the time. Excellent content of attention inevitable also an avid Gary Mania, all fans definitely is a must listen.

Heavy rhythm Pace and Craig to build, to back the Carter of the keyboard, which spread to the spacey and heavy, Gary is the guitar I’m great from “Wishing Well” of the first track. Raging in the wild hard of “Murder In The Skies” is unimaginable, everyone will be in agony if you listen to this performance! Band sound there is a feeling that too on whether the “RUN FOR COVER” in sparkling Biya of ’85 years, in this ’84 boned to be assembled around the guitar playing, even where (in a good way) man stinking, was To chunky together let me hear the song deployment. From the ’70s with an emphasis on inter-play, perfection was a shift change and to calculated the constructed performance is truly the’ 80s, the splendor of the “Cold Hearted” and “Do not Take Me For A Loser” is , perfectionism aspects of Gary will also be felt. “Empty Rooms” from the “So Far Away” is a highlight that decorate the middle. Tone shiny and waist of Gary unique in rarity, weaving the tone in the delicate and emotion a lot of play, the number of spun out musical tone also, it should heat up the chest of a fan in the new excitement even listening many times . If in this work and there is a drawback, it is exhausted at one point that the incomplete recording of because of broadcasting sound source. But “End Of The World” and “Back On The Streets”, further pivotal point of live up to “Nuclear Attack” in the first song encore is pressed neatly, Duration of the main title 56 minutes Qiang is enough to listen to respond Yes you. (It should be noted that this Hammersmith Odeon concert, you can listen to the full version audience recording of the same day in the “VICTIMS AT HAMMERSMITH” the remastered re-emerged as a current gift title. This title will be released in Kyuban era in the presence of and it can be said that immediately sold out the “another large classic”, by Compared to hear the line sound source of this work the audience source was recorded in there, also there will be a new discovery.)

January 27, 1984 to the last, was done prior to the full-fledged tour start, we record the pattern of the studio live in the music program “Friday Rock Show” of the BBC. There is only 3 track (s) of, either a series of wonderful not lose to the main part of Hammersmith performances take, playing content is a matter of course, is the official feeling full of mix and sound quality is also superb! All three songs of all time new song, live take that became the “first debut” for most of the fans who listened to in real time is valuable. In particular, “Empty Rooms”, “So Far Away,” which was featured at the beginning of the only was a non-album, would that there were many surprised fans.

Early ’84 tour, as a single bridge that connects the two official live work called “ROCKIN ‘EVERY NIGHT” to “WE WANT MOORE”, the live sound source is located in the important position, which is noted on the Gary of career . Value of the sound source, and a must-have must-listen, just permanent preservation version class from the light fans to heavy collector that captures the band ’84 years of February at the time performance playing force was in high level in the full-length best sound board It can be safely said. Decisive title to wipe out the same type of sound source that has been mushrooming ever, and appeared in full limited Press CD!



新作アルバム「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」のリリース後、ゲイリーは2月4日のカーディフ公演を皮切りに全英ツアーをスタートします。当時のメンバーは、’83年ツアーに引き続きバンドに残留したドラムのイアン・ペイスを筆頭に、キーボード及びサイドギターとして長年の協力者となるニール・カーターが加わり、そしてWHITESNAKEへ戻ったニール・マーレイの後任ベーシストには卓越した技術で知られる元ELF(そしてRAINBOW)のクレイグ・グルーヴァーが迎えられました。’83年ツアーのバンドラインナップはそのメンバー構成からマニアの間で「COLOSSEUM Ⅲ」とも評されましたが、’84年初頭の顔ぶれもそれに劣らない実力を持つ陣容で、バンドは依然として高い演奏能力を誇っていました。

本音源に収録されたツアー7公演目・2月11日のロンドン・ハマースミス・オデオン公演の模様はラジオ放送が行われ、この時オフィシャル・レコーディングされたテイクの一部は公式ライヴ作品「WE WANT MOORE!」にも採用されました。このライヴはイギリスだけでなく各国で放送され、それぞれのエアチェックソースが元となった各種のコレクターズアイテムが登場しました。これらは現在に至るまで定番のFM音源としてファンに知られています。

