David Bowie / Blackout / 2CD

David Bowie / Blackout / 2CD / Wardour

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1972 Rare Live Collection, Boston Music Hall October 1 & Rare Live Tracks From 1972 Tour.

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In Bowie ever shoot a special sparkle “Berlin era”. Second time of the Japan tour was realized in 1978, it was a special Japan tour with me carrying the world’s masterpiece album “LOW”, “” HEROES “”. Of particular famous among them is the last day, “December 12, 1978 NHK Hall performances.” This live is a television broadcast by certain public broadcasting stations, also the country of the fans did not carry the foot to the venue was burned in the eyes of the “Bowie in Berlin era”. The other day, but that the TV footage was containment in history highest quality ultra-determination album “TOKYO 1978 (Wardour-176)” will have bestowed great popularity, Kano masterpiece video was also along the program frame of about 1 hour I was editing thing. This work is the audience-album with a fully recorded the memorable final performance.
The first place, or television broadcasts because of too famous, audience recording of this day is not long to appear, full body of the show was remains unclear. In 2002, although the darkness of break the history full inclusion album “BEAST (Masterport-116)” also has appeared, this work it is quite another complete recording. When also appeared “BEAST,” but there was a sound Asked rave reviews from such professional journals, it is only “the first time listen to the full version” that stand on top of the impression that. On the other hand, this work is of a higher sound is press of pushing aside the “BEAST” while late. In fact, the musical tone that approaches before and jerk even when compared to the “BEAST” in the direct sense of plenty, clear is also significantly above. Kiritachi and clearly to a particle of a single one of the sound, great sense of stability that followed without the quality fluctuates from beginning to end. It Prior is vivid venue sense to “like the sound board” is referred to as, but stately protagonist sore and clear of the musical tone is the line recording just like. In addition, we use the original cassette was ceded from the recording in person, also its freshness supreme. Freshness that only cassette that has been smoked directly to the atmosphere and the smell of the site has also been filled with plenty. The master was also tape change of about 30 seconds in the second half of “Blackout”, but it was finished so that you can enjoy the full show seamlessly supplemented by its outstanding.
Performance of colored the “Berlin era” in their sound is brilliant. Bowie himself is, of course, there only is also backing band called “Bowie history, the strongest.”, Tremendous performance force. Banmasu also serve genius Adrian Belew, horribly also sense of color of rainbow keyboard spun violin and former UTOPIA Roger Powell dancing of Simon House vivid. George Murray and Dennis Davis to support such a quality goods are also exude sorry intense and supple groove is just a foundation. A number of such beauty is, you are fit to draw vivid sound to be comparable to the line.
In addition, this work also recorded bonus track. During the visit to Japan of the same in 1978, it has been the interview that was broadcast by certain commercial television program recorded 10 minutes and 40 seconds. Bowie and those that a certain famous commentator of Japan is speaking through a woman interpreter, that the video can be seen even DVDR title “INTERVIEW IN TOKYO 1978”. “It’s the second time as a musician, but it also came to Japan many times to tourism by”, “Japan’s milk is an interesting taste. It is also different with the taste of Europe ……” “I like Yukio Mishima. Also his oil painting If Egai was I, “” I live in Japan, rather than Tokyo, Kyoto Toka is more south is good “, etc., etc., not only listen to the interesting remarks in the real voice at the time of Bowie, meaning and mood even without the video subtitles by interpretation of comments There you will find firmly.

Has created ultra-Ketteiban that symbolizes the “Bowie in Berlin era” to “TOKYO 1978”, NHK Hall concert of 1978. It is a live album that spell in the number one master to existing the Kano masterpiece did not may ask even the title “full version concert”. Precisely because now that professional shot & vertex quality of the sound board has become a hot topic, I would like you to imminent in the whole picture of the same show in the reality of the audience recording. Not a TV camera over, I would like you to feel this 100 percent raw breathing. Rice that wish, we will relapse this masterpiece press album.

ボウイ史上でも特別な輝きを放つ“ベルリン時代”。1978年に実現した二度目のジャパンツアーは、傑作アルバム「LOW」「”HEROES”」の世界を運んでくれた特別な日本公演でした。その中でも特に有名なのが、最終日「1978年12月12日NHKホール公演」です。このライヴは、某公共放送局によってテレビ放送され、会場に足を運べなかった全国のファンにも“ベルリン時代のボウイ”を目に焼き付けました。先日、そのテレビ映像を史上最高峰クオリティで封じ込めた超・決定盤「TOKYO 1978(Wardour-176)」が大好評を賜っておりますが、かの傑作映像も約1時間の番組枠に沿った編集ものでした。本作は、その記念すべき最終公演をフル収録したオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。
さらに、本作にはボーナストラックも収録。同じ1978年の来日中に、某民放テレビ番組にて放送されたインタビューを10分40秒収録しています。ボウイと日本の某有名コメンテーターが女性通訳を介して話すもので、映像はDVDRタイトル「INTERVIEW IN TOKYO 1978」でも見られるもの。「音楽家としては2度目ですが、観光では何度も来日していますよ」「日本の牛乳は興味深い味です。ヨーロッパの味とも違うし……」「三島由紀夫が好きです。彼の油絵も画いたんです」「日本に住むなら、東京ではなく、京都とかもっと南がいいです」等々など、当時のボウイの肉声で面白い発言が聴けるだけでなく、通訳のコメントによって映像字幕なしでも意味やムードがしっかりと分かります。

“ベルリン時代のボウイ”を象徴する超・決定盤「TOKYO 1978」を生み出した、1978年のNHKホール公演。かの名作タイトルでも窺い知れなかった“完全版コンサート”を現存するナンバー1マスターで綴るライヴアルバムです。プロショット&サウンドボードの頂点クオリティが話題になっている今だからこそ、客席録音のリアリティで同じショウの全貌にも迫って頂きたい。テレビカメラ越しではない、本生100%の息づかいを感じて頂きたい。その願いを込め、この傑作プレスアルバムを再発いたします。

Disc 1
1. Warsawa 2. Heroes 3. What In The World 4. Be My Wife 5. Jean Gene 6. Blackout 7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Breaking Glass 9. Fame 10. Beauty And The Beast

Disc 2
1. Five Years 2. Soul Love 3. Star 4. Hang On To Yourself 5. Ziggy Stardust 6. Suffragette City
7. Art Decade 8. Alabama Song 9. Station To Station 10. TVC 15 11. Stay 12. Rebel Rebel
13. Interviews in Japan 1978(Broadcast on 6th December)

David Bowie – Vocals, Keyboards Adrian Belew – Guitar Carlos Alomar – Guitar
George Murray – Bass Dennis Davis – Drums Simon House – Violin Sean Mayes – Piano
Roger Powell – Keyboards