Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Hunting Glory / 6CDR

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Hunting Glory / 6CDR /Shades

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Live At Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 11th & 12th November 1995 & Tokyo NK Hall, Chiba, Japan 23rs November 1995.

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Ritchie Blackmore has led the new members, RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW, which was delight fans with album “STRANGER IN US ALL.” This’ 90s-type RAINBOW will continue to band activities from 1995 to 1997, a number of extensive live is (there is also the fact that Richie last Hard Rock Live at the moment), still attracts a lot of fans you have.
This foot hold in the activities of up to three years, they have showed up to Japan, as long as one of the unfortunately 1995 November. The Japan tour is now, I would say that it is live with a significance much the same as the Japan tour was conducted by RAINBOW of the ’80s from the’ 70s.
In this work, “HUNTING GLORY”, coupling stand out among its total of three performances of special Tokyo 2Days and tour the last day to six disk! In this one the main live of 1995 Japan tour (including changes in the set list) enjoy a whole, it is just one of the fan must-have!

It is what is recorded in this work, from 9 performances carried out the “STRANGER IN US ALL” Japan tour in November 1995, and tour the first day of the 11 days, tour the second day of the next 12 days (both the venue Yoyogi Olympic pool), and was conducted on November 23, the final day, three of the Tokyo Bay NK Hall performances of Chiba. Audience source that was used in these original DAT master not been around at all even between traders. In addition all the recordings by the same taper, relatively homogeneous sound also, we have extended the unity of the item.
These stages, many of its outstanding title also appeared earlier this work are present. Among them, “FLY BY NIGHT” on the first day (Shades-008), the second day of the “RETURN OF THE BLACK” (Power Gate-160), the last day of “ELECTRIC EVER” three is, of each of (Shades-026) only item that has surprised fans with “high-quality sound in excess of its outstanding” in appearance time. The sound of what not good as or superior to them in this work, is a surprise because he has to package all. 3 brightness of the sound to the performance of both, direct of, performance of the sense of separation, further excellent recording with a strong punch (to name an item called clearly line up to this work, the new 4-Disc using the master “STRANGE THEM ALL It would be “). From different positions and perspectives of the other items, we cut the state of live in clear and wide, and realism plenty.

In the disk 1 and 2, which captured the first day, after the “Land Of Hope And Glory” of opening BGM resounded, not Turning immediately to “Over The Rainbow”, “Fly By of RUSH in such form makeshift also it includes realistic accident that the Night “is flowing. But once down gone was the venue feeling also, “Spotlight Kid” and in the “Long Live Rock’n’Roll” surge. New songs such as “Too Late For Tears” and “Hunting Humans” in the new song will also entertain the listeners with performances and fulfilling that does not lose the masterpieces of DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. This day is Ritchie of fighting spirit is out in front, play in the “Still I’m Sad” and “Black Masquerade”, such as “Ariel” including a long solo, any song also has a high listening response. Encore It was one song, “Burn”, the climax is fiercely, you can securely enjoy the hot live with special day unique.

The second day tour that housed to the disk 3, 4 also, the rise of the ups and downs, such as the opening of live occurs equipment trouble. The same excitement is the day before in the “Spotlight Kid”, but it does not put to immediately after the performance of the same song, “Too Late For Tears”. But by this trouble, Deguy is surprise arises sing “Rainbow Eyes” to back the keyboard of Paul Maurice, was surprised the fans of the venue.
On this day (what was the impact of the trouble, or to what was differentiated from the first day of intent) to place a song of solo compact, incorporated and trad song singing Deguy, the masterpieces of the ’80s to the set It is, to listen to not let all tired of the hand. And “Man On The Silver Mountain” and connect the middle of the “Temple Of The King” to the melodious and “Love Hurts”, reminds me of the ’84 Budokan final performance of the excitement, “Street Of Dreams”, further “Stone Cold” , is evenly Choice has been set from the entire period of the band just “Best of · RAINBOW” aspects of the. Still and PURPLE number, such as “Perfect Strangers”, without even buried new songs such as “Hall Of The Mountain King”, let greatly entertain listeners until the end!