ペイスとクレイグが構築するヘヴィなリズム、スペーシーかつ重厚に広がるカーターのキーボードをバックに、ゲイリーのギターは一曲目の「Wishing Well」から絶好調です。ワイルドに荒れ狂う「Murder In The Skies」のハードさは想像を絶し、この演奏を聴けば誰もが悶絶する事でしょう!’85年の「RUN FOR COVER」では煌びやかになり過ぎた感があるバンドサウンドも、この’84年ではギタープレイを中心として骨太に組み上げられ、どこまでも(良い意味で)男くさい、がっしりとまとまった曲展開を聴かせてくれます。インタープレイを重視した’70年代から、計算され構築された演奏へとシフトチェンジした完成度はいかにも’80年代的で、「Cold Hearted」や「Don’t Take Me For A Loser」の見事さは、ゲイリーの完全主義的な側面も感じられるでしょう。「So Far Away」から「Empty Rooms」は中盤を彩るハイライトです。ゲイリーならではのツヤとコシのある音色は絶品で、このトーンを繊細かつ情感たっぷりのプレイで織り込み、また紡ぎ出す楽音の数々は、何度聴いても新たな感動でファンの胸を熱くするはずです。本作に欠点があるとすれば、それは放送音源ゆえの不完全収録という一点に尽きます。しかし「End Of The World」や「Back On The Streets」、さらにアンコール一曲目の「Nuclear Attack」までライヴの枢要な個所はきちんと押さえられており、本編56分強の収録時間は充分な聴き応えがあります。(なおこのハマースミス・オデオン公演は、今回ギフトタイトルとしてリマスター盤が再登場する「VICTIMS AT HAMMERSMITH」において同日の完全版オーディエンス録音を聴く事ができます。このタイトルは旧盤時代にリリースされるやたちまち完売した「もうひとつの大定番」と言える存在で、そちらに収録されたオーディエンスソースを本作のライン音源と聴き較べる事によって、また新しい発見もあるでしょう。)

ラストには’84年1月27日、本格的なツアー開始に先立って行われた、BBCの音楽番組”Friday Rock Show”におけるスタジオライヴの模様を収録しています。わずか3トラックの収録ではありますが、いずれも本編のハマースミス公演に負けない素晴らしいテイクの連続で、演奏内容はもちろんの事、公式感覚あふれるミックスや音質もまた極上です! 3曲とも全て当時の新曲、リアルタイムで聴いたほとんどのファンにとって”初お目見え”となったライヴテイクは貴重です。特に「Empty Rooms」の冒頭に取り上げられた「So Far Away」はアルバム未収録だっただけに、驚いたファンも多かった事でしょう。

’84年ツアーの初期、「ROCKIN’ EVERY NIGHT」に「WE WANT MOORE」という二つの公式ライヴ作品を繋ぐ橋渡しの一本として、本ライヴ音源はゲイリーのキャリア上に特筆される重要な位置づけにあります。バンドの演奏力が高いレベルにあった’84年2月当時のパフォーマンスを全編最高のサウンドボードで捉えた本音源の価値は、ライトなファンからヘヴィなコレクターまで必携必聴、まさに永久保存版クラスといっても差し支えありません。これまで乱立してきた同種音源を一掃する決定的タイトルが、完全限定プレスCDで登場します!

1. Wishing Well 2. Murder In The Skies 3. Shape Of Things 4. Cold Hearted
5. Don’t Take Me For A Loser 6. So Far Away 7. Empty Rooms 8. White Knuckles 9. End Of The World
10. Back On The Streets 11. Nuclear Attack

BBC Session (Friday Rock Show)
Live at Maida Vale Studio 4, London, UK 27th January 1984

12. Shapes Of Things 13. So Far Away 14. Empty Rooms

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Craig Gruber – Bass Neil Carter – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocal
Ian Paice – Drums


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