Thin Lizzy / At Last Sayonara Tour / 4CDR

Thin Lizzy / At Last Sayonara Tour / 4CDR / Shades

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Shibuya Koukaido, Tokyo, Japan 19th May 1983 & Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 23rd May 1983

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From the last Japanese tour accompanying “THUNDER & LIGHTNING” in 1983, Shibuya public hall performance on May 19 and Shinjuku welfare annuity center performance on May 23 were recorded with high sound quality and complete. Both performances are using original master which appeared completely and you can enjoy the Tokyo performance live performed twice with impressive wonderful sound quality. On Disk 1 & 2, the 19th tour of the tour first day is fully recorded. Following the sound check sound of the intense guitar and keyboard, the show begins from Thunder And Lightning after Phil’s “Nice greeting like a club live,” let me say before starting. After the show, “A lot of mistakes a couple of mistakes … Although it was a good warmup, but John Sykes!” And introducing the newly added sycus, cheers will rise from the audience seats. Slightly, Waiting For An Alibi ‘s intense beat which is different from the first track of Dango’ s taste can be confident of the quality of this sound source. Although the sense of separation of sound is reasonable, it is recorded with a large sound of scale, drum sound is wonderful, so the groove that the band releases can be transmitted directly and it can listen happily. Waiting For An Alibi Intermediate guitar solo, the latter twin leads are excitingly gaining excitement. It is impressed by Phil emotionally singing in a flashy collapse with Jailbreak. The beat section in the middle is recorded with a wonderful sound. Mellow melody Baby Please Do not Go, after continuing on-beat This Is The One and new songs, from the previous work “RENEGADE” to Angel Of Death, from the introduction to the ending, the base of Phil featuring loud is impressive It is recorded with the sound of. Vocals in the second half are also masterpieces. The song is medley and to Are You Ready. Brian’s drums that are exciting straight with unique fill-in are becoming a powerful take because they are clearly captured. I think that the sound of the venue was so, as the concert goes up the sound quality improves steadily, especially Disk 2 is wonderful. The intro of the new song Holy War is terrible power. Up to 23 seconds of Sun Goes Down, Baby Drives Me Crazy and the ending (14:58 to 20 seconds) use the same sound source of the same day (also a completely unreleased sound source here) to complete the complete version. Sun Goes Down where you can listen close to 8 minutes of enthusiasm is quite impressive and you can listen to the wonderful performance which is one of the best tracks. Somewhat, enthusiastic hand clapping in the hall where incongruity is incongruous is like Japanese performance and the atmosphere is outstanding. You can see that the Phil satisfied with the enthusiastic appearance of the venue will gradually become verbal. Cold Sweat was a mistake in equipment trouble or composition, partly in the first half the vocals are turned off. Sykes guitar solo is also the best, but the base of Phil is recorded in loud, it is perfect for listening. The first half of the mellow Cowboy Song which starts with MC saying “For a cowboy in Tokyo? There is a cowboy here?” Is surprisingly clearly recorded. (I can be touched with wonderful sound quality in the second half.) The place where I thrust into Boys Are Back In Town is also the best from the hot mouth of Phil among songs. I can hear the MC called “This is Sayonara” by fluttering in the second half. Baby Drives Me is a great performance that lasts 15 minutes and is a powerful in-song introduction with Phil’s humor, and each member’s solo performance is perfect as well as listening to this. Especially the base solo of 8 – 9 minutes is taking take of tears of the fan. This neighborhood is the highest sound quality / content. Phil satisfied with the enthusiasm for the audiences praises the audience before encore. Still In Love With You, which is played with the introduction “For all women and for men like Boy George,” has an overwhelming sound quality and you can listen to really touching performances. (Phil sings with the word Sayonara in the lyrics in the second minute.) 4-5 minutes Sykes’ solo is a masterpiece and directs excitement that can be asserted as the best track of the day. Following the vital tuning sounds, the last song Rosarie will be played from the MC “What would you like to listen to? Suicide? Rosarie? Last song, Cliff Richard?” Phil said, “When playing in Tokyo then I play better, it’s not good, it’s great, I am great, I was not good tonight, but the audience was brilliant,” MC said. I’m playing Dancing In The Moonlight in 6 minutes. A take-away take that can enjoy the first day tour of the tour to commemorate for 111 minutes at the first appearance of high quality sound take.