In the disk 5, and 6 of the last, the set was changed dramatically and the tour early amaze hand to listen to. “Too Late For Tears” of to burst from “Over The Rainbow” is the new song intro! This is the rise would have surprised fans (start at the same song will be carried over to 1996 live). “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Hunting Humans” position is the same, once again in the fourth song surprise. Of the otherwise encore “Smoke On The Water” is the thing that has been suddenly playing, the audience, “What’s the next song!?”, Will become a state can not be read even an inch ahead! It is exactly the stage who said mischievous favorite Richie of face vivid. Then and in the “Wolf To The Moon” and “Difficult To Cure”, “Still I’m Sad”, but is the flow at the time of a classic, both Ritchie’s solo is excellent, you can enjoy the live of high spirits. Live the second half of lackluster is improvisation of Deguy, and “Love Hurts” of trad song and the last, also performance by taking advantage of his personality after another. It concludes with a finale of the tour the last day!

Mania, which has been rooting for Ritchie from the ’70s, the young fans that were not in time for the’ 80s RAINBOW, this ’95 live was to large satisfaction aligned. This work that both of the to be 3 performances Memorial containment in the best audience source is a crucial one that I want to collection in all of RAINBOW mania. If those who say that there is no have a this work, we would like enjoy this opportunity!

Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 11th November 1995

リッチー・ブラックモアが新たなメンバーを率い、アルバム「STRANGER IN US ALL」でファンを歓喜させたRITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW。この’90年代型RAINBOWは、1995年から1997年までバンド活動を継続し、充実したライヴの数々は(現時点でリッチー最後のハードロック・ライヴという事もあり)、今なお多くのファンを魅了しています。
本作「HUNTING GLORY」では、その中でも際だって特別な東京2Daysとツアー最終日の計3公演を6枚のディスクにカップリング! この一本で’95年ジャパンツアーの主要ライヴを(セットリストの変化も含めて)丸ごと楽しめる、まさにファン必携の一本です!

本作に収録されているのは、1995年11月に9公演行われた「STRANGER IN US ALL」ジャパンツアーより、11日のツアー初日と、翌12日のツアー二日目(会場はどちらも代々木オリンピックプール)、そして最終日の11月23日に行われた、千葉の東京ベイNKホール公演の3本。これらで用いられたオーディエンス・ソースはトレーダー間でも一切出回っていないオリジナルDATマスター。さらに全て同一テーパーによる録音であり、比較的均質なサウンドも、アイテムの統一感を高めています。
これらのステージは、本作の登場以前にも多くの既発タイトルが存在しています。中でも初日の「FLY BY NIGHT」(Shades-008)、二日目の「RETURN OF THE BLACK」(Power Gate-160)、最終日の「ELECTRIC EVER」(Shades-026)の3本は、それぞれの登場時点で「既発を上回る高音質」とファンを驚かせてきたアイテムばかり。本作では何とそれらに優るとも劣らないサウンドで、全てをパッケージしているのだから驚きです。3公演ともに音の明度,ダイレクトさ,演奏の分離感、さらに強烈なパンチを備えた優秀な録音(明らかに本作へ並ぶというアイテムを挙げれば、新マスターを用いた4枚組「STRANGE THEM ALL」でしょう)。他のアイテムとは異なる位置や視点から、クリアかつワイド、そして臨場感たっぷりにライヴの様子を切り取っています。

初日を捉えたディスク1・2では、オープニングBGMの「Land Of Hope And Glory」が響き渡ったあと、すぐに「Over The Rainbow」へ移れず、その場凌ぎの様な形でRUSHの「Fly By Night」が流れるというアクシデントもリアルに収録。しかし一旦下がってしまった場内の気持ちも、「Spotlight Kid」や「Long Live Rock’n’Roll」では急上昇。新曲の「Too Late For Tears」や「Hunting Humans」といった新曲も、DEEP PURPLEやRAINBOWの名曲に負けない充実した演奏で聴き手を楽しませます。この日はリッチーの気合が前面に出ており、「Still I’m Sad」や「Black Masquerade」でのプレイ、長いソロを含む「Ariel」など、どの曲も高い聴き応えを持っています。アンコールは「Burn」一曲でしたが、その盛り上がりは凄まじく、特別な初日ならではの熱いライヴをしっかりと満喫できます。

