Pink Floyd / BBC Archives 1967 – 1969 / 2 CDR

Pink Floyd / BBC Archives 1967 – 1969 / 2 CDR / Non Label

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BBC Archives 1967-1969 / 40 Anniversary Edition.

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From the BBC music program “Look Of The Week,” “Top Gear,” “Tomorrow’s World” take the upgrade version that has been broadcast on such through 1969 from 1967. All 30 take, total recording time of 1 hour 44 minutes. 2009 At the end of the year, “BBC Archives 1967-1969” as it is Onban into direct the ultra-high-quality take collection was announced than that Harvested as a 40th anniversary version. That the production team has over a period of six months, has passed through the work of an inordinate level, its highly screened treatments have been take collection has just to realize the appropriate amazing compilation named ultimate. Etc. any number into the world live take the 60s Floyd of “Top Gear”, and its quality has a variety of variations, while the same master, the time that it was announced, freshness, such as the presence or absence of equalizing treatment , which was a very difficult situation that put the most master close to the best of judgment or. This Harvested team, singled out each of the best parts from the take to be a representative, established a pitch, cassette subjected master carefully the modification of the specific analog damage, yet in the easy task to create a take no processing sense There is none. As a result, for each of the take, more than a take that has been described as the best in the past, have been recorded in the best quality. Also to members of the fan continuously the familiar take, but should it was not that you have heard so far is the same take a good clean sound of freshness up here. Such as direct copy from the time of the master, in the thick clear, excellent stability of the sound is spectacular, and finished with a first-class sound source collection definitely. Familiar 68 years on June 25, master tape version of “Top Gear”, recent definitive edition of the released BBC sound source “Celestial Voices” 69 years May 12 days of the “Top Gear” sound quality definitely compared with the like It has improved. Since the focus on music itself, except those that are suffered to some music, etc. DJ intro has been kept as save as much as possible. In addition, BBC is mono-take as you mix has been used in the original, has not been recorded fake stereo take that existed in the past. Songs of Syd Barrett era to the 14 tracks of the disk 1, the 16-track on the disc 2 has recorded Gilmore later participation take. Ultimate BBC sound source collection revives in freshness preeminent sound realistic, such as crystal clear. Mania is the emergence of the most important compilation version of the must-have.

1967年から1969年にかけてBBC音楽番組「Look Of The Week」「Top Gear」「Tomorrow’s World」等で放送されたテイクのアップグレード・ヴァージョンを収録。全30テイク、合計収録時間1時間44分。2009年末に「BBC Archives 1967-1969」40周年記念ヴァージョンとしてあのHarvestedより発表された超高品質テイク集をそのままダイレクトに音盤化。製作陣が6カ月の期間をかけたという、尋常ではないレベルの作業を通過した、その高度に選別されトリートメントされたテイク集は、まさに究極という名の相応しい驚くべきコンピレーションを実現させています。「Top Gear」の60年代フロイドのライブテイクは世に数あれど、その品質には様々なヴァリエーションがあり、同一のマスターでありながら、それが発表された時期、鮮度、イコライズ・トリートメントの有無などで、どれが最もマスターに近くベストなのか判断をつけるのが非常に難しい状況でした。このHarvestedチームは、それぞれの代表とされるテイクからベストなパーツを選び出し、ピッチを整え、カセットマスター特有のアナログダメージの修正を丁寧に施し、それでいて加工感の無いテイクを作り出すのは容易な作業ではありません。結果として、それぞれのテイクに関して、過去にベストと評されているテイクを上回る、最良の品質で収録されています。ファンの方々にもお馴染みのテイクが連続しますが、ここまで鮮度の良いキレイな鳴りの同テイクはこれまで聴いたこと無かったはずです。当時のマスターよりダイレクトコピーしたような、太くクリアーで、安定感抜群のサウンドは圧巻で、間違いなく第1級の音源集に仕上がっています。お馴染みの68年6月25日「Top Gear」のマスターテープ版、近年リリースされたBBC音源の決定版「Celestial Voices」の69年5月12日「Top Gear」等と比べても間違いなく音質は向上しています。音楽そのものにフォーカスを充てているので、一部楽曲に被っているもの以外は、DJイントロなどは極力省くようにしてあります。また、オリジナルでBBCがミックスしたとおりのモノ・テイクが使用されており、過去に存在したフェイク・ステレオのテイクは収録されていません。ディスク1の14トラックにはシド・バレット時代の曲を、ディスク2の16トラックにはギルモア参加以降のテイクを収録しています。澄み切ったようなリアルで鮮度抜群のサウンドで蘇る究極のBBC音源集。マニア必携の最重要コンピレーション版の登場です。

Disc 1
1. Pow R Toc H (Look Of The Week 14th May 1967)
2. Astronomy Domine (Look Of The Week 14th May 1967)
3. The Gnome (Top Gear 25th September 1967)
4. Scarecrow (Top Gear 25th September 1967)
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Top Gear 25th September 1967)
6. Matilda Mother (Top Gear 25th September 1967)
7. Reaction in G (Top Gear 25th September 1967)
8. Flaming (Top Gear 25th September 1967)
9. Green Onions (Tomorrow’s World 12th December 1967)
10. Instrumental (Tomorrow’s World 12th December 1967)
11. Vegetable Man (Top Gear 20th December 1967)
12. Scream Thy Last Scream (Top Gear 20th December 1967)
13. Pow R Toc H (Top Gear 20th December 1967)
14. Jugband Blues (Top Gear 20th December 1967)

Disc 2
1. Instrumental (The Sound Of Change 26th March 1968)
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Omnibus’ All My Loving 28th March 1968)
3. The Murderotic Woman (Top Gear 25th June 1968)
4. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (Top Gear 25th June 1968)
5. Let There Be More Light (Top Gear 25th June 1968)
6. Julia Dream (Top Gear 25th June 1968)
7. Point Me At The Sky (Top Gear 2nd December 1968)
8. Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (Top Gear 2nd December 1968)
9. Embryo (Top Gear 2nd December 1968)
10. Interstellar Overdrive (Top Gear 2nd December 1968)
11. Daybreak (Top Gear 12th May 1969)
12. Nightmare (Top Gear 12th May 1969)
13. The Beginning (Top Gear 12th May 1969)
14. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Top Gear 12th May 1969)
15. The Narrow Way (Top Gear 12th May 1969)
16. Moonhead (Omnibus’ What If It’s Just Green Cheese? 20th June 1969)

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