YES / Upper Darby 2010 /1 DVDR

YES / Upper Darby 2010 /1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live At Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA 15th June 2010.

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Pennsylvania upper Upper and Darby performance June 15 from the 2010 North American tour complete 1 hour 44 minutes complete with super high-quality audience shot video of the highest level. Image quality · Camera angle & work, and sound, and all of them are super high grade, triple · super title with one hundred points full. The video that makes the top of the audience shot video is anyway, the quality is high enough for that one scene / one scene to be “incredible”, and the stable image with its extremely beautiful appearance seems to be watching official live movies! Benoit vocals are also stable, and we show off a wonderful singing voice with each song. Howe, Chris and Alan are so wonderful as to think “it might be cooler than actually seeing”, and everyone is going to be stuck in every move of veteran players. In addition, the sound has been recorded in a messy, beautiful solo and ensemble play is also badly heard, with this one shot full of overwhelming charm enough to overturn the image of the current Jesus. Whether a good stage production is attached, the effect of a good screen image is wonderful, and if the music is wonderful, it is not necessary such as a flashy and expensive light system, I feel that I am watching this good quality stage. Although it became the last, it is also very cool as this slender Oliver · Wakeman synth played by long slender hair has been decided, it also adds the goodness of sound, you can enjoy really wonderful performance. In the future, it is a very good title that I think that no more yes picture will appear. Please be sure to come by all means because it is really amazing.


1. Firebird Suite 2. Tempus Fugit 3. Yours Is No Disgrace 4. And You And I 5. Perpetual Change
6. Steve Howe solo 7. Close To The Edge 8. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 9. Roundabout
10. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Alan White – Drums Benoit David – Vocals
Oliver Wakeman – Keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx.104min.

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