Rick Wakeman / King Arthur Boston / 2CDR

Rick Wakeman / King Arthur Boston / 2CDR / Amity

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Live At Boston Garden, Boston,MA, USA 11th October 1975.

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Following the previous album, the 1975 third solo album “King Arthur” following the commercial success of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” such as selling 14 million copies in each country, recording 1st place in the charts , 2nd in the UK, 21st in the US chart, and recorded 12 million copies of good sales. In May of the same year, in line with the release of the same album, a large-scale live concert at London Wembley’s huge skating rink was held, live broadcasting a live television broadcast a big topic, and Rick will peak as a solo career. This work completely collects the Boston performance of October 11 from the large US tour that lasted in the latter half of 1975, lasting for 1 hour and 41 minutes with super high sound quality audience recording. Recorder announces high-quality master which had not been announced one after another, and this book also contains high-quality take which he announced at that Dan Lampinsky who is making the maniacs all over the world crazy. First of all, it is surprising that it is the sound quality that can be said as unprecedented, and throughout the whole, it is overwhelmed by perfect sound perfection which can be regarded as the ultimate as an audience recording. As a microphone recording in the 1970s from the audience seats, it is recorded with a sound that can not really exist, and there is no doubt that anyone heard will be stunned in front of the speaker. It captures the dramatic performance of Rick’s keyboard, band & brass section that fascinates listeners with a fluent fretting performance with outstanding sound quality and outstanding sound quality, “unlikely” level sound that surpasses official recording Just listening to it. The set is idealized from 3 solo albums in a well-balanced manner, and among them the Arthur And Guinevere, which is deployed in the first half of disc 2, is the largest listening place. In the unusual place after the first half Anne Boleyn show, you can listen to the unusual scene where Rick commented “Why did you cut your hair?” From the audience. The stuff of Moog Sinsee’s sound at the free Song (Hungarian Rhapsody) in the latter half of the show is strange, so the sound that can be clearly heard so far is usually line recording, but this is the level because of this level in microphone recording, so far I heard it at all You can enjoy the sound of the region without it. Of course, all the musical sounds including the reed instruments are recorded clearly, and of course, the crisp sound with the powerful drum as the axis is a masterpiece, you can enjoy the full appearance of the show with an ideal sound image with a refined effect. It is a definite title with even a kind of unreality that does not feel anything like booming. Of course Rick Wakeman’s fans as well as the ultimate audience recording take of the 1970s is a completely exclusive one I would like to recommend to all music enthusiasts.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.119 (June 2010 issue). For your information.

From the second concert tour after Rick Wakeman withdrew from Jesus, the 2 pairs which recorded the Boston · Garden performance of October 11, 1975 with the best audience recording. The tour which touched the big hit work “underground exploration” which can not be defeated to the main home Jesus also realized the tour coming to Japan, but the continued “knight of Arthur and the knight of the round table” also has high honor of the masterpiece and fantasy of the spinning out of Rick The sound source of this tour which can immersely immerse in the world is precious. While recording this audiences, there is no surprisingly useless reverberation, and the localization feeling and the sound quality are steady so that it is not so strange that it is almost a sound board. Perhaps it is the world’s best quality in the sound source of the tour of this period. This English rock ensemble, which originally supports Rick, is well known for playing, but if it is limited to this work, it is listening to fairly high-performance performances. The accident that is unique in the 70’s can be heard with an educational novel like that the tuning of the synth is unstable or the tape sound of the Mellotron is interrupted, and can listen to this wide variety of keyboard sounds anyway Live is not so rare. “Underground exploration” which reproduced Omagari is also wonderful, but a lot of masterpieces from “King Arthur” and “Henry VIII” will also hear a beautiful investigation. It is a perfect work by all. Fans are indispensable!

★ That Dan Rampinski recorded, surprised super high sound quality board! ! Do not listen fans! !

各国でチャートの1位を記録し、1400万枚を売り上げるなどの商業的大成功を収めた「Journey to the Centre of the Earth」に続く1975年のサードソロアルバム「King Arthur」は、前作に続き、全英2位、USチャートでも21位を記録、1200万枚の好セールスを記録しました。同年5月には同アルバムのリリースに合わせ、ロンドン・ウェンブリーの巨大スケートリンクで大掛かりなライブを開催、ライブはテレビ中継されるなど大きな話題を呼び、リックはソロ・キャリアとしてピークを迎えます。本作は1975年後半に組まれた前年に続く大規模なUSツアーより、10月11日のボストン公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で1時間41分に渡って完全収録しています。録音者はこれまで未発表だった高音質マスターを次々と発表し、世界中のマニアを狂喜させているあのダン・ランピンスキーで本盤も彼の発表した高品質テイクを収録しています。まず一聴して驚くのは空前絶後とも言えるその音質であり、全体を通して、オーディエンス録音としての究極とも思える、完全無欠のパーフェクトな音像に圧倒されます。観客席からの1970年代のマイク録音としては、本当にあり得ないようなサウンドで収録されており、聴いた誰もがスピーカーの前で唖然として聴き入ってしまうこと間違いありません。変幻自在な演奏で聴き手を魅了するリックのキーボード、バンド&ブラスセクションのドラマチックな演奏を安定感抜群の高音質で捉えており、オフィシャル録音をも凌駕するような「あり得ない」レベルのサウンドにただただ聴き入ってしまうことでしょう。セットは3枚のソロアルバムからバランス良く組まれた理想的なもので、中でもディスク2前半に展開される15分近いArthur And Guinevereは最大の聴き所になっています。変わったところでは前半 Anne Boleyn終演後、観客から「なんで髪を切ったの?」と聞かれてリックがコメントするという珍しいシーンも聴くことができます。ショウ後半のFree Song(Hungarian Rhapsody)でのムーグシンセの音の立ちっぷりは異様なほどで、ここまでクリアーに聴ける音は通常はライン録音なのですが、マイク録音でこのレベルだからこそ、今まで全く聴いたことのない域のサウンドが楽しめます。リード楽器を含む全ての楽音がクリアーに収録されているのは勿論、パワフルなドラムを軸にした歯切れ良いサウンドは圧巻で、メリハリの効いた理想的な音像でショウの全貌を楽しめます。こもりといったものが一切感じられない一種の非現実感すら漂う絶品タイトル。リック・ウェイクマンのファンは勿論、70年代の究極のオーディエンス録音テイクとして、全ての音楽マニアにお薦めしたい完全別格の1枚。

★beatleg誌 vol.119(2010年6月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。



Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. The Journey 3. Recollection 4. Catherine Howard 5. Lancelot And The Black Knight
6. Down And Out 7. Anne Boleyn 8. The Forest

Disc 2
1. Arthur And Guinevere 2. Catherine Parr 3. Merlin The Magician 4. Free Song(Hungarian Rhapsody)
5. The Battle

Dan Lampinski Masters Collection

Amity 172

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