On the discs 3 & 4, the final performance of Nippon Tour May 23 Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center performance was completely recorded with the highest sound quality. This includes more high-quality take that surpasses the take on the first day of the 19th. It is recorded with excellent sound quality that is not comparable with the already-released “Rise And Down” (Power Gate), and you can enjoy Last LIVE in Japan with Phil Rhinotto with a wonderful sound. Succeeded the Nagoya / Osaka concert, the band also showed more coherent performances, and the longer MCs of Phil is shorter than Take on the 19th, the show will progress gaudily. Angel Of Death in the midfield where you can listen to the powerful full-hearted performance, The Youy Ready, The Holy War has a particularly good listening. Sun Goes Down to start without a hair clip You can listen to a more coherent performance. Following the amazing sound check sounds that can not be heard now Cold Sweat shows a wonderful performance full of solid force. Because that day was also recorded for radio broadcasting, because of that overall MC is also short between the songs and the tune in the song, the play is also more solid, expand the show that is globally well-organized If you listen to this performance, the 19th take will be heard like a rehearsal live, but the likeness and impact will be fun for the MC who has scoffed out, the taste of Phil’s humanity can be tasted plenty. Will not it rise? On this day I can listen to Suicide and Sha-La-La which I have not played on the 19th. Rosalie of this day does not have Dancing In The Moonlight inserted, but you can enjoy played till the last minute. Phil says “Say Goodbye Goodbye, Do not Thank You” last in the song. An instant announcement is also recorded for the moment in the last. From the legendary 1983 Japan tour to the first day of the tour and the last Tokyo performance, fully recorded from the original master cassette, which is not even circulating among traders, each with full high quality, Shin · Lizzie fan of all over the world 4 Sheet set titles are appearing. It can be said that after a long absence Shin Lizzy is the emergence of a greatly different item! It is! A piece of impression! It is!

1983年「THUNDER & LIGHTNING」に伴う最後の日本ツアーより、5月19日の渋谷公会堂公演と5月23日新宿厚生年金会館公演を高音質・完全収録。両公演とも、完全初登場のオリジナル・マスターを使用しており、迫力ある素晴らしい音質で2回行われた東京公演ライブを楽しむことができます。ディスク1&2には、ツアー初日の19日公演を完全収録。強烈なギターとキーボードのサウンドチェック音に続き、フィルの「スタートする前に言わせてくれ、ドウモアリガト」とクラブライブのような自然な挨拶の後、Thunder And Lightningからショウが始まります。終演後「なんかたくさん間違えたな。良いウォームアップだったが・・・ジョン・サイクス!」と新加入のサイクスを紹介すると客席から歓声が沸き起こります。若干、ダンゴ気味の一曲目と違うWaiting For An Alibiの強烈なビートにこの音源の質の高さを確信できます。音の分離感はまずまずですが、スケールの大きなサウンドで録れており、ドラムサウンドが素晴らしいので、バンドの放つグルーブがダイレクトに伝わってきて楽しく聴き入ることができます。Waiting For An Alibi中間のギターソロ、後半のツインリードは派手に盛り上がります。Jailbreakで派手に崩してエモーショナルに歌うフィルに感動させられます。中盤のビートセクションは素晴らしいサウンドで録音されています。メロウなBaby Please Don’t Go、オンビートなThis Is The Oneと新曲を続けた後、前作「RENEGADE」からAngel Of Deathで、イントロからエンディングに至るまで、ラウドにフィーチャーされたフィルのベースが迫力満点のサウンドで収録されています。後半のボーカルも圧巻。曲はメドレーでAre You Readyへ。独特のフィルインでストレートに盛り上げるブライアンのドラムがクリアーに捉えられているので迫力あるテイクになっています。会場のサウンドがそうだったと思うのですが、コンサートが進むにつれて音質はどんどん向上し、特にディスク2は素晴らしいです。新曲Holy Warのイントロは凄い迫力。Sun Goes Downの23秒までと、Baby Drives Me Crazyとエンディング(14:58から20秒間)は同日の別音源(こちらも完全未発表の音源)を使用して、完全版に仕上げています。8分近い熱演が聴けるSun Goes Downは実に感動的で、ベストトラックの一つと言える素晴らしいパフォーマンスを聴くことができます。若干、曲調とは不似合いな場内の熱狂的な手拍子も日本公演らしく、雰囲気も抜群です。会場の熱狂的な様子に満足したフィルが次第に饒舌になっていくのが分かります。Cold Sweatは機材トラブルか構成を間違えたかで、一部前半でボーカルがオフになっています。サイクスのギターソロも最高ですが、フィルのベースがラウドに録音されており、聴きごたえ満点です。「東京のカウボーイのために。ここにカウボーイがいるか?」と言うMCでスタートするメロウなCowboy Songの前半は驚くほどクリアーに収録されています。(後半も素晴らしい音質で大いに感動できます。)曲間でのフィルの熱い煽りからBoys Are Back In Townに突っ込むところも最高。後半の煽りで「This is Sayonara」というMCも聴けます。Baby Drives Meは実に15分に及ぶ大熱演で、フィルのユーモアを交えた迫力ある曲中紹介で、各メンバーのソロが演奏される部分もどれもこれも聴きごたえ満点。特に8-9分台のベースソロはファン感涙のテイクになっています。この辺は音質・内容最高です。観客の熱狂ぶりに満足したフィルがアンコール前にオーディエンスを誉めます。「全ての女性と、ボーイ・ジョージみたいな男性のために」という紹介で演奏されるStill In Love With Youは圧倒的な音質の良さもあって、実に感動的な演奏を聴くことができます。(フィルは2分目に歌詞の中にSayonaraという言葉を組み込んで歌います。)4-5分台のサイクスのソロは圧巻でこの日のベストトラックと断言できる盛り上がりを演出します。生々しいチューニング音に続いて「何が聴きたい?Suicide?Rosarie?最後の曲だよ。クリフ・リチャード?」というMCからラストソングRosarieが演奏されます。4分台でフィルが「次に東京で演奏する時は俺はもっとグレイトに演奏する。グッドじゃないよ、グレイトだ。今晩の俺はイマイチだった。でもオーディエンスはブリリアントだったよ」とMC。6分台でDancing In The Moonlightをチラッと演奏しています。完全初登場の高音質テイクで111分に渡って記念すべきツアー初日公演を楽しめるファン必聴テイク。

