Rainbow / The End / 4CD

Rainbow / The End /4CD /Darker Than Blue

Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th & 14th March 1984.

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Japan tour of RAINBOW is, a total of six times, starting in the first visit to Japan that is associated with the “RISING” of 1976 have been made. In his visit to Japan, live in Tokyo Nippon Budokan is there always a special position. Especially Budokan performances in took place in March 1984 “BENT OUT OF SHAPE” is, there is also the presence of the director and the official video by the orchestra participation, it has left a strong impression on the fans.
The 1984 Budokan performances, “final performance” of March 14, in addition to March 13 of the first day also, a number of audience recording far have been excavated. They are I have the presence of all for the fans is said to be important and only one. Among these titles mentioned here also in a variety of recording, is an item to relive live in particularly good sound.

This work “THE END” is intended to the 2Days of March 1984, which became the last Live title exactly RAINBOW in Tokyo Nippon Budokan, it was packaged into four press CD with excellent audience recording. The direct use of the original cassette master also was not known at all between the traders to it. A special live for the fans, you are allowed to relive a time in the great sound and vivid. This Budokan performances sometimes “final performance” is the official video of the fan you might you think that the “already understand the contents.” But the edited video work, comparing the play-by-play record of matches without false the live of full-length, scene, such as did not know until now comes out a number. Precisely because this Budokan 2Days is a special live, we like to know at the appearance of truth. This work will be and the best guidance.

In the disk 1 and 2, it recorded the stage of March 13, which was the first day Budokan. Here we are using a surprisingly excellent audience master, you will receive even impression of sound board sound source is a little listened felt. Among them, the finest of clearness and the guitar sound of Richie, housed in the direct sense of the wonderful word, from the “Spotlight Kid” of the opening, a veteran of mania also would not be prohibited from surprise.
“Spotlight Kid”, “Miss Mistreated” and “I Surrender,” “Can not Happen Here” and flowing live the first half of the configuration is the same as for 1982, but Joe Lynn Turner of the vocal Ya, which has made more growth David Rosenthal of the keyboard, such as the newly added Chuck Vaghi of drums, taste of playing is clearly higher than the previous year. Also Richie guitar to give the excellent members increased shine and let everywhere in the hear the great play.
because the next day there was a video shoot, the band seems to have been aware of the overall solid play, but this day there is a abandon of in a good way on the contrary, I will not listen to the unique performance. Especially Joe if think that the “Can not Happen Here” and “Fool For The Night” in or showed off the intro only by vocals, in the second half, “Catch The Rainbow” and shows off the impressive singing. The Ritchie also to hear the “Street Of Dreams” In guitar solo that was unusual, “Blues” in the second half I will showcase also exquisite negotiations and Rosenthal.
It includes the second half live “Woman From Tokyo”, “Stranded” (Richie from this area is really amazing!), It has not been played “Stone Cold”, and does not attach listening office the next day. “Since You Been Gone” from the “Smoke On The Water” is also impressive.
It can be found in the recording that said to perfection to “Over The Rainbow” is the last in this work. Are recorded in clear surprisingly until further announcement venue after the show, the fans last until the end, should become listened to the recording while crossing the thoughts of excitement and surprise.

a pattern of following the disk 3, 4 “final performance” and March 14 has become, here also has recorded with good audience recording. When compared too was great disk 1 and 2 and, there is the impression that cede one step in terms of sound quality, but (this is too wonderful the target of comparison), with more than enough of quality as audience recording of the time, here also press CD reduction will say that it is convinced of the sound.
Because as mentioned above this day video shooting has been performed, the band from the play felt abandon in a good sense of the day before, was a tight totally solid, it seems to try to play a cohesive. The goodness of unity is also a sense of stability of this recording engagement, we will entertain a pattern of live slowly and carefully.
This recording with such songs and between Angkor break that has been cut in the official video, not listen to the big feature to be exhaustive the whole picture of live. “Spotlight Kid” live the first half beginning with, “Street Of Dreams” and “Fool For The Night” and the like, but until the mid-live the new song is taken up is the day before the same set list, and the day before neat playing there was also wild side It will entertain the difference of.
Large listening stations of this live would be a still orchestra participated “Difficult To Cure”. The first half of the “ninth” fourth movement, boldly the orchestral parts to enter the “Ode to Joy”, and effectively featuring configuration does not have a wonderful and so say only. The Rosenthal of ability who arrange this it will be allowed to easy. Also thrilling itself deployment since the beginning of the drum. This is in the fusion of hard rock and classic, you will say that one of the ideal form-successful example.
“Stranded” in the second half live, although the day before the “Woman From Tokyo” has been inserted, this day has built-in “Hey Joe”. Its “Woman From Tokyo” becomes the pair as “All Night Long”, it is greatly boost the live highlights.
In was the last performance for the RAINBOW “Smoke On The Water”, Live will celebrate the excitement of the finale. “Over The Rainbow” in the last in the present recording also firmly be confirmed (for video and unreleased), also has the highest value as a document of the venue.

