Rainbow / Total Surrender / 2CD

Rainbow / Total Surrender / 2CD /Darker Than Blue

Live At Budokan, Tokyo. Japan 28th August 1981.

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RAINBOW welcomed Joe Lynn Turner is the vocalist, from the Japan tour in the “DIFFICULT TO CURE”, which went to 1981, Japan tour last day August 28 Tokyo Budokan performances that hit the becomes a full debut audience Record master tape is the emergence of imposing in superb sound quality that was direct use!

’81 Year tour of RAINBOW is the circuit across the United States starting with Virginia performances of February 20, then through June to July and a tour in Europe tour countries, is especially energetic ones, even the history of this band below. Starting from Fukuoka performances awaited concert in Japan is August 18, carried out eight performances in five cities over a period of 10 days, the performance of RAINBOW that a renewed appeal drew the cheers of fans in various locations . Collector’s sound source that records these state has appeared in a variety of titles, but especially this last day, “SURRENDER DOCUMENTS” and has appeared shocking sound board sound source that from Darker Than Blue label, fan It has become a very strong impression live in. However, on it it was not this “SURRENDER DOCUMENTS” complete recording from the convenience of the master tape, the nature of the board direct recording, such as the climax of seats suitable to live of RAINBOW, nor is it a kind of sound source to obtain the realism of venue unique was.

This work that appeared this time “TOTAL SURRENDER” is such a “full version” “to realistic plenty of” fans “with high quality” to meet in the title as total a desire to want to hear, as this period is superlative recordings and done is, everyone is “audience recording because there is a sound board is not required” will feel Orokashiku the opinion that such if listen to one, and has realized great quality!

From before the curtain “Land Of Hope And Glory”, recording has been done in a great state that I do not think almost 30 years ago, swelling of Gushing audience at the moment when the members appeared on stage, here we’re listening We can experience a great sense of realism that is thrilled to. In “Spotlight Kid” or noise slightly from the first half of the relationship of equipment, further but audience cheers and singing there is a place of suffering and to strengthen the performance of the band, which is also in the industry excitement of the venue is to name, joy that their overflowing cry and chorus that can not be suppressed, it is possible to understand if those who carry the foot to live venue favorite artists even once, what not to feel rather Hohoemashiku? Also in a quiet part of Richie in “Catch The Rainbow” and the like have spun a solo, but voices of sound and audience taper is moving the equipment goes into the ear, one by one is what in the audience record up to this kind of sound of a document, in it is also that no conversation should to stop the appearance and if the original can be taken to listen beyond the 30 years time, will remember surely deep emotion, if people who were at this time venue.

Some distance from the position of the taper to the stage seems to be, but the song of Richie guitar and Joe in the freshness just like yesterday’s recording, playing outline is also clear. Especially balance from the sound was settled “Love’s No Friend” and excellent clear outlook, and you will be able to enjoy live in spicy sound image of the punch. Set list of this ’81 years, even while taking over the thing of outstanding ’80 boasted the degree of completion, has been calculated song sets off as arranged on the key points “DIFFICULT TO CURE”, “I Surrender” and such as “Can not Happen Here”, we have received glowing notes, such as songs that have many years is played.
Don Airey invites a song on the keyboard intro of colorful tone, “I Surrender” and, also in the surrounding subjected to aggressive guitar vertical and horizontal space of Richie “Can not Happen Here”, fresh fresh and singing voice of Joe but in a rarity, in that song it will be involuntarily deprived of the ear. But a representative song of Ronnie “Man On The Silver Mountain” and “Catch The Rainbow”, the representation of Joe is a clever, even Richie guitar to its voice to draw the drama predecessor us and also different delicate touch inspired the difference is, we are feeding the great phrases and solos one after another.
In this live are constantly is Richie calls from the audience, regardless of between songs in a song rife, even in the jaws which became the first visit to Japan, but will the greatness of Richie mythology in Japan is transmitted to the intense, emergency is familiar with playing In any song if, Joe is in boldly challenged to British members of the veteran without atrophy, it transmitted from the sound that has been claimed as the face of the band. Noble and Ronnie era fantastic, also different from dandy Graham era in the nihilistic, the young energy and the American spirit that opens up a new era was launched in the table, the other no Joe Lynn Turner era in who is already here in the presence Doing!

Medley that flows from the keyboard solo of Don Airey to “Lost In Hollywood” and “Difficult To Cure” is overwhelming, playing force of RAINBOW of this age can understand. In the beginning of the “Difficult To Cure”, and if you are Richie guitar and whether drifted even danger approaching Kiki, in the song this title has it changed in dignity, through the middle of the keyboard part by the Don, everything is coder how to continue to sublimation is facing intensive you remember even catharsis. Bobby Rondineri that becomes another person new members of the only predecessor was that Cozy Powell, I will think that the pressure was large. But Bobby has also knocked a tight rhythm in each song, it is a big success in the drum solo and “Long Live Rock’N’Roll”.

“Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll” and later to become a small end of the recording Not “SURRENDER DOCUMENTS”, listening stations of the unique of this work will be barrage. In the encore first song “All Night Long”, Joe is already present and has to hear the once sang of the same original, the launch of the difference of the Graham era showing off also negotiations with Richie guitar. Joe is played in a row from the “Blues” also to hear bluesy side of the inborn and “Woman From Tokyo” in “Smoke On The Water”, excitement of live will celebrate the peak of the day. Ritchie DEEP PURPLE leave later, the song-filled, which has been sealed for six years, “Smoke On The Water” is played, without any hard to imagine a big surprise and it was a joy for at the time of the fan, and the cheers of the audience There Budokan even seem whole is shaking in applause. “Since You Been Gone” in come to an end 100 minutes of incandescent is, after the end also “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” of Judy Garland, is flowing in and of the show announcement back voices of the audience that after the Budokan “Maybe Next Time “3 minutes is a big feature of this board is also of much listen. Vividly how the Budokan of recorded after the show is, If you listen in the well-equipped play environment, such as he was taken 30 years ago, will it taste even such illusion!

3 Budokan performances that were carried out in a continuous at the end Japan tour, the “NOWHERE TO HIDE” that contains the first day on the 26th, the next day the 27th “INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER” that, great audience recording item which is not as good either Power Gate label was released from, both drew the cheers of the fans. Even more than the scarcity of full version of the Budokan performances last day that did not come out so far, this work is definitely to located at the apex among them high-quality audience recording, without the very best the charm of the play-by-play recording board The condensed unique flavor, as the audience source even look at the entire ’81 year tour would say it’s a sound source of definitive class. Single supreme decorate Chobi of ’81 years Budokan Trilogy of RAINBOW is, asserts that all of the hard rock fans must listen indispensable! It is a release decision in suitable limited press CD to its dignity!

RAINBOWがヴォーカリストにジョー・リン・ターナーを迎え、1981年に行った「DIFFICULT TO CURE」での日本ツアーより、来日公演最終日に当たる8月28日東京・武道館公演が、完全初登場となるオーディエンス録音マスターテープをダイレクト使用した極上音質で堂々の登場です!

RAINBOWの’81年ツアーは2月20日のヴァージニア公演を皮切りに全米をサーキットし、その後6月から7月にかけてはヨーロッパツアー各国でのツアーと、このバンドの歴史上でも特に精力的なものとなりました。待ち望まれた来日公演は8月18日の福岡公演からスタートし、10日間をかけて5都市で8公演が行われ、魅力を新たにしたRAINBOWの演奏は各地でファンの声援を集めました。これらの様子を記録したコレクターズ音源は様々なタイトルのものが登場していますが、特にこの最終日は、Darker Than Blueレーベルから「SURRENDER DOCUMENTS」という衝撃的なサウンドボード音源が登場しており、ファンにとっても印象の強いライヴになっています。しかしながらこの「SURRENDER DOCUMENTS」はマスターテープの都合から完全収録ではなかった上に、ボード直結の録音という性質上、RAINBOWのライヴに相応しい客席の盛り上がりなど、会場ならではの臨場感を求める種類の音源でもありませんでした。

今回登場する本作「TOTAL SURRENDER」は、そういったファンの「完全版を」「臨場感たっぷりに」「高音質で」聴きたいという要望をタイトル通りトータルで満たす、この時代としては最上級の録音が行われており、一聴すれば誰もが「サウンドボードがあるからオーディエンス録音は不要」などという意見が愚かしく感じるであろう、素晴らしいクオリティが実現しています!

開演前の「Land Of Hope And Glory」から、30年近く前とは思えない絶好の状態で録音が行われており、メンバーがステージに現われた瞬間に湧き上がるオーディエンスの盛り上がりは、聴いているこちらまでゾクゾクさせられる素晴らしい臨場感を味わえます。「Spotlight Kid」の前半は機材の関係からかノイズ気味で、さらにオーディエンスの歓声や歌声がバンドの演奏へ強めに被る個所がありますが、これも会場の熱気がなせる業で、彼らのあふれる喜びを抑えきれない叫びや合唱は、一度でも好きなアーティストのライヴ会場に足を運ばれた方ならば理解でき、むしろ微笑ましく感じるのではないでしょうか?また「Catch The Rainbow」等でリッチーがソロを紡いでいる静かなパートでも、テーパーが機材を動かしている音や観客の話し声が耳に入りますが、こういう音まで一つ一つがオーディエンス録音でこそのドキュメントであり、本来なら姿を留めるはずも無い会話が30年の時間を越えて聴き取れる事に、この時会場にいた人ならば必ずや深い感慨を覚えるでしょう。

