Who / Tommys Triumphant Return / 3CDR

Who / Tommys Triumphant Return / 3CDR / Uxbridge

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Live at Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA. USA 16th July 1989

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Just released the other day, amazing fans and maniacs for that super high quality sound, in New York on July 18th from the 25th anniversary tour of the 1989 group, Buffalo followed the Rich Stadium performance version “Tommy Revisited” JEMS’s DAT master sound series second volume. This time, we played the 3 Rivers stadium performance of Pittsburgh on July 16, which is the previous show of the North American Tour 15 performances, the previous show of the Rich Stadium performance, this also over 3 hours and 10 minutes with the super high sound quality audience recording of anger Completely recorded. Like the previous work, the DAT recording which is said to be very unusual as this era has been done, and the ultra high quality sound which makes a line with the conventional cassette recording is overwhelming to think that “it is amazing to this far” It is a level, it can be declared that it is a large special sound source that we want you to obtain by all means as a best sample of the initial DAT recording also to the recording manians as well as the WHO collector. Although the official DVD and CD were released on the 1989 tour on the theme of resurrection of “Tommy”, not only the first half “Tommy” part but also the second half angry “best of foo” part, Listening place, listening is perfect, it can not be covered with just the official alone, you can enjoy plenty of live at the full scale 1989 tour with the best sound. Sound image of the masterpiece, which makes me think again that the expression “Ultra Clear” will be used when referring to such sound. The sense of stability is outstanding. Each part of the sound shines like a jewel, the sense of separation of each instrument is also preeminent, there is also a moderate presence feeling full of moods there, so it can not be believed truly from every aspect You can enjoy the sound of. It was a 1989 tour that took place in a large-scale set led by a large group of 15 members, including horn section, together with support members, but among gorgeous sound images, it was also different from the recent WHO live You can feel the wonderfulness of the musical performance at various places and you can feel the charm of live at this time again in real.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.128 (March 2011 issue). For your information.

The tour which took place in members of a large household mainly in the American big city performance that became a topic with the bubbly era by playing “Tommy” along with the reunion of The Who in 1989 is still going to be memorable for a long time Although it was, 22 years have already passed. However, an amazing source by the JEMS Master was discovered and this item was released as it was recorded on the CD – R. The passion for recording of Mr. recording that I recorded without having to survive the show of about 3 hours in Pittsburgh performance on July 16, 1989 was transmitted first, in 1989 it was still expensive and had only a short time battery In the era where it would have never been recorded, it was recording at DAT, and it is wonderful that I recorded soundly without any breaks. Furthermore, it is recorded not only by it but also the super high clear sound which can be said to be the highest peak even including the quality of the essential recording source including this until now also, and the live DVD released officially Very different venue recording Masterpiece suitable for words with perfection that unique psychic power and presence are transmitted to every corner. And while the live of The Who was also in many cities at this time, I did not spend so much time on the “Tommy” section, I just set it in compactly and compactly at the beginning, I think that it was also a big pleasure, but it also became aware of the advertising new song of Pete’s solo work “Iron Man” and the introduction of the work in The Fu name in it. So I was surprised by this great house because I was surprised by the set list after the culmination live which can also be said to be the best of the sau fu, “I Can See For Miles” and “Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand “is something you can listen to. Moreover, it is also the real pleasures unique to this tour that all songs are full of orchestra loading, and it is really good to be able to listen to such a show with the high quality sound so far. A masterpiece item that can not find the reason not to listen no matter where it is, the overwhelming sound quality and balance and the power and historical value of the live of The Who.

★ In 2011 it was released for 20 sets only, and the name sound source title that gained popularity from fans and media has been re-released for the first time in seven years.


つい先日リリースされ、そのあまりの超高音質ぶりにファンやマニアを驚かせた、1989年結成25周年記念ツアーからの7月18日のニューヨークはバッファローはリッチ・スタジアム公演版「Tommy Revisited」に続く、JEMSのDATマスター音源シリーズ第二弾。今回は、北米ツアー15公演目、リッチ・スタジアム公演のひとつ前のショウにあたる7月16日のピッツバーグの3リバーズ・スタジアム公演を、こちらも怒涛の超高音質オーディエンス録音で3時間10分に渡って完全収録しています。前作同様の、この時代としては非常に珍しいと言えるDAT録音が行われており、従来のカセット録音とは一線を画すウルトラ・ハイクオリティなサウンドは、「ここまで凄いか」と思わせる圧倒的なレベルであり、WHOコレクターは勿論、レコーディングマニアの方たちにも初期DAT録音の最良のサンプルとしてぜひとも入手してほしい大別格音源と断言できます。「Tommy」復活をテーマに行われた1989年ツアーは、オフィシャルDVDやCDがリリースされていますが、前半の「Tommy」パートだけでなく、後半の怒涛の「ベスト・オブ・フー」パートも、聴き所、聴きごたえ満点であり、オフィシャルだけでは網羅できなく、フルスケールの1989年ツアーのライブを最良のサウンドでたっぷりと楽しむことができます。「ウルトラ・クリアー」と言う表現はこういったサウンドを称す時に使用するのだろうと改めて思わせてくれる、圧巻の音像。安定感も抜群です。音のパーツ一つ一つが宝石のように輝いており、各楽器の分離感も抜群で、そこにムード満点の適度な臨場感も被っているのですから、本当にあらゆる面から見て信じられないレベルのサウンドを楽しむことができます。ホーンセクションを含む、サポートメンバーを合わせて総勢15人の大所帯バンドを率いて大掛かりなセットで行われた1989年ツアーですが、ゴージャスな音像の中にも、近年のWHOライブとはまた違った、キビキビした演奏の素晴らしさを各所で感じることができ、改めてこの時期のライブの魅力をリアルに体感することができます。

