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YES / Soon To Be Over / 2CDR /Amity

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Live At Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 22nd July 1975.

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“Relayer” tour of facing a Patrick Moratsu, the first order of November to December 1974 in North America, 1975 from April to May in Europe, and second in North America and of through June to July , live in the 90 performances have been made if you put the Reading appearance of August. The end of the present board is North American tour last stage, 4 more times, Philadelphia’s Spectrum performance the second day, the live of July 22 has been completely recorded in high-quality audience recording. Wonderfully the freshness and stability of the sound, perhaps this may be caused by the sound output from the PA went getting better and better, the beginning, even the sound image to hear a little dumpling feeling, To Be Over, until phenomenal when it comes to Gates Of Delirium Atari it turned into the excellent sound. During the performance it has been recorded on-sound to place the voice of the audience does not hear at all, meet effectiveness of the whole there is a considerable thing. Sound image and one by one of the musical tone is caught firmly without deterioration, treble of synth opening of Sound Chaser also captured in clear. The whole has been recorded in a mild tone quality, such as wraps, but when a small number of sound such as the solo play of the instrument team, you have pop out sound image that surprisingly a strong presence. There is plenty even punch of sound, because it is a high-quality sound of enough baseline also take listen firmly, there is no of such Kuitari have listened. Performance of compelling with a focus on all guitars and drums of Close To The Edge first half of feel the aggressiveness of this period unique perhaps is truly a masterpiece. Original organ solo is one of the listening stations of the 16-minute block of Moratsu. To Be Over that one by one of the sound has been recorded in clear sound nice is the sound of the crisp sound punchy, percussive climax has a wonderful thing. Masterpiece also outstanding presence of synth Moratsu. In the audience recording, Gates Of Delirium, which was recorded in the charming sound up to this all in about never heard so much is the best part, is just perfect. Though not necessarily the lift in the equalization, of the preeminent big sense of stability of the scale to the more bizarre, just sound image, such as the wall is to the collector would be shock. Cut point does not have any. Your Move ~ Mood For A Day ~ Long Distance Runaround (Acoustic) ~ Moraz Solo (piano solo) ~ The Clap and medley solo time to be played have been recorded in this also very clear, it is possible to Kikiiru each and carefully you. The last is a super Omagari Ritual of up to 26 minutes, this thick same song to listen in the thick sounds in the beginning to end the best part, you can experience the outstanding performance tension is never completely cut off until the last at the highest sound quality. Angkor is a Starship Trooper was less of playing the number of times in this line-up with the percussive intro is cool Roundabout, playing contrasting somewhat coarse and the former iron-clad playing interesting latter performance will hear interesting. Shinsesoro improvisation synth solo listening stations of different approach is also Rick songs the second half of the Moratsu. The grand drama of two hours 12 minutes to enjoy the goodness of excellent stability and sound. Surprisingly over the full length enjoy plenty of high quality sound, after you have finished listening, is the emergence large recommended title without a doubt that get used to full satisfaction. On definitely Ichikaku, it is a big recommendation 1975 Tour title of mania attention.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.121 (August 2010). In case you’re wondering.

From “relayer” after the announcement of the tour of Jesus, 1975 July 22, to place the Philadelphia, 2 Disc was complete recording of the spectrum performance. Tour of the home to Patrick Moraz, although initially there was what disturbance of the ensemble, also becomes harder gradually band of unity, and let me listen to the performance of the iron-clad that does not budge a little accident. This day is the most tone of went wrong is John Anderson throat, as is said in MC itself as “tonight seems to be obsessed to the frog”, has become the rattle voice. The crystal clear voice of the treble is only a John features, might be his vocal always hear lower than about one octave there is a little harsh. But, it has come handed down enthusiasm that you are trying to cover the acutely in all members, tight play at 2 premium than usual have been deployed. Audience tape in accordance with an exemplary cassette recording has become a master, voice but monaural it has become easy to sound listening have me to cut the extra noise. Although some have come up with aging and bashed a sense of the Hall of the tape, but not enough to worry throughout. This tour is very much far from listening, epic as a “crisis”, “door of confusion,” “ritual”, it and you are covering all the representative music, is great enhance the first time in the solo part of each member. Patrick Moraz Although he has been playing “Happy Birthday” in his piano solo, because it is not a member of the birthday, seems to be whether playing against something else (even the day before the performance has been).

