Whitesnake / Gamblers Soul / 2CDR

Whitesnake / Gamblers Soul / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, UK 24th February 1984 

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There was also that it has been released as “February 23” in the past this show, but the tape speed is crazy contrary to good sound quality, it was sound frustrating to hear on a daily basis. However, the present work is subjected to digital remastered entirely from the master of Omoto, the outline of the play, which has been blurred just a little tightening, sounding smart passing sharp in its outstanding. Of course, the tape speed is also adjust to a normal pitch, easy to listen to several stages than the already issued, the Ketteiban specification name recording the first time the original is transmitted firmly, everyone is knee with! “Is not a term” it will be to want hit.
In this Liverpool performance, episode because nobody put the heating to the venue despite the midwinter, that looked breath of Kavu~aderu is in Shillong and even at just before curtain has been passed. Enthusiasm of fans packed the venue and the band while is in the severe cold such fiercely, I can enjoy the audience retaliate with great cheer to the spirit of the band, such as blow up the opening from “Gambler”, and Shaw of incandescent . Unusual scene arises accidentally timing Kavu~aderu sings tour early because, followed in the “Guilty Of Love” is also observed, but enthusiastically, such as blow off such a trivial mistake word of overwhelming. Playing a high tension for feeding the band together, hand would be allowed to comfortably listen to euphoria.
Is inserted into the coder of “Crying In The Rain” I want I do not miss a particular, “Soldier Of Fortune”. It is a promise from the conventional, but surprise Kavu~aderu would sing one phrase of “Only My Soul” at the beginning is here! It is a production that is also in the “DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984”, but may be more longer. Atmosphere what is different, but it’s hear in the back of John load this masterpiece was recorded in the “NORTHWINDS” it I’m glad. Phrase that you hear any “BEFORE I FORGET” is a superb solo part is that John Road, configuration interwoven also DEEP PURPLE number is very fun. Involve the vortex of hot air anthem which was full of excitement and a sense of unity precisely because England performances “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City”, the entire venue “Fool For Your Loving”, the encore to “Slide It In”, of excitement and “Do not Break My Heart Again”, the quotient is rounded off to one of the great climax. It’s not listen to “We Wish You Well” in the circumstances of the master it is regrettable, but all of the music that is played here is WHITESNAKE classic now, many fans what set list of tour ’84 that has interwoven the old and new you will what you sought.
Disappeared in four months only (two months if you only tour) is “six people organized,” but, by listening side by side “DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984” and “SHARWOOD LEGEND” with this work, it is possible to follow the process of evolution at once you. Please enjoy the live skilled of the ’84 tour WHITESNAKE was the most powerful hot, with such energy Tagiru were interwoven. It is a single of the fans must listen no wonder also been released in the press this CD also!


 このリバプール公演では、真冬にも関わらず誰も会場に暖房を入れなかったため、開演直前になってもカヴァデールの息が白んで見えたというエピソードが伝えられています。このような厳しい寒気の中でありながらバンドと会場に詰め掛けたファンの熱気は凄まじく、オープニングの「Gambler」から吹き上がるようなバンドの意気にオーディエンスも大歓声で応酬する、白熱のショウが楽しめます。ツアー初期ゆえ、続く「Guilty Of Love」ではカヴァデールが歌いだすタイミングを誤ってしまうという珍しい場面も見られますが、そんな些細なミスを吹き飛ばすような熱演は圧倒的の一言。バンドが一体となって繰り出すハイテンションな演奏に、聴き手は心地よく陶酔させられるでしょう。
 特に聞き逃さないで頂きたいのは、「Crying In The Rain」のコーダにインサートされる「Soldier Of Fortune」。従来からのお約束ですが、ここではその冒頭でカヴァデールが「Only My Soul」のワンフレーズを歌うというサプライズ! 「DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984」にもある演出ですが、こちらの方が長め。雰囲気こそ異なっているものの、「NORTHWINDS」に収録されたこの名曲をジョン・ロードのバックで聴けるのは嬉しい限りです。そのジョン・ロードのソロパートは「BEFORE I FORGET」でも聴けたフレーズが秀逸で、DEEP PURPLEナンバーも織り交ぜた構成がとても楽しい。イギリス公演だからこその一体感と感動に満ちたアンセム「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」、会場全体を熱気の渦に巻き込む「Fool For Your Loving」、アンコールの「Slide It In」に、大興奮の「Don’t Break My Heart Again」と、素晴らしい盛り上がりのうちにショウが締めくくられます。マスターの都合で「We Wish You Well」が聴けないのは残念ですが、ここで演奏される曲のすべてが今やWHITESNAKEクラシックであり、新旧を織り交ぜた’84年ツアーのセットリストこそ多くのファンが求めるものでしょう。
 わずか4ヶ月間(ツアーだけなら2ヶ月間)で消えた「6人編成」ですが、本作と「DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984」「SHARWOOD LEGEND」を並べて聴く事により、一気に進化の過程を追う事ができます。WHITESNAKEが最も熱くパワフルだった’84年ツアーの、滾るようなエネルギーと熟練さが織り交ざったライヴをどうぞお楽しみください。これまたプレスCDでリリースされても不思議はないファン必聴の一本です!

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Gambler 3. Guilty Of Love 4. Ready An’ Willing 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger 
6. Here I Go Again 7. Slow An’ Easy 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Only My Soul/Soldier Of Fortune 

Disc 2
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Drums Solo 3. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 4. Fool For Your Loving 
5. Need Your Love So Bad/Thank You 6. Slide It In 7. Don’t Break My Heart Again

David Coverdale – Vocal John Sykes – Guitar Mel Galley – Guitar Jon Lord – Keyboards 
Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums 

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