YES / Close To The Edge / 1 CDR

YES / Close To The Edge / 1 CDR /Non Label

Close To The Edge Demos & Outtakes.

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A studio / demo of 3 songs recorded “Crisis” is included. At the beginning, Close To The Edge sounds so good, I think that it is a multitrack / take collection of the album at first, but since parts where the vocal melody is obviously different also come out, what is outtake demonstration is There is no mistake. Particularly remarkable with # 2 recorded over 13 minutes, parts with no vocals, chorus and synthesizers were scattered, and each one of the exposed parts that was hidden by a thick constituent sound , You can enjoy with the highest sound quality with a realistic feeling. Vocal line is completely different from the final, the feel of sound is different. Overall sound image is still incomplete, including overlapping of synths and overlapping of vocals, so I can listen to it quite interestingly on the whole. # 3 is pretty close to the finished version, but like # 1, the beginning of The Solid Time Of Change is surprising if it was really such an arrangement at first. I am surprised that the timing of entering the vocal at 11th minute is not decided. There is no covering of steel guitar, the rhythm pattern is also in the early stage. Also at the end you can listen to the ending of a different impression that you can think “First was really this arrangement?” # 2 is a version that is closer to completion. Siberian Khatru # 1 enters count. Here the rhythm has appeared quite entirely, and the guitar is recorded with a more vivid sound. Chorus is off and only John’s vocal lead is recorded largely. Cutting of the guitar of chorus part is loud and cool. The solo played on the organ is completely different from the final (Final is a harpsichord), no guitar solos are hooked, so you can enjoy the virtuosity of the backing of each instrument for that. The lyrics of John are completely different in the second half, and the ensemble is also incomplete. The second half “Da” is only for inst. I did not cover the last guitar solo. # 2 is a sound image that the chorus is covered thickly and approaches to the final considerably overall. (However, the texture that the effect was unprocessed as it is unprocessed) # 3 seems to be the second half of # 2 take, you can listen to synths, guitar solos, etc., including the “duck” chorus. However, since the detail effect is not applied, the impression of the sound is quite different from the final. Demo & outtake collection of “crisis” that you can enjoy new discoveries throughout the entire story. The sound quality is perfect in the official class, so if you are a Progressive fan, everyone can enjoy it greatly. Ultra high-quality sound demonstration / take collection of “crisis” that shocked fans all over the world. Fans are definitely listening and must-have! !

「危機」収録曲3曲のスタジオ・デモを収録。冒頭、Close To The Edgeは、あまりに音が良く、最初はアルバムのマルチトラック・テイク集かと思いますが、明らかにボーカルメロディが違ったりする箇所も出てくるので、アウトテイク・デモであることは間違いないでしょう。13分に渡って収録された#2で特に顕著ですが、ボーカル、コーラス、シンセサイザーが重ねられていないパートが散見され、分厚い構成音に隠れていた、むき出しになったパーツの一つ一つを、実にリアルな感触をもった最高音質で楽しむことができます。ボーカルラインがファイナルとは全然違い、音の感触も違います。シンセの重ねやボーカルの重ねを始め全体の音像はまだまだ未完成で全体的に非常に興味深く聴けます。#3は完成版にかなり近いですが、#1同様に、The Solid Time Of Change冒頭は、最初は本当にこんなアレンジだったとしたら驚かされます。11分目でのボーカルの入りのタイミングが決まっていないのに驚かされます。スチール・ギターの被せが無く、リズムパターンもかなり初期の段階のものです。最後も「最初は本当にこんなアレンジだったの?」と思えるほど違った印象のエンディングを聴くことができます。#2はより完成に近づいたヴァージョンです。Siberian Khatru #1はカウント入り。こちらはリズムがかなり全面に出ており、ギターがより生々しい音で収録されています。コーラスはオフでジョンのボーカルリードのみが大きく収録されています。サビの部分のギターのカッティングがラウドでかっこいいです。オルガンで弾かれるソロはファイナルとは全く違うもので(ファイナルはハープシコード)、ギターソロは一切、かぶされておらず、その分、各楽器のバッキングの妙技が楽しめます。後半はジョンの歌詞も全然違い、アンサンブルもかなり未完成。後半の「ダッ」はインストのみ。最後のギターソロも被せられていません。#2はコーラスが分厚く被せられ、全体的にかなりファイナルに近づいた音像。(ただし、エフェクトが未処理で変わった質感)#3は#2テイクの後半と思われ、「ダッ」のコーラスも含め、シンセの被せやギターソロ等も聴くことができます。ただし、細部のエフェクトがかけられていないので音の印象はファイナルとはかなり違います。全編に渡って新たな発見が楽しめる「危機」のデモ&アウトテイク集。音質はオフィシャル級に完璧ですので、プログレ・ファンなら誰しもが大いに楽しめる逸品です。世界中のファンに衝撃を与えた「危機」の超高音質デモ・テイク集。ファンは間違いなく必聴・必携です!!

1. Close To The Edge #1 2. Close To The Edge #2 3. Close To The Edge #3
4. And You And I #1 5. And You And I #2 6. Siberian Khatru #1. Siberian Khatru #2
8. Siberian Khatru #3

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Bill Bruford – Drums

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