パトリック・モラツを迎えての「Relayer」ツアーは、1974年11月~12月の第一次北米、1975年4月~5月の欧州、そして同年6月~7月にかけての第二次北米と、8月のレディング出演を入れれば90公演のライブが行われました。本盤は北米ツアー末期、あと4回で終了の、フィラデルフィアはスペクトラム公演2日目の、7月22日のライブを高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録しています。音の鮮度・安定度は素晴らしく、おそらくPAからの出音がどんどん良くなっていったせいでしょうか、冒頭、ややダンゴ気味に聴こえる音像も、To Be Over、Gates Of Delirium辺りになると驚異的なまでの優れたサウンドに変貌しています。演奏中は観客の声が一切聴こえない位にオンなサウンドで収録されており、全体の効き応えは相当なモノがあります。音像や一つ一つの楽音は劣化することなくしっかりと捉えられており、オープニングのSound Chaserのシンセの高音域もクリアーに捉えられています。全体を包み込むようなマイルドな音質で録音されていますが、楽器陣のソロプレイなど音数が少ない時は、驚くほどに存在感のある音像が飛び出してきます。音のパンチも十分にあり、ベースラインもしっかりと聴き取れる程の高音質なサウンドですので、聴いていて食い足りなさはありません。この時期ならではの攻撃性を多分に感じさせるClose To The Edge前半部の全ギターとドラムを中心とした迫力満点の演奏はまさに圧巻です。16分台のモラツのオリジナルなオルガンソロは聴き所のひとつ。一つ一つの音がクリアーなサウンドで収録されたTo Be Overはパンチの効いた歯切れのよい音の響きが素晴らしく、パーカッシブな盛り上がりは素晴らしいものがあります。モラツの存在感抜群のシンセも圧巻。オーディエンス録音で、ここまで魅力的なサウンドで収録されたGates Of Deliriumはあまり聴いたこと無いほどで全てが圧巻、まさに完璧です。イコライズで持ちあげたわけではないのに、異様なほどにスケールの大きな安定感抜群の、まさに壁のような音像はコレクターには衝撃でしょう。カットポイントも一切ありません。Your Move~Mood For A Day~Long Distance Runaround(アコースティック)~Moraz Solo(ピアノソロ)~The Clapとメドレー演奏されるソロタイムはこれまた非常にクリアーに収録されており、それぞれをじっくりと聴き入ることができます。ラストは26分に及ぶ超大曲Ritualで、この太く肉厚的な音で聴ける同曲は終始圧巻で、最後まで緊張感が全く途切れることのない抜群のパフォーマンスを最高音質で体感できます。アンコールはパーカッシブなイントロがかっこいいRoundaboutとこのラインアップでは演奏回数の少なかったStarship Trooperで、鉄壁な演奏の前者と対照的なやや粗めの演奏が面白い後者の演奏は面白く聴けます。曲後半のモラツのシンセソロもリックとは違ったアプローチのアドリブシンセソロも聴き所。抜群の安定感と音の良さで楽しめる2時間12分の壮大なドラマ。全編に渡って驚くほど高品質なサウンドでたっぷりと楽しめる、聴き終えた後、満足感でいっぱいになれること間違いなしの大推薦タイトルが登場です。間違いなく一格上の、マニア注目の大推薦1975年ツアータイトルです。

★beatleg誌 vol.121(2010年8月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite 2. Sound Chaser 3. Close To The Edge 4. To Be Over 5. Gates Of Delirium

Disc 2
1. Your Move 2. Mood For A Day 3. Long Distance Runaround 4. Moraz Solo 5. The Clap 6. Ritual
7. Roundabout 8. Starship Trooper

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Patrick Moraz – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

Amity 185

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