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YES / Sonic Seasonings / 2CDR / Amity

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Live At Cook Convention Center, Memphis, USA 10th March 1974.

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Than North American tour due to the year 1974, “Tales From Topographic Oceans”, the Memphis performances of March 10, complete recording over two hours and 20 minutes in a high-quality audience recording of the finest level. That which is very rare recording tape, we Chubby recorded “Spring” from synthesizer suite of Wendy Carlos, which was shed over before the concert started 20 minutes or more “Sonic Seasonings”. Cut tape is 3 minutes and 20 seconds, also has been recorded announcement of “Please not whether sitting” from the staff. From the vicinity of 14 min after Zoletile injection becoming larger tape sound, mystical mood will wrap the venue. Whether the light was dim at 17 min after Zoletile injection, it increases the cheers on whether members appeared. 21 minutes to wait, finally shed solemnly the “Firebird”, also vividly how the audience will greet it with a mood of enthusiasm You can listen in clear sound image.
Finally performance start! The good of the one sound sound of the Siberian Khatru, listeners will be surprised a lot. All of the musical sound has been recorded in the direct sense of full of freshness preeminent sound, it is there is a noteworthy thing especially clear of the sound of the drum. Of course, vocals, guitar, keyboard and all of the tone has been recorded in clear sound with tight, such as the guitar solo and harpsichord solo of the intermediate portion are recorded in ultra-high-quality sound of surprise, it will be ecstatic fans . There is also the part that feels subtly input too much, but because it is not cracked, is the first appearance of high-grade sound source to enjoy totally stress-free, and repeat. Is good of the extent the note of the base of one sound one sound is divided listen firm, also handed down to direct the entire sense of groove. Quick-play-play seems heyday which was effective drive of Howe to listen in each song is truly a masterpiece. Everyone will be to impress the And You And I can listen in the sound image of the great sound balance. A superb Standing sore of the base and the drum, you can enjoy an overall sharp a sound image. Indeed impressive John of performance to twist stunning control. Close To The Edge before starting to run a big noise for a moment from the PA, have John said something. Although the performance will start to excellent condition, 1:40 Blake part harmony of the Mellotron is not entered in the, (you have to recover at 3:06 of the part) will become only the John of the vocal. 3-minute stand Howe solo vigorously than usual, we are challenging the original improvisation in bold mode. Even since the beginning of the vocal, because the musical tone is turned on, you can enjoy the ensemble played with sound compelling. Because it does not put all at the keyboard is involved in guitar from 8:20, but synth system you see that are Tsu some trouble, the degree of completion of the entire playing very high, do not cut at all is a sense of tension to the end, you can enjoy the best performance of the golden age Jesus. (Will be analog noise is scattered due to the master in the 12-minute block of I Get Up .. part.) In addition wonderful in the disk 2 was recorded the second half of the concert, three songs with the exception of The Remembering from “ocean topography” is exactly in the best part, is that very thankful for this show to listen at this quality. Although John before the start will be a description of the suite, John “me put more the lights of the venue, no, it’s too much wear. I look everyone in the face.” (From the audience) “to turn off the lights I think that’ll Do ask, “” it will do someone. okay, because to play from now. I mere thing of light. to play the Revealing Science of God from now. everyone, good to us and enjoy Do not. … – here it’s a crazy place Nante. will it not to admit? Well, we are indifferently talking of something meaning unknown MC only is the “play the music, start the” ocean topography “from there to the dramatic . Thing of this quality great! ! Definitely is one of the top definitely in TFTO tour sound source, you can fan is intoxicated carefully to every single part of the dynamic sound in the clear. Synth Rick also seems to be recovering, synth, the part that wraps around the entire flood of sound of the Mellotron in spectacular, powerful Shinsesoro is listen Gotae perfect score. The Ancient is entanglement of speedy bass drum guitar intro has been recorded in a powerful sound. Is the best of the barrage of the first half of the percussive texture listen in clear sound so far. There is no so Ritual of up to 25 minutes to listen in listen in a stable superb level of audience record up here! ! The sound quality so and so before, you’ll be fan I would listened impressed to the best of playing content to listen with great sound balance. There is no even the sound of a problem. Even if at the end of the Roundabout sound quality is not steadfast. Between the traders there are versions that noise or sound interruption occurs frequently, however, the present board has recorded such best version there is no problem. Jesus title of top grade which appeared after a long time! ! Fan is one of the large recommendation must-listen definitely.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.117 (April 2010). In case you’re wondering.

Is the Jesus of the heyday March 10, 1974, 2-Disc was complete recording of the performances in Memphis, Tennessee. Uncommon in the boot of Jesus, of opening SE of the previous than the “Firebird”, is interesting has been recorded from the time of the so-called “customer put BGM”. The BGM is, what (is currently transsexual after Wendy Carlos) “Suwitchito On Bach,” Walter Carlos was Issei predominate in the synth songs, it has been flowed across endlessly for 20 minutes, from the front curtain like also to the audience that brings the magical atmosphere of “I’m a centralized white”. It has been known by this time of the tour to plump playing a set of two epic “Tales From Topographic Oceans”, that only seven songs that set list was also standing in total, is a classic of the concert also of shame VOLUME because, whether maintained how much tension even as those who listen is to the point. This work while monaural audience recording, coming imminent in the sound pressure than we could pick up a small microphone of telecommunications, the performance of incandescent can be fluent. Though it is characterized know to take the little one sound one sound hand emanating from the PA of reverberation as non-echo. Even in that ultra-classic “crisis”, if you and played by flowing lightly, as if it were hand break-in, also three songs from the mainstream “Tales From Topographic Oceans”, nothing but the reproduction of nearly “Street Records” only to be stunned. In addition, “ritual”, it comes with a lengthy intro no listened Toko until now for about 3 minutes, although the ad lib, and has a scene as a fan Never listen to miss. Also buibui beat-based Chris Squire, Alan White of the drum is also playing this as a few stage power-up, something fans must listen.