★beatleg誌 vol.128(2011年3月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1989年のザ・フー再結成に伴い「Tommy」を演奏するということでバブリーな時代と共に話題となったアメリカ大都市公演を中心とした大所帯のメンバーで行われたツアーはまだまだ記憶に新しいつもりだったのだが、既に22年が経過しようとしているものだった。しかしJEMSマスターによる驚異的なソースが発掘され、そのままCD-Rに収録してリリースされたアイテムが本作である。1989年7月16日のピッツバーグ公演に於ける3時間程度のショウを丸ごと余すこと無く録音した氏の録音に対する情熱がまず伝わってくるもので、1989年当時にはまだまだ高価で短時間しかバッテリーが持たなかったであろう時代にDATで録音しており、しかも切れ目なくしっかりと録音しているところが素晴らしい。更にそれだけでなく、肝心の録音ソースのクオリティがこれまた現在に到るまでを含めても最高峰とも云えるくらいのスーパーハイクリアーな音で記録されており、オフィシャルでリリースされたライブDVDとは全く異なる会場録音独特の迫力と臨場感が隅々まで伝わってくる完璧という言葉が相応しい傑作。そしてザ・フーのライブもこの頃は多数の都市ではそうだったのだが、「Tommy」セクションにはそれほど時間をかけず、割とコンパクトに冒頭にセットインさせただけで、どちらかと言えば本人たちの楽しみも大きかったのだとは思うが、ピートのソロ作「Iron Man」の宣伝的新曲とその中のザ・フー名義での作品紹介を意識したショウにもなっている。そこで注目されたのが正にベスト・オブ・サ・フーとも云える集大成ライブの中盤以降のセットリストで、驚いたのはこの大所帯だからこそできたのか、「I Can See For Miles」や「Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand」なんて曲が聴けることだ。しかもどの曲もオーケストラ満載で聴けたりするのはこのツアーならではの醍醐味でもあり、全くこんなショウをここまでのハイクオリティな音で聴けるなんて今の時代は実に良い。圧倒的な音質とバランスとザ・フーのライブの迫力と歴史的価値、どこを取っても聴かない理由が見つからないくらいの傑作アイテム。



Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Overture 3. It’s A Boy 4. 1921 5. Amazing Journey 6. Sparks 7. The Acid Queen
8. Pinball Wizard 9. Do You Think It’s Alright 10. Fiddle About 11. I’m Free
12. Tommy’s Holiday Camp 13. We’re Not Gonna Take It 14. Eminence Front
15. A Friend Is A Friend 16. Face The Face 17. I’m A Man

Disc 2
1. I Can’t Explain 2. Substitute 3. I Can See For Miles 4. Trick Of The Light 5. Boris The Spider
6. Who Are You 7. Magic Bus 8. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand 9. Baba O’Riley 10. My Generation
11. A Little Is Enough 12. 5.15 13. Love Reign O’er Me 14. My Wife

Disc 3
1. Sister Disco 2. Rough Boys 3. Join Together 4. You Better You Bet 5. Behind Blue Eyes
6. Won’t Get Fooled Again 7. Dig 8. Naked Eye 9. Twist And Shout

Roger Daltrey – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Pete Townshend – Guitar, Vocals
John Entwistle – Bass, Vocals

John “Rabbit” Bundrick – Keyboards Simon Philips – Drums Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton – Guitar
Jody Linscott – Percussion Simon Clarke – Saxophone Simon Gardner – Trumpet
Roddy Lorimer – Trumpet Neil Sidwell – Trombone Tim Saunders – Saxophone
Chyna Gordon – Backing Vocal Cleveland Watkiss – Backing Vocal
Billy Nicholls – Backing Vocal

Uxbridge 330

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