Scorpions / Nagoya 1979 Mater / 2CDR

Scorpions / Nagoya 1979 Mater / 2CDR /Shades

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Live At Nagoya-Shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 3rd June 1979.

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In the departure of Woori John Roth, Michael Schenker’s return and re-withdrawal, SCORPIONS in 1979 was a rushing year that was rare in the band’s career. At the same time, on the “LOVEDRIVE” tour of the same year, she made a successful appearance in the UK ‘s “Reading Festival” and a full – fledged entry into the American market, building a foundation for later global success, a fruitful one It was also a year. Mattias · Japus who joined the band as successor guitarist of Uri and Michael greatly contributed to the leap of the band. It can be asserted that he was a very important tour in the history of SCORPIONS, which he was worried at the beginning, that he demonstrated its capabilities in ’79 Japan tour.
This work “NAGOYA 1979 MASTER” is able to enjoy the Nagoya City public hall performance of June 3 which is the first day of the ’79 Japan tour with the finest audience source.

This ’79 tour to Japan comes to Tokyo, the first day of Tokyo on June 5 · Nakano Sanguraza performances are overwhelmingly famous, in addition to “TOKYO 1979: Pre-FM Master” which recorded sound board sound sources of stakeholders , “Miracle Man” recorded super high sound quality audience recording “LIVEDRIVE” and two press CD titles exist.
However, this Nagoya performance is a wonderful recording that is superior to them but not inferior. A good lightness and direct feeling, a sense of stability through which a high level passed through the whole reproduces the performance of the band in a real way. Furthermore, while playing, the sound image which is not bothersome about disturbing audience / noise is excellent. You can assert that outstanding quality such as “I think the stakeholders recorded for recording” is definitely top class as the level at that time.

Members who appeared on the middle stage of the thunderous blooming opening S. E. started playing from “Pictured Life”. A fan who saw Matthias at the venue to play the representative songs of the Uri era splendidly recalls that “Anxiety blew away.” You can listen to a wonderful play that makes this recording realize even in this recording.
Not only Matthias, but also the combination of the whole band is wonderful. Each of the members of the frantically powerful Klaus Meine’s vocal, crispy ruffling Rudolph Schenker’s guitar, and rich Francis Buchholt and Herman La Level drums will also play a superb play. It is already a glimpse of the current SCORPIONS statue that five members play with a strong sense of unity, from the “bands led by guitar heroes” during the Uri period and Michael’s enrollment. Backstage Queen “led by MC who screams that Klaus” Hello Nagoya! Ogaki Destasca! “,” We’ll Burn The Sky “everyone wanted to listen to, and after the beginning of three famous songs of the Uri period “Loving You Sunday Morning” · “Lovedrive” and a new song. The new and incompatible set list will entertain the changing appearance of the band with wonderful listening comprehension.
The middle stage where “melody-like music” followed by “In Trance” · “There There Anybody There?” · “Always Somewhere” continues to be an indispensable part of SCORPIONS ‘s parting (Klaus introduces it as’ meditation reggae ‘and’ Is There Anybody There? ” S intro. “Life’s Like A River” exploding at the beginning of Disk 2 is sure that Herman’s drums will fascinate fans from a powerful intro. “Fly To The Rainbow” which flies according to the title from a melancholic musical director will dramatically produce the peak of the live!
You can experience the best excitement in the latter part of the live series, “He’s A Woman, She’s A Man”, “Another Piece Of Meat”, “Top Of The Bill”, “Robot Man” and hard rock numbers are taken up in a row. At the “Moon in the Wild Archeology” that became a standard for the first visit to Japan in ’78 known as ‘TOKYO TAPES’, the audience also responds to the band with a big choir. The last “Can not Get Enough” is impressive from Rudolph’s high-tension MC. From the break inserted in the middle part, arranging that Klaus will count as “one! Two! Three! For!” Will also be a listening place like this time.

The quality of this recording such as the sound that combines the ease of listening to the performance and the highest power, the documentality that makes the experience of the venue wrapped in excitement realistically, is indeed the same as “LIVEDRIVE”, it can be said to be just the press CD class Let’s see. This work is definitely a must for all SCORPIONS fans. For those who say that they are not heard yet, this is one of the best I want to have fun on this occasion!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.108 (July 2009 issue). For your information.

From the second Japanese performance in June 1979, the first day of the tour, the 3rd day – a CD-R that recorded the stage in Nagoya with an audience recording of excellent sound quality. This Japanese performance was advertised as Michael Schenker coming to Japan as a member, but because he left it just before, paper notifying Michael has not arrived at the entrance of the concert venue etc. is pasted Matthias · Japus, who had been forced to join in a form to be swayed by Michael instead, instead of Michael, returned to the stage. The band showing a momentous staging from the opening “Pictures Life” was a tour accompanying the promotion of the album “LOVEDRIVE”, so I played 5 songs including the title song from the album, appealing the newborn SCORPIONS. Of course, playing famous songs from the Uri period, coupled with the high degree of completeness of “LOVEDRIVE”, it is the best set list. Compared to Uri, more participation of Matthias that shows HEAVY METAL playing is more important than the unstable Michael for the band, it was proven by the world wide success of the early 1980’s that it was proven It will not be. The stage runs with performance that keeps overwhelming the audience from “He’s A Woman, She’s A Man” in the second half to Encore’s “Can not Get Enough”. It is wonderful that the audience also remembered at the “Moon in the Wild Archeom” that was played even in the first Japan tour, and it is also great to have chorus as Klaus urges. In the second visit to Japan, I showed a staging that the band has plenty of room for, and it is decorating the first day.

