Blue Oyster Cult / Wichita 1986 / 1CDR

Blue Oyster Cult / Wichita 1986 / 1CDR / Non Label

Live at Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, Kansas, USA 2nd May 1986 SBD

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From the ‘CLUB NINJA’ tour of ’86, which became the turning point of the band for BLUE OYSTER CULT, the soundboard sound source of the completely first appearance is the release of the fan surprise! In this work, the line sound source of the mixer direct connection that seems to be recorded for recording by the band was converted into a direct phonograph from the master tape for the persons concerned, and it was circuited as the RUSH undercard over about 13 weeks from April 13 From the middle of the North American Tour, we have recorded the May 2nd Wichita Kansas show that was the final day. The sound image of the five people who are struggling on the stage, accompanied by realistic contours as if they were playing in front, conveys the goodness of the sound board for the people even so much , You can enjoy the rare, fresh and exquisite taste that can not be enjoyed in the official live work. Even if there are only a few types of “CLUB NINJA” tours, this live recording has just appeared as a surprise! “CLUB NINJA” has been unpopular among fans and critics as its refined sound is not like a band since its release, but it has been broadcast in March of the same year recorded in “RUIN VALUE: SANTA MONICA 1986” As you can see if you listen to the sound source, the live performance continues to be driven by heavy as ever in the live, and the refined sound in the album sharpens the intellectual essence that they originally possess, compared to any era I also play a unique performance of this time not too overlooked. Of course this high intelligence B.O.C. is alive and well. From the intro to which the main theme of the movie “Blade Runner” is featured, the venue and the listeners will gradually grow nervous. The opening that sublimes so that it can play in the famous song “Dominance & Submission” is already catharsis, and has suddenly become a live listening place. The subsequent “Burnin ‘For You” starts up and the keyboard mix gives a strange impression, but it recovers quickly and there is no hindrance to listening to the performance. Rather, it is a scene where you can enjoy the sound source like a direct mixer. And with “Take Me Away” and “Dancin ‘In The Ruins”, you will be able to enjoy the play that is unique to this period, appealing to the listener while the melody drives. In the second half of the live, “Godzilla” featuring drum solo, and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, and the band’s well-known classics are continuously burstingly leading the listener to a unique world. It is a pity that the tape ends in the middle of the last “Roadhouse Blues”. I feel that playing net 7 songs is somewhat less, but BOC at that time also serves as the opening seat for KISS and OZZY OSBOURNE, etc., and since I finished playing around 7 songs of almost the same set there, probably this is all songs of the day It seems to be. Although the recording time is about 46 minutes due to the constraints of the undercard, the full impression is not within the time frame! It is a natural hyper title to appear in the press CD if it is. Please enjoy the high quality sound source without a mistake to taste the joy that makes you own B.O.C. of this day!

★ Valuable high-quality sound board sound source using the original original tape provided by officials directly! !

BLUE OYSTER CULTにとってバンドのターニングポイントになった’86年の「CLUB NINJA」ツアーから、完全初登場のサウンドボード音源がファン驚愕のリリースです!本作はバンドが記録用に収録したと思われるミキサー直結のライン音源を、関係者用のマスターテープからダイレクトに音盤化したもので、4月13日から約3週間にわたってRUSHの前座としてサーキットした北米ツアー中盤より、最終日となった5月2日のカンザス州ウィチタ公演を収録しています。ステージでしのぎを削る5人の姿が、まるで目の前で演奏しているかのようにリアルな輪郭を伴って浮かび上がる音像は、関係者用サウンドボードの良さをこれでもかと言うほど伝えており、オフィシャルライヴ作品では絶対に楽しめないレアで生々しい極上の味わいを満喫できます。ただでさえ種類が少ない「CLUB NINJA」ツアーからこれだけのライヴ音源が登場した事は、驚きと言うほかありません!「CLUB NINJA」はリリース当時から、その洗練されたサウンドがバンドらしくないとファンや評論家の間では不評でしたが、既発「RUIN VALUE: SANTA MONICA 1986」に収録された同年3月の放送用音源を聴けば判るように、ライヴにおいては相変わらずヘヴィでドライヴする演奏が貫かれており、アルバムで洗練されたサウンドは彼らが本来持っている知的なエッセンスをより研ぎ澄まし、どの時代と較べても見劣りしないこの当時ならではの演奏を繰り広げています。本作でもそのハイ・インテリジェンスなB.O.C.はもちろん健在です。映画「ブレードランナー」のメインテーマがフィーチャーされるイントロから、会場も聴き手も緊張感がじわじわと高まっていきます。それが名曲「Dominance & Submission」で弾けるように昇華するオープニングはすでにカタルシスであり、いきなりライヴの聴き所になっています。続く「Burnin’ For You」は立ち上がりでキーボードのミックスが妙な印象を与えますが、すぐに回復しており演奏を聴く上で支障はありません。むしろミキサー直結の音源らしさを楽しめる場面です。そして「Take Me Away」と「Dancin’ In The Ruins」では、メロディがドライヴしながら聴き手に訴える、この時期ならではのプレイを満喫できるでしょう。ライヴの後半はドラムソロをフィーチャーした「Godzilla」、そして「(Don’t Fear) The Reaper」とバンドおなじみの名曲を立て続けに連発し、聴き手を唯一無二の世界へと導いてくれます。それだけに最後の「Roadhouse Blues」の途中でテープが終了してしまうのが何とも残念です。正味7曲の演奏はいささか少なく感じますが、当時のB.O.C.はKISSやOZZY OSBOURNEらの前座も務めており、そこでもほぼ同じセットの7曲前後で演奏を終えているので、おそらくこれが当日の全曲だと思われます。収録時間は前座としての制約から約46分間ですが、溢れる感動は時間の枠には収まりません! 本来ならプレスCDで登場するのが自然なハイパータイトル。この日のB.O.C.を独り占めするような喜びを味わえる事は間違いなしのハイクオリティ音源を、どうぞお楽しみください!


1. Blade Runner Theme by Vangelis 2. Dominance & Submission 3. Burnin’ For You 4. Take Me Away
5. Dancin’ In The Ruins 6. Godzilla (Incl. Drums Solo) 7. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
Encore 8. Roadhouse Blues


Eric Bloom – Vocal & Guitar Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser – Vocal & Guitar
Tommy Zvoncheck – Keyboards Joe Bouchard – Bass Jimmy Wilcox – Drums

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