2 This work extends to four hours by adding the performance lets you relive the ideal form the live which RAINBOW is showed at the end. Realism and air feeling that did not taste in the video, Please enjoy in this work. And to taste the culmination of Joe Lynn Turner era by a single, it is unprecedented item!

In reunion before the Rainbow last Japan tour that took place in March 1984, it became the final performance. Press CD set was recorded stage in Tokyo 13 days and 14 days. First, Tokyo performances, the first day of the stage, especially in the guitar, has been recorded with good sound quality clear. Decorate the opening Richie from “Spotlight Kid” is the best glue, than the solo is playing tightly original, and such determine the arming in backing, are earnestly skip. The highlight of the day will from the “Stranded” in the second half. And Ritchie seems to core fans to play off slightly to take a trill and rhythm are not tears of gratitude definitely do not play the riff in the intro. And Richie is not played in Japan performances of the previous year (1982) from the “Blues”, it is expected was disappointed fans “Death Alley Driver”, is played in thrilling. Splendor of the guitar solo feel the formal beauty of Richie, not the use of representation. Encore, the audience chorus wrap the venue “Smoke On The Water” has graced the last.
stage of the Rainbow last stage and became Japan final performance 14th, compared with 13, some sound quality is falling, but still recorded in a good audience recording. On this day it must have been aware that it is the last stage of the Rainbow Ritchie, glue also seems to be more than the day before, but makes us hear the great play, the shooting of live video, which was released after the consciousness It was whether to, nor not feel the neat of play compared with the previous day’s rough is. Co-star of the previous day as well the deep since purple in the “Difficult To Cure” orchestra, compared to the days of Deep Purple, it can be confirmed that the fusion of rock and classic became more natural. Stage of the day, at that time, and since it was released on video tape and laser disc in the official, but can be seen in the video,, including the realism of the venue, and the listen to realistic, at that time, said to watch there will be something emotional is for the fans.

RAINBOWの来日公演は、1976年の「RISING」に伴う初来日に始まって計6回が行われました。その来日において、常に特別な位置づけにあるのが東京・日本武道館でのライヴ。とりわけ1984年3月に行われた「BENT OUT OF SHAPE」での武道館公演は、オーケストラ参加による演出や公式ビデオの存在もあって、ファンに強烈な印象を残しました。

本作「THE END」は、タイトルどおりRAINBOWのラスト・ライヴとなった1984年3月の東京・日本武道館における2Daysを、優れたオーディエンス録音で4枚のプレスCDへとパッケージしたもの。それまでトレーダー間でも一切知られていなかったオリジナル・カセット・マスターをダイレクト使用。ファンにとって特別なライヴを、素晴らしいサウンドと生々しさで一度に追体験させます。この武道館公演は”最終公演”が公式ビデオ化された事もあり、ファン皆さんは「すでに内容を理解している」とお考えかも知れません。しかし編集されたビデオ作品と、ライヴの全編を偽り無く収めた実況録音を比較すると、今まで知らなかったような場面が幾つも出てきます。この武道館2Daysは特別なライヴだからこそ、真実の姿で知って頂きたい。本作はその最高の手引きとなるでしょう。

ディスク1・2では、武道館初日となった3月13日のステージを収録。ここでは驚くほどに優れたオーディエンス・マスターを用いており、ちょっと聴いた感じではサウンドボード音源のような印象すら受けます。中でも最上級のクリアネスとダイレクト感で収められたリッチーのギター・サウンドは素晴らしいの一言、オープニングの「Spotlight Kid」から、ベテランのマニアも驚きを禁じえないでしょう。
「Spotlight Kid」・「Miss Mistreated」そして「I Surrender」・「Can’t Happen Here」と流れるライヴ前半の構成は’82年と同様ですが、より成長を遂げたジョー・リン・ターナーのヴォーカルやデイヴィッド・ローゼンタールのキーボード、新たに加わったチャック・バーギのドラムなど、演奏の旨みは明らかに前年を上回ります。優れたメンバーを得てリッチーのギターも輝きを増し、随所で素晴らしいプレイを聴かせます。
翌日はビデオ撮影があったため、バンドは全体的に堅実なプレイを意識していたようですが、この日は逆に良い意味での奔放さがあって、個性的なパフォーマンスを聴かせます。特にジョーは「Can’t Happen Here」や「Fool For The Night」ではヴォーカルのみによるイントロを披露したかと思えば、「Catch The Rainbow」後半では感動的な歌唱を披露しています。またリッチーも「Street Of Dreams」では一風変わったギターソロを聴かせ、「Blues」後半ではローゼンタールと絶妙な掛け合いも披露します。
ライヴ後半も「Woman From Tokyo」をインクルードした「Stranded」(この辺りからのリッチーは本当に凄い!)、翌日は演奏されなかった「Stone Cold」と、聴き所は尽きません。「Since You Been Gone」からの「Smoke On The Water」も感動的です。
本作では最後の「Over The Rainbow」まで完璧といえる録音で確認できます。さらに終演後の会場アナウンスまでが驚くほどクリアに収録されており、ファンは最後の最後まで、感動と驚きの思いを交錯させながら録音へ聴き入ってしまうはずです。

