YES / Hail To Mike / 2CDR

YES / Hail To Mike / 2CDR / Virtusos

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Live At Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, USA 26th September 1977.

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In 1977, the second half of the North American tour due to the “ultimate”, complete recording of the September 27, Long Beach Arena performance at ultra-high-quality audience recording. Appeared in ostensibly was recorded directly from the recorded master cassette Mike Millard, recorded take of the attention that has been recorded in the past the longest, highest sound quality. At the end of last year, also used as a gift title under the title “MILLARD TAPE MASTER”, to the high-grade content and sound, even among fans called the sensational topic is a super high-quality sound. Is a familiar sound to the collector than in the past, the best sound quality board of Millard sound source that was released five years ago, but “Wonderous Master” (Sirene) came in response to the assessment that the decision version of the sound source, of this board take, it has been recorded in a more high-quality sound. Compared to the already issued, take of this board is good freshness of the most sound, is a natural, and would listen to this version, Sirene board was just passing through the equalization, forced to aware of the modulation and amplification of the sound it becomes to give no result. In addition this time of the sound source and “Firebird” of opening SE is also recorded long 35 seconds than its outstanding panel, this alone (as is the description of the sound source) this panel is whether the master straight, or close to the master than you will see that it has been copied from. In addition, since a break of the disc is that this board is in the Going For The One beginning, the Flight Jam of the next song has been recorded as it is the first time non-cut. The entire intense ensemble, such as come to rush starts to enjoy opening Parallels, with ear-friendly natural climax is excellent in the acoustic part of the I’ve Seen All Good People, “this wonderful with excellent sound far Nante listen to live! “and everyone in the exciting feeling of, there is no doubt that would go to listen to. Full of Tsubudachi of sound like a miracle, one of Best of the Best that you can enjoy the true Millard sound. Charming sound source to here still want to own a press CD! It’s an emergency release decision for everyone of Irassharu thought collector with. Full of color sense of the miracle of sound “ultimate gem” is the release determined by the limited press CD.

1977年、「究極」に伴う北米ツアー後半、9月27日ロング・ビーチ・アリーナ公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。マイク・ミラードの録音したマスターカセットからダイレクトに収録されたという触れ込みで登場した、過去最長・最高音質で収録された注目のテイクを収録。昨年末、「MILLARD TAPE MASTER」というタイトルでギフトタイトルとしても使用され、そのハイグレードな内容とサウンドに、ファンの間でもセンセーショナルな話題を呼んだ超高音質音源です。過去よりコレクターにはお馴染みの音源であり、5年程前にリリースされたミラード音源の最高音質盤「Wonderous Master」(Sirene)が同音源の決定版という評価を受けてきましたが、本盤のテイクは、更に良質なサウンドで収録されています。既発に比べ、本盤のテイクは最も音の鮮度が良く、ナチュラルであり、今回のヴァージョンを聴いてしまうと、Sirene盤はどうしてもイコライズを通過した、音の変調・増幅感を意識せざるを得ない結果になってしまいます。更に今回の音源はオープニングSEの「火の鳥」が既発盤より35秒も長く収録されており、これだけで(音源の説明であるとおり)本盤がマスター直か、またはよりマスターに近い所からコピーされたことが判ります。またディスクの切れ目は本盤はGoing For The One冒頭にあるため、次曲のFlight Jamがそのまま初めてノンカットで収録されています。全体が突進してくるような強烈なアンサンブルが楽しめるオープニングParallelsをはじめ、I’ve Seen All Good Peopleのアコースティック・パートでの耳に優しい自然な盛り上がりは絶品で、「ここまで優れたサウンドでこの素晴らしいライブを聴けるなんて!」と誰しもがわくわくした気持ちで、聴き進んでしまうこと間違いありません。奇跡のような音の粒立ちに満ちた、真のミラード・サウンドを堪能できるベスト・オブ・ベストな一枚。ここまで魅力的な音源はやはりプレスCDで所有したい!と思っていらっしゃるコレクターの皆様のために緊急リリース決定です。ミラクルな音の色彩感に溢れた「究極の逸品」が限定プレスCDでリリース決定です。


Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite 2. Parallels 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Close To The Edge
5. Wonderous Stories 6. Colours Of The Rainbow 7. Turn Of The Century 8. Tour Song
9. And You And I

Disc 2
1. Going For The One 2. Flight Jam 3. Awaken 4. Starship Trooper 5. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

Virtuoso 101/102

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