Nirvana / OK Hotel / 1CD

Nirvana /  OK Hotel / 1CD / Non Label

O.K. Hotel in Seattle, WA, USA. 14th April 1991. Sundial-001. On April 14th,1991 at the O.K. Hotel in Seattle,WA. Nirvana would change the course of music forever.A song was played that would throw the band into the mainstream rock scene almost instantly.That song was “Smells like teen spirit” and it’s debut was just one of the highlights of this show.There were several rarities played including “Verse chorus verse”,”D-7″ by the Wipers,and “Tunaround” by Devo.Both “Verse chorus verse” and “Turnaround” would never be played again live. I don’t think there will ever be a song that will capture a generation in the way that “Smells like teen spirit” did.The blistering simplicity of the music and the anti-social lyrics was what made it so powerful and so unique.Many of us could only wish to be there the day this song was unleashed on the world.None of us will ever forget the day we first heard it. Included are the lyrics used April 14,1991 at the O.K. Hotel,Seattle,WA.These lyrics are quite different from the ones featured on the Nirvana album “Nevermind”

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