YES / Wonderous Vision /1 DVDR

YES / Wonderous Vision /1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live At Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 8th November 1977 & Live At Wembley Arena, London, UK 27th October 1977.

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November 8 days from the UK tour due to the 1977 “ultimate”, Scotland is appeared DVD was recorded in a stable high-quality shot surprisingly the Glasgow Apollo performances. Appeared a few years ago, in the splendor of its overwhelming quality and content, as the one and only Going For The One tour of the excellent video, high-quality video title of the handling of the “mast!” For Jesus fan, 1977 This appeared as a limited bonus DVD of the year tour highest quality album “TOWARDS PERFECTION”. The first place Going For The One tour is good quality recording take is extremely small, as a live document, the only good title was not much, then release the quality of this video, everyone was that remember the shock. A tripod to take video from the second floor appeared to be the master, panoramic view of the stage, of course, also effectively appearance-up scene of each member. Because you are also firmly focus, on where you can enjoy without stress, close-up scene has also been recorded without the screen or blurring, very fresh, in Lively feel, to enjoy the “moving ultimate tour of the video.” I can. Appearance of overwhelm Steve the audience in the play energetic action and speed is compelling, including its outstanding play. Any song also full of attractions sites and listen, has become a piece that can be re-confirm the splendor of the performance of the late 1970s Jesus. This time, as a happy bonus track, at that time television was broadcast Going For The One (live and image video), and even more marked with a precious image that captured the London Wembley Arena performance of 77 years October 27, in the black-and-white film . It seems that it is probably the 8-mm video of 24 minutes, up scene of members be those stunning, it is what was excellent with a value of primary goods as of the time record. It is the video title of the very “ultimate” of a total of 2 hours 2 minutes.

1977年「究極」に伴うUKツアーより11月8日、スコットランドはグラスゴー・アポロ公演を驚くほどに安定した高画質ショットで収録したDVDが登場です。数年前登場し、その圧倒的なクオリティと内容の素晴らしさに、唯一無二のGoing For The Oneツアーの優良映像として、イエス・ファンにとって「マスト!」の扱いの高品質映像タイトルが、1977年ツアー最高音質盤「TOWARDS PERFECTION」の限定ボーナスDVDとして登場です。そもそもGoing For The Oneツアーは良質な録音テイクが極めて少なく、ライブ・ドキュメントとして、優良なタイトルがあまりなかっただけに、この映像の品質にはリリース当時、誰もが衝撃を覚えたものでした。2階席からの三脚撮りビデオをマスターとしていると思われ、ステージの全景は勿論、各メンバーのアップ・シーンも効果的に登場します。フォーカスもしっかりしているため、ストレス無く楽しめる上、クローズアップシーンも画面がぼけたりすることなく収録されており、非常に生々しい、ライブリーな感触で、「動く究極ツアーの映像」を楽しむことができます。エネルギッシュなアクションと速弾きで聴衆を圧倒するスティーブの姿はその卓越したプレイも含め迫力満点です。どの曲も聴き所・見所でいっぱいで、70年代後期イエスのパフォーマンスの素晴らしさを再確認できる一枚になっています。今回、嬉しいボーナストラックとして、当時テレビ放送されたGoing For The One(ライブとイメージ映像)、更には77年10月27日のロンドン・ウェンブリー・アリーナ公演を白黒フィルムで捉えた貴重な映像が付きます。24分のおそらく8ミリ映像だと思われますが、メンバーのアップシーンも見事なもので、当時の記録としては一級品の価値をもつ優れた内容です。合計2時間2分のまさに「究極」の映像タイトルです。

1. Firebird Suite 2. Parallels 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Close To The Edge
5. Wonderous Stories 6. Colours Of The Rainbow 7. Turn Of The Century 8. Tour Song
9. And You And I 10. Going For The One 11. Flight Jam (Harp/Vibe Intro) 12. Awaken

Bonus Track
13. Going For The One (Broadcast by Rock Arena/Nightmoves)

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 27th October 1977

14. I’ve Seen All Good People 15. Close To The Edge 16. Colours Of The Rainbow
17. Turn Of The Century 18. And You And I 19. Awaken

COLOUR NTSC Approx.122min.

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