ディスク3・4へ収められたツアー二日目も、ライヴの序盤は機材トラブルが起こるなど波乱の立ち上がり。「Spotlight Kid」での盛り上がりは前日同様ですが、同曲の演奏後すぐに「Too Late For Tears」へ入れません。しかしこのトラブルによって、ドゥギーがポール・モーリスのキーボードをバックに「Rainbow Eyes」を歌うというサプライズが発生し、会場のファンを驚かせました。
この日は(トラブルの影響もあったのか、それとも意図して初日と差別化したのか)一曲のソロがコンパクトな代わりに、ドゥギーの歌うトラッド・ソングや、’80年代の名曲がセットへ盛り込まれ、聴き手を全く飽きさせません。「Man On The Silver Mountain」と「Temple Of The King」の中間をメロディアスに繋ぐ「Love Hurts」や、感動の’84年武道館最終公演を思い出させる「Street Of Dreams」、さらに「Stone Cold」と、バンドの全期間から満遍なくチョイスされたセットはまさに”ベスト・オブ・RAINBOW”の様相。それでもなお「Perfect Strangers」などのPURPLEナンバーや、「Hall Of The Mountain King」といった新曲も埋没せず、最後まで聴き手を大いに楽しませます!

ラストのディスク5・6では、ツアー序盤と様変わりしたセットが聴き手を驚かせます。イントロの「Over The Rainbow」から炸裂するのは新曲の「Too Late For Tears」! この立ち上がりにはファンも驚いたでしょう(同曲でのスタートは’96年ライヴにも引き継がれます)。「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」と「Hunting Humans」の位置は同じですが、4曲目ではまたもやサプライズ。普通ならアンコールの「Smoke On The Water」がいきなり演奏された事で、観客は「次の曲は何だ!?」と、一寸先も読めない状態になってしまいます! まさにイタズラ好きなリッチーの面目躍如と言ったステージです。その後は「Wolf To The Moon」に「Difficult To Cure」そして「Still I’m Sad」と、当時の定番の流れですが、リッチーのソロはいずれも優れており、ノリノリのライヴを楽しめます。ライヴ後半はドゥギーのインプロが冴え、トラッド・ソングやラストの「Love Hurts」と、彼の個性を活かしたパフォーマンスも続出。ツアー最終日を大団円で締めくくります!


Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 11th November 1995

Disc 1
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Too Late For Tears
5. Long Live Rock’n’Roll 6. Hunting Humans 7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Difficult To Cure
9. Keyboard Solo 10. Still I’m Sad 11. Drum Solo 12. Man On The Silver Mountain
13. Temple Of The King

Disc 2
1. Black Masquerade 2. Guitar Solo 3. Ariel 4. Since You Been Gone 5. Perfect Strangers
6. Greensleeves 7. Waltzing Matilda 8. Hall Of The Mountain King 9. Thank You Tokyo
10. Burn 11. Over The Rainbow

Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 12th November 1995

Disc 3
1. Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Rainbow Eyes 4. Too Late For Tears
5. Long Live Rock’n’Roll 6. Hunting Humans 7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Difficult To Cure
9. Keyboard Solo 10. Still I’m Sad 11. Drum Solo 12. Man On The Silver Mountain
13. Love Hurts 14. Temple Of The King

Disc 4
1. Black Masquerade 2. Ariel 3. Street Of Dreams 4. Traditional Song 5. Since You Been Gone
6. Perfect Strangers 7. Waltzing Matilda 8. Hall Of The Mountain King 9. Stone Cold
10. Traditional Song 11. Burn 12. Maybe Next Time 13. Woman From Tokyo 14. Smoke On The Water
15. Over The Rainbow

Live at Tokyo NK Hall, Chiba, Japan 23rd November 1995

Disc 5
1. The Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Too Late For Tears 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Hunting Humans 6. Smoke On The Water 7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Difficult To Cure 9. Keyboard Solo
10. Still I’m Sad 11. Drum Solo 12. Man On The Silver Mountain 13. Temple Of The King
14. Black Masquerade

Disc 6
1. Guitar Solo 2. Ariel 3. Since You Been Gone 4. Perfect Strangers 5. Farewell Song
6. Hall Of The Mountain King 7. Greensleeves 8. Burn 9. Maybe Next Time 10. Street Of Dreams
11. Vocal Improvisation 12. Love Hurts 13. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Greg Smith – Bass Paul Morris – Keyboards
Chuck Burgi – Drums


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