ディスク3&4には日本ツアー最終日の5月23日新宿厚生年金会館公演を極上音質で完全収録。こちらは19日初日公演テイクを上回る更に高音質なテイクを収録。既発「Rise And Down」(Power Gate)とは比較にならない素晴らしい音質で収録しており、フィル・ライノットの日本でのラスト・ライブを素晴らしいサウンドで楽しむことができます。名古屋・大阪公演を成功させ、バンドもよりまとまりのある演奏を披露しており、19日テイクに比べるとフィルの長めのMCも短くなっており、ショウは小気味良く進行していきます。ガッチリした迫力満点の演奏が聴ける中盤のAngel Of Death~Are You Ready、The Holy Warは特に聴きごたえがあります。間髪入れずスタートするSun Goes Downもよりまとまりのある演奏が聴けます。今では聴けないような豪快なサウンドチェック音に続いてCold Sweatはソリッドな迫力に満ちた素晴らしい演奏を披露。この日はラジオ放送用にも録音されていたので、そのせいか全体的なMCも曲間・曲中の煽りも短めで、演奏もよりソリッドで、全体的に上手くまとまったショウを展開しており、こちらの公演を聴くと19日のテイクがリハーサルライブのようにも聞こえてしまったりもしますが、らしさとインパクトは、ぐだぐだしたMCも楽しい、フィルの人間味がたっぷりと味わえる19日テイクに軍配が上がるのではないでしょうか。この日は19日は演奏していないSuicideとSha-La-Laが聴けます。この日のRosalieはDancing In The Moonlightはインサートされていませんが、最後の最後まで締まった演奏が楽しめます。フィルは曲中で最後に「Say Goodbye サヨナラ、ドウモアリガトウ」と言います。ラストに一瞬、終演アナウンスも記録されています。伝説の1983年日本ツアーよりツアー初日と最後の東京公演を、トレーダー間でも一切出回っていないオリジナル・マスター・カセットよりそれぞれ高音質で完全収録した、世界中のシン・リジー・ファン注目の充実の4枚組タイトルが登場です。これは久々にシン・リジーとしては大別格アイテムの登場と言えるでしょう!!感動の一枚!!

Live at Shibuya Koukaido, Tokyo, Japan 19th May 1983

Disc 1
1. Opening 2. Thunder And Lightning 3. Waiting For An Alibi 4. Jailbreak 5. Baby Please Don’t Go
6. This Is The One 7. Angel Of Death 8. Are You Ready 9. The Holy War

Disc 2
1. The Sun Goes Down 2. Cold Sweat 3. Cowboy Song 4. The Boys Are Back In Town 5. Emerald
6. Baby Drives Me Crazy 7. Still In Love With You 8. Rosalie

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 23rd May 1983

Disc 3
1. Opening 2. Thunder And Lightning 3. Waiting For An Alibi 4. Jailbreak 5. Baby Please Don’t Go
6. This Is The One 7. Angel Of Death 8. Are You Ready 9. The Holy War 10. The Sun Goes Down

Disc 4
1. Cold Sweat 2. Cowboy Song 3. The Boys Are Back In Town 4. Suicide 5. Sha-La-La
6. Baby Drives Me Crazy 7. Still In Love With You 8. Rosalie

Phil Lynott – Bass & Vocals John Sykes – Guitar Scott Gorham – Guitar
Brian Downey – Drums Darren Wharton – Keyboards

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