Kansas / Something To Believe / 2CDR

Kansas / Something To Believe / 2CDR / Amity

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th January 1980.

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Than the first Japan tour that took place in the year 1980 “Monolith” release period, nearly complete recording of the last day of January 16, Tokyo Budokan performances over one hour 33 minutes with a high-quality audience recording. Fan must-have board using the original master cassette to direct not been around at all even between traders. There is a head out at the beginning Song For America, the sound in 1 min after Zoletile injection Atari will be clear. People Of The Southwind is muffled a little sound after 3 min after Zoletile injection Atari. Fine microphone noise in the 6 song The Wall before it goes for a moment, but after a more sound quality becomes clear, direct feeling will increase in the performance. Dust In The Wind has been recorded in tasteful wonderful sound quality. Child or the sound quality from Of Innocense will return to their original level, but there is no problem in appreciation. Also it makes a great sound in The Sparks Of The Tempest. Carry On My Wayward Son, drum solo and violin solo feature has been How My Soul Cries Out For You, superb sound each Magnum Opus is very clear that as it spans disk 2, also said the denouement of the concert, which was recorded the second half 30 minutes in has been recorded, dramatic live of the masterpiece has become a must listen part to enjoy the ideal sound, it’s worth to get this board just this ultra-high-quality sound part. In this way the first half, the second half but it is regrettable that would change the sound quality of the image, is generally sound image is stable, because it is securely recorded without buried in the musical tone also cheer, you can listen attentively without stress . One of the must-have was recorded first appearance sound unbearable to the collector.

★ The following is a review of at beatleg vol.111 (10 May 2009 issue).

From valuable first visit to Japan performances of Kansas, 2 Disc was recorded Budokan performances of January 16, 1980. In the late 1970s and a string of US blockbuster, it was the American progressive rock Japan Tour of the long-awaited from wearing more than enough style or as a pioneer of the industry lock Movement that takes place in the 1980s, because, of course Budokan, but it was a sellout crowd, certainly since the album “Monolith”, which was issued in the previous year was unpopular, also was a performance of whether are not good enough raised. Begins to “SONG FOR AMERICA” of the first song, “POINT OF KNOW RETURN” and “DUST IN THE WIND,” ​​the hit song, the venue is around “CARRY ON WAYWARD SON” is it can be seen that are raised together. But speaking to the contrary, whether it is in the performance of non-hit songs that you do also because the audience too much too quiet. I wanted to go to a concert from at Kikikon the Toka little more old album. The reason for Kansas and Styx is not fully climax not good enough is, probably because not heard only hits. Anyway Honsaku it can be said that it is the work with historical value that transcends the sound quality.

1980年「Monolith」リリース期に行われた初の日本ツアーより、最終日1月16日東京武道館公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で1時間33分に渡ってほぼ完全収録。トレーダー間でも一切出回っていないオリジナル・マスター・カセットをダイレクトに使用したファン必携盤。冒頭Song For Americaで頭切れがあり、1分目辺りで音がクリアーになります。People Of The Southwind は3分目辺り以降やや音が篭ります。6曲目The Wall手前で微細なマイクノイズが一瞬入りますが、以降はより音質がクリアーになり、演奏にダイレクト感が増します。Dust In The Wind は味わい深い素晴らしい音質で収録されています。Child Of Innocenseからまた音質が元のレベルに戻ってしまいますが、鑑賞には問題ありません。The Sparks Of The Tempestでまた素晴らしいサウンドになります。そのままディスク2にまたがり、後半30分を収録したコンサートの大団円とも言える Carry On My Wayward Son、ドラムソロとヴァイオリンソロがフィーチャーされたHow My Soul Cries Out For You、Magnum Opusはそれぞれが非常にクリアーで極上サウンドで収録されており、圧巻のドラマチックライブが理想的なサウンドで楽しめる必聴パートになっており、この超高音質パートだけでも本盤を入手する価値はあります。このように前半、後半で音質のイメージが変わってしまうのが残念ですが、総じて音像は安定しており、楽音も歓声に埋もれずにしっかりと録音されているので、ストレス無く聞き入ることができます。コレクターには堪らない初登場音源を収録した必携の一枚。

★下記はbeatleg vol.111(2009年10月号)でのレビューです。

カンサスの貴重な初来日公演から、1980年1月16日の武道館公演を収録した2枚組。70年代後半に全米大ヒットを連発して、アメリカン・プログレ、あるいは80年代に起こる産業ロック・ムーヴメントの先駆者として十二分な風格を身につけてから満を持しての来日公演だったので、当然武道館は満員御礼だったのだが、前年に出したアルバム『Monolith』が不評だったので、いまいち盛り上がっているのかどうかという公演であったことも確か。1曲目の「SONG FOR AMERICA」にはじまり、大ヒット曲の「POINT OF KNOW RETURN」や「DUST IN THE WIND」、「CARRY ON WAYWARD SON」あたりでは会場が一体となって盛り上がっているのがわかる。だが逆にいえば、ヒット曲以外の演奏ではあまりにも静かすぎる観客というのもどうしたことか。もう少し昔のアルバムとかを聞き込んでからコンサートに行って欲しかった。カンサスやスティクスがいまいち盛り上がりきれてない理由は、ヒット曲しか聞かれないからだろう。とにかく本作は音質を超越した歴史的価値のある作品だといえる。

Disc 1
1. Song For America 2. People Of The Southwind 3. Point Of Know Return 4. On The Other Side
5. Closet Chronicles 6. The Wall 7. Dust In The Wind 8. Child Of Innocense 9. Down The Road
10. Stay Out Of Trouble 11. Portrait (He Knew) 12. The Sparks Of The Tempest

Disc 2
1. Carry On My Wayward Son 2. How My Soul Cries Out For You incl. Violin & Drum Solo
3. Magnum Opus

Richard Williams – Guitars Robby Steinhardt – Violin & Lead Vocals
Steve Walsh – Keyboards & Lead Vocals Phil Ehart – Drums Dave Hope – Bass
Kerry Livgren – Guitars & Keyboards


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