テーパーの位置からステージまで若干の距離はあるようですが、リッチーのギターとジョーの歌はまるで昨日の録音のような鮮度で、演奏の輪郭も明瞭です。特に音が定まった「Love’s No Friend」からはクリアな見通しと優れたバランス、そしてパンチの効いた音像でライヴを満喫できるようになります。この’81年のセットリストは抜群の完成度を誇った’80年のものを引き継ぎつつも、要所に配された「DIFFICULT TO CURE」の曲が引き立つよう計算されており、「I Surrender」や「Can’t Happen Here」などは、もう何年も演奏されている曲のような熱烈なリアクションを受けています。
ドン・エイリーがカラフルなトーンのキーボードイントロで曲を誘う「I Surrender」や、リッチーのアグレッシヴなギターが空間を縦横に駆け巡る「Can’t Happen Here」においても、ジョーの瑞々しくフレッシュな歌声が絶品で、その歌には思わず耳を奪われてしまいます。ロニーの代表曲である「Man On The Silver Mountain」や「Catch The Rainbow」でも、ジョーの表現は巧みであり、前任者達とまた違う繊細なタッチでドラマを描くその声にリッチーのギターも触発され、素晴らしいフレーズやソロを次々に繰り出しています。

ドン・エイリーのキーボードソロから「Lost In Hollywood」そして「Difficult To Cure」に流れるメドレーは圧倒的で、この時代のRAINBOWの演奏力が理解できます。「Difficult To Cure」の冒頭において、リッチーのギターは鬼気迫る危うさすら漂わせたかと思えば、曲本編ではそれが威厳に変わっており、ドンによる中盤のキーボード・パートを経て、全てがコーダに向かい集約され昇華していく様子はカタルシスさえ覚えます。もう一人の新メンバーとなるボビー・ロンディネリは、前任者があのコージー・パウエルだっただけに、そのプレッシャーも大きかったと思われます。しかしボビーも各曲でタイトなリズムを叩き出しており、ドラムソロそして「Long Live Rock’N’Roll」では大活躍しています。

「Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll」以降は「SURRENDER DOCUMENTS」未収録のショウ終盤となり、本作のならではの聴き所が連発されます。アンコール1曲目の「All Night Long」では、ジョーはすでに現在と同じオリジナルの歌い回しを聴かせており、リッチーのギターとの掛け合いも披露してグラハム時代の違いを打ち出しています。 ジョーが持ち前のブルージーな側面も聞かせる「Blues」から続けて演奏される「Woman From Tokyo」と「Smoke On The Water」で、ライヴの盛り上がりはこの日のピークを迎えます。リッチーがDEEP PURPLE脱退以降、6年にわたって封印してきた歌入りの「Smoke On The Water」が演奏されたのは、当時のファンにとって大きな驚きと喜びだった事は想像に難くなく、オーディエンスの歓声と拍手で武道館全体が揺れているようですらあります。「Since You Been Gone」で白熱の100分間が終わりを告げ、ジュディ・ガーランドの「Somewhere Over The Rainbow」も終わった後、武道館を後にする観客の話し声と終演アナウンスのバックで流れている「Maybe Next Time」を3分あまり聴けるのも本盤の大きな特徴です。生々しく記録された終演後の武道館の様子は、整った再生環境で聴けば自分が30年前に連れて行かれたような、そんな錯覚すら味わえる事でしょう!

ジャパン・ツアー終盤に3連続で行われた武道館公演は、26日の初日を収めた「NOWHERE TO HIDE」に、翌27日の「INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER」という、いずれも劣らぬ素晴らしいオーディエンス録音アイテムがPower Gateレーベルからリリースされ、どちらもファンの喝采を浴びました。これまで出てこなかった武道館公演最終日の完全版という希少性もさる事ながら、本作はそれら高品位オーディエンス録音の中でも頂点に位置するのは間違いなく、実況録音盤の魅力をあますところ無く凝縮した個性的な味わいは、’81年ツアー全体を見てもオーディエンス・ソースとしては決定版クラスの音源だと言えるでしょう。RAINBOWの’81年武道館トリロジーの掉尾を飾る至高の一本は、全てのハードロック・ファン必聴必携と断言します!その品格に相応しい限定プレスCDでのリリース決定です!

Disc 1 (44:38)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend
5. I Surrender 6. Lazy Intro 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 8. Catch The Rainbow
9. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 2 (59:15)
1. Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo 4. Difficult To Cure
5. Keyboard Solo/Difficult To Cure 6. Jam/Drum Solo 7. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
8. All Night Long 9. Blues 10. Woman From Tokyo Intro 11. Smoke On The Water
12. Since You Been Gone 13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 14. Outro (Maybe Next Time)

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Darker Than Blue 097/098

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