Camel / For Today In Virginia / 2CDR

Camel / For Today In Virginia / 2CDR /Amity

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Live at the Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia, USA 30th June 2003

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2003, from the US tour due to last year died Peter Badensu to dedicate the 14 th Camel album “A Nod And A Wink”, complete recording of the Virginia Alexandria performances of June 30, in the ultra-high-quality audience recording. Camel live sound source is a high-quality title, the more distinguished sound quality among them. That does not feel even the presence of the recording person, a sense of stability of the incredible sound of and clearness. Since it contains the cheers between songs, I audience recording undoubtedly, to the extent I can only imagine all of the conditions are overlapped well, very large exceptional sound. The expression “the ultimate digital recording” is appropriate, is a sound source that I would like you to listen to all of the recording mania. Overall sound balance of, even sense of separation perfection. The first half of a string of classic of 70s. In the intermediate section has been playing Another Night of the recorded “Moonmadness”. In the second half of the show followed by Fox Hill from the new, from the first album, it will be played Arubaluba Peter Badensu composer who died in the previous year. The main set of the last of following the Mother Road to start in crisp good guitar is more than 10 minutes from the New Omagari For Today. Before the song start Latimer is mentioned with respect to the “911 Incident”, and MC as “modern to live song about us.” After the show the audience that was listening to Oshidama’ too much of the impressive performance, part to send a large cheer all at once is impressive. Angkor is Never Let Go. Jesus of the familiar Tom Burisurin in support must be in charge of the keyboard only this time, you let me hear a really great play originality throughout. Recording a really great performance. Just eternal masterpiece. For Camel fan, it is a piece of “mast!” Definitely.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.124 (2010 December issue). In case you’re wondering.

From dedicated resulting album, “A Nod And A Wink” North American tour at the time of release to Peter Bardens that passed away in 2002, Hall “Birchmere Music Hall” of dinner style of seat number 500 in the Virginia State Alexandria complete recording of the performance. A very good audience sound source of the sound quality, such recording’s around the audience noise is absolutely no way to inhibit the listening is in the song, the impression as if it had been recorded in the front row as if they were. And raw vocals of Latimer, sweet and relaxed guitar’s as if to prove it. Configuration in the first half is played in quick succession is yesteryear hit songs, new songs are incorporated into the second half. New song group since “rajaz” of 1999, Genesis-style “Fox Hill” and the epic “For Today”, etc. variety. Tom Bristin of keyboard that are entrained in this tour, but the members who participated in the Japan tour of the Symphonic Tour and Renaissance Yes, the Hamori keyboard and Latimer of Bristin is happy to hear everywhere. Also it can be plenty of breathtaking guitar solo of Latimer in the latter. Angkor is to back the keyboard that simulates the sound of the Mellotron, intro of Latimer is stunning, “Never Let Go”. Warren greet the end of a show at the completion of the just. Members Andrew Latimer, Colin Bass and Denis Clement, (drs), Tom Brislin (key).

2003年、前年亡くなったピーター・バーデンスに捧げたキャメル14枚目のアルバム「A Nod And A Wink」に伴うUSツアーより、6月30日のヴァージニア州アレクサンドリア公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。キャメルのライブ音源は高品質なタイトルが多いですが、その中でも群を抜くサウンド・クオリティ。録音者の存在すら感じさせないような、信じられない程の音の安定感とクリアネス。曲間で歓声が入りますので、間違いなくオーディエンス録音なのですが、全ての条件が上手く重なったとしか思えない程の、まさに大別格のサウンド。「究極のデジタル録音」という表現が相応しい、全ての録音マニアにも聞いて頂きたい音源です。全体のサウンド・バランス、分離感も完璧。前半は70年代のクラシックを連発。中間部では「Moonmadness」収録のAnother Nightが演奏されています。ショウ後半には新作からのFox Hillに続いて、ファーストアルバムから、前年に亡くなったピーター・バーデンス作曲のArubalubaが演奏されます。歯切れ良いギターでスタートするMother Roadに続いてのメインセットのラストは新作からの10分を超える大曲 For Today。曲開始前にラティマーが「911事件」に関して言及し、「現代に生きる我々についての歌」とMCします。あまりの感動的な演奏に押し黙って聴いていた観客が終演後、一斉に大喝采を送る部分は感動的です。アンコールはNever Let Go。イエスのサポートでお馴染みのトム・ブリスリンがこの時期のみキーボードを担当しており、オリジナリティ各所で実に素晴らしいプレイを聴かせてくれます。本当に素晴らしい演奏と録音。まさに永遠のマスターピース。キャメル・ファンにとって、間違いなく「マスト!」の一枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.124(2010年12月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

2002年に他界したPeter Bardensに捧げられたアルバム『A Nod And A Wink』リリース時の北米ツアーから、Virginia州Alexandriaにある座席数500のディナースタイルのホール「Birchmere Music Hall」公演を完全収録。非常に音質の優れたオーディエンス音源で、曲中ではリスニングを阻害するような録音者周辺のオーディエンスノイズがまったくなく、あたかも最前列で録音されたかのような印象を受ける。Latimerの生々しいボーカルと、甘く伸びやかなギターがそれを証明しているかのようだ。前半は往年のヒット曲が立て続けに演奏され、後半に新曲が組み込まれるという構成。1999年の『rajaz』以来の新曲群は、Genesis風「Fox Hill」や大作「For Today」などバラエティ豊か。このツアーに帯同しているキーボードのTom Bristinは、YesのSymphonic TourやRenaissanceの来日公演に参加したメンバーだが、BristinのキーボードとLatimerのハモりが随所で聞けるのが嬉しい。また後者ではLatimerの素晴らしいギターソロをたっぷりと堪能できる。アンコールはメロトロンの音色をシミュレートしたキーボードをバックに、 Latimerのイントロが見事な「Never Let Go」。割れんばかりの完成で終演を迎える。メンバーはAndrew Latimer、Colin Bass、そしてDenis Clement(drs)、Tom Brislin(key)。

Disc 1
1. Lady Fantasy 2. Unevensong 3. Hymn To Her 4. Echoes 5. Drafted 6. Rhayader
7. Rhayader Goes To Town 8. Lunar Sea 9. Another Night

Disc 2
1. Ice 2. Spirit Of The Water 3. Fox Hill 4. Arubaluba 5. Mother Road 6. For Today
7. Never Let Go

Andrew Latimer – Guitar, Flute, Vocals  Colin Bass – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Denis Clement – Drums  Tom Brislin – Keyboards

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