1974年「海洋地形学の物語」に伴う北米ツアーより、3月10日のメンフィス公演を、極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で2時間20分に渡って完全収録。非常に珍しい録音テープであることに、コンサート開始前に20分以上に渡って流されたウェンディ・カーロスのシンセサイザー組曲「Sonic Seasonings」から「Spring」を丸々収録しています。3分20秒でテープが切れ、スタッフからの「どうか座っていてください」とのアナウンスも収録されています。14分目付近からテープの音も大きくなってきて、神秘的なムードが会場を包みます。17分目でライトが暗転したか、メンバーが現れたかで歓声が高まります。待たされること21分、いよいよ「火の鳥」が厳かに流され、観客が熱狂のムードでそれを迎える様子を生々しくもクリアーな音像で聴けます。
いよいよ演奏スタート!Siberian Khatruの第一音の音の良さに、聴き手は大いに驚くことでしょう。全ての楽音がダイレクト感いっぱいの鮮度抜群のサウンドで収録されており、特にドラムの音のクリアさは特筆すべきものがあります。勿論、ボーカル、ギター、キーボードと全ての楽音がタイトでクリアーな音で収録されており、中間部のギターソロとハープシコードソロなどは驚きの超高音質で収録されており、ファンを狂喜させることでしょう。微妙に入力過多に感じる部分もありますが、割れてはいないので、全くストレス無く、そして繰り返して楽しめる初登場ハイグレード音源です。ベースの一音一音のノートがしっかり聴き分けられる程の良好さであり、全体のグルーブ感もダイレクトに伝わってきます。各曲で聴けるハウのドライブの効いた絶頂期らしい速弾きプレイはまさに圧巻。素晴らしいサウンドバランスの音像で聴けるAnd You And Iに誰もが感動することでしょう。ベースとドラムの立ちっぷりが見事で、全体的にメリハリある音像を楽しむことができます。見事なコントロールを効かせるジョンのパフォーマンスは実に感動的。Close To The Edge開始前にPAから一瞬大きなノイズが走り、ジョンが何か言ってます。演奏は快調にスタートしますが、1:40のブレイクの部分でハーモニーのメロトロンが入らず、ジョンのボーカルだけになってしまいます(3:06のパートで回復してきます)。3分台のハウのソロがいつも以上に激しく、果敢なモードでオリジナルなアドリブに挑戦しています。ボーカルに入ってからも、楽音がオンなので、アンサンブルプレイを迫力満点のサウンドで楽しめます。8:20からのギターにキーボードが絡むところで全く入れないので、シンセ系が一部トラブってるのが分かりますが、全体の演奏の完成度は非常に高く、最後まで緊張感が全く切れない、黄金期イエスの最良の演奏が楽しめます。(12分台のI Get Up..パートでマスターに起因するアナログノイズが散見されます。)更に素晴らしいのはコンサート後半を収録したディスク2で、「海洋地形学」からThe Rememberingを除く3曲はまさに圧巻で、この音質でこのショウが聴けるのは非常にありがたいことです。スタート前にジョンが組曲の説明をしますが、ジョンは「会場の明りをもっとつけてくれ、いや、それはつけすぎだ。皆の顔が見えるよ。」(客席から)「明りを消すように頼みなよ」「それは誰かがやってくれると思うよ。大丈夫、今から演奏するから。たかがライトのことだ。今からThe Revealing Science Of Godを演奏する。皆、楽しんでくれるといいな。・・・ここはなんてクレイジーな所なんだ。それは認めなきゃならないだろ?ま、僕らは音楽を演奏するだけさ」と何か意味不明のMCの淡々としゃべり、そこからドラマチックに「海洋地形学」をスタート。この音質の素晴らしいこと!!間違いなくTFTOツアー音源では間違いなく最上位のひとつであり、クリアーでダイナミックな音のパーツのひとつひとつにファンはじっくりと酔いしれることができます。リックのシンセも回復しているようで、シンセ、メロトロンの音の洪水が全体を包み込むパートは圧巻で、迫力あるシンセソロは聴きごたえ満点です。The Ancientはイントロのスピーディなベース・ドラム・ギターの絡みが迫力あるサウンドで収録されています。前半のパーカッシブなキメの連打をここまでクリアーな音で聴けるのは最高です。25分に及ぶ Ritualがここまで安定した極上レベルのオーディエンス録音で聴けるで聴けるのはそうありません!!音質云々以前に、素晴らしいサウンドバランスで聴ける極上の演奏内容にファンは感動して聴き入ってしまうことでしょう。音の問題も全くありません。最後のRoundaboutになっても音質は揺るぎません。トレーダー間にはノイズや音切れが多発するヴァージョンが存在しますが、本盤はそのような問題が全くない最良のヴァージョンを収録しています。久々に登場したトップグレードのイエス・タイトル!!ファンは間違いなく必聴の大推薦の一枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.117(2010年4月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1
1. Intro Tape(Wendy Carlos “Spring”) 2. Firebird Suite 3. Siberian Khatru
4. And You And I 5. Close To The Edge

Disc 2
1. The Revealing Science Of God 2. The Ancient 3. Ritual 4. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

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