本録音では公式映像でカットされた曲間やアンコール・ブレイクなど、ライヴの全貌を余す所無く聴けるのが大きな特徴。「Spotlight Kid」から始まるライヴ前半、「Street Of Dreams」や「Fool For The Night」など新曲が取り上げられるライヴ中盤までは前日同様のセットリストですが、端正な演奏はワイルドな側面もあった前日との違いを楽しませます。
本ライヴの大きな聴き所は、やはりオーケストラが参加した「Difficult To Cure」でしょう。 ”第九”第四楽章の前半部、”歓喜の歌”に入るまでのオーケストラ・パートを大胆に、そして効果的にフィーチャーした構成は素晴らしいとしか言いようがありません。これをアレンジしたローゼンタールの手腕には感嘆させられます。ドラムが入ってからの展開もスリリングそのもの。これはハードロックとクラシックの融合において、ひとつの理想形・成功例と言えるでしょう。
ライヴ後半の「Stranded」は、前日は「Woman From Tokyo」がインサートされましたが、この日は「Hey Joe」が組み込まれています。その「Woman From Tokyo」は「All Night Long」とペアになり、ライヴのハイライトを大いに盛り上げています。
RAINBOWにとって最後の演奏となった「Smoke On The Water」で、ライヴは感動のフィナーレを迎えます。本録音ではラストの「Over The Rainbow」もしっかりと確認でき(ビデオには未収録)、会場のドキュメントとしても最上級の価値を持っています。


1984年3月に行われた再結成前のレインボー最後の日本公演にして、最終公演となった。13日と14日の東京でのステージを収録したプレスCDセット。まず、東京公演、初日のステージは、ギターを中心に、クリアで良好な音質で収録されている。オープニングを飾る「Spotlight Kid」からリッチーは最高のノリで、キッチリ弾いているソロは元より、バッキングでもアーミングをキメるなど、飛ばしまくっている。この日のハイライトは後半の「Stranded」からだろう。イントロでリフを弾かないでトリルやリズムを取るオフ気味のリッチーらしいプレイにコアなファンは感涙間違いない。そしてリッチーは「Blues」から前年(1982年)の日本公演ではプレイされず、ファンを落胆させた「Death Alley Driver」が期待通り、スリリングにプレイされる。リッチーの様式美を感じさせるギターソロの素晴らしさは、表現のしようもない。アンコールは、観客のコーラスが会場を包む「Smoke On The Water」がラストを飾っている。
レインボー最後のステージとなった日本最終公演14日のステージは、13日と比べると、若干音質は落ちるが、それでも良好なオーディエンス録音で収録。この日がレインボーの最後のステージであることを認識していたに違いないリッチーは、前日以上にノリも良いようで、素晴らしいプレイを聴かせてくれるが、後にリリースされたライヴ映像の撮影を意識したのか、前日のラフさと比較してプレイの端正さを感じなくもない。前日同様に「Difficult To Cure」でのディープ・パープル以来となるオーケストラとの共演は、ディープ・パープルの頃に比べ、ロックとクラシックとの融合がより自然なものとなったことが確認できる。この日のステージは、当時、オフィシャルでビデオ・テープとレーザー・ディスクでリリースされたので、映像で観ることが出来るが、会場の臨場感も含めて、リアルに聴けるのは、当時、観にいったファンにとっては感慨深いものあるだろう。

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th March 1984

Disc 1
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Miss Mistreated 5. I Surrender
6. Can’t Happen Here 7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Power 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Street Of Dreams

Disc 2
1. Fool For The Night 2. Difficult To Cure Intro. 3. Difficult To Cure (with Orchestra)
4. Guitar Solo 5. Drums Solo 6. Stranded incl. Woman From Tokyo 7. Blues 8. Death Alley Driver
9. Fire Dance 10. All Night Long 11. Maybe Next Time 12. Stone Cold 13. Since You Been Gone
14. Smoke On The Water 15. Over The Rainbow

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 14th March 1984

Disc 3
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Miss Mistreated 5. I Surrender
6. Can’t Happen Here 7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Power 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Street Of Dreams

Disc 4
1. Fool For The Night 2. Difficult To Cure Intro. 3. Difficult To Cure (with Orchestra)
4. Guitar Solo 5. Drums Solo 6. Blues 7. Stranded incl. Hey Joe 8. Death Alley Driver
9. Fire Dance 10. Maybe Next Time 11. All Night Long incl. Woman From Tokyo 12. Lazy
13. Since You Been Gone 14. Smoke On The Water 15. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Chuck Burgi – Drums

Darker Than Blue 082/083/084/085


Darker Than Blue 082/083/084/085

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