★ This is amazing. It is amazing super high sound quality recording.

その’79年ジャパンツアーの初日に当たる6月3日の名古屋市公会堂公演を、極上のオーディエンス・ソースで楽しめるのが本作「NAGOYA 1979 MASTER」です。

この’79年来日公演は、東京初日となった6月5日・中野サンプラザ公演が圧倒的に有名で、関係者流出のサウンドボード音源を収録した「TOKYO 1979: Pre-FM Master」に加え、Miracle Man録音の超高音質オーディエンス録音の「LIVEDRIVE」と、2つのプレスCDタイトルが存在しています。

雷鳴轟くオープニングS.E.の中ステージ上に姿を現したメンバーは、「Pictured Life」から演奏をスタート。ウリ時代の代表曲を見事に弾きこなすマティアスを会場で観たファンは「不安が吹き飛んだ」と回想しています。本録音でもそれを実感させる素晴らしいプレイを聴かせてくれます。
マティアス一人だけでなく、バンド全体ののコンビネーションもまた素晴らしい。瑞々しくパワフルなクラウス・マイネのヴォーカル、ザクザクとリズムを刻み込むルドルフ・シェンカーのギター、さらに重厚感に富んだフランシス・ブッホルツとハーマン・ラレベルのドラムと、メンバーのそれぞれが優れたプレイを繰り広げます。ウリ時代やマイケル在籍時の「ギター・ヒーローが主導するバンド」から、5人のメンバーが強固な一体感で演奏する、現在のSCORPIONS像がすでに垣間見える演奏です。 クラウスが”ハロー ナゴヤ! オゲンキデスカ!”と叫ぶMCで導かれる「Backstage Queen」、誰もが聴きたいと願った「We’ll Burn The Sky」と、ウリ時代の名曲が3連発された序盤の後は、「Loving You Sunday Morning」・「Lovedrive」と新曲を連発。新旧入り乱れたセットリストは、変化しつつあるバンドの姿を素晴らしい聴き応えで楽しませます。
「In Trance」・「Is There Anybody There?」・「Always Somewhere」とメロディアスな楽曲が続く中盤は、SCORPIONSの持ち味が滲む必聴のパート(クラウスが「瞑想のレゲエ」と邦題で紹介する「Is There Anybody There?」のイントロも聴き逃せません)。ディスク2の冒頭で炸裂する「Life’s Like A River」は、ハーマンのドラムが大迫力のイントロからファンを魅了する事間違いなし。メランコリックな曲想から、タイトルどおりに飛翔するような「Fly To The Rainbow」は、ライヴのピークをドラマティックに演出します!
「He’s A Woman, She’s A Man」・「Another Piece Of Meat」・「Top Of The Bill」・「Robot Man」と、ハードなロック・ナンバーが立て続けに取り上げられるライヴ後半は最高の盛り上がりを味わえます。「TOKYO TAPES」で知られる’78年の初来日で定番となった「荒城の月」では、観客も大合唱でバンドに応えています。ラストの「Can’t Get Enough」は、ルドルフのハイテンションなMCからして印象的。中間部でインサートされるブレイクから、クラウスが「ワン! ツー! スリー! フォー!」とカウントを入れて再スタートするアレンジも、この当時らしい聴き所でしょう。


★beatleg誌 vol.108(2009年7月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1979年6月に行なわれた2度目の日本公演から、ツアー初日となる、3日-名古屋でのステージを素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音で収録したCD-R。この日本公演はマイケル・シェンカーがメンバーとして来日すると宣伝されていたが、直前に脱退してしまった為、コンサート会場の入口等にマイケルが来日していないことを告知する紙が貼られており、代わりにマイケルに振り回されるような形で加入脱退を余儀なくされていたマティアス・ヤプスが復帰してステージに立った。オープニングの「Pictures Life」から勢いのあるステージングを見せるバンドは、アルバム『LOVEDRIVE』のプロモーションにともなうツアーだった為、アルバムからタイトル曲も含めて5曲をプレイし、新生SCORPIONSをアピール。勿論、ウリ時代の名曲もプレイし、『LOVEDRIVE』の完成度の高さも相まって、ベストなセット・リストとなっている。ウリと比べて、よりHEAVY METALなプレイを見せるマティアスの加入は不安定なマイケルよりも、バンドにとっては大きなプラスとなったのは、80年代初頭のワールドワイドな成功で実証されたと言っても過言ではないだろう。ステージは後半の「He’s A Woman, She’s A Man」から、アンコールの「Can’t Get Enough」まで観客を圧倒し続けるようなパフォーマンスで疾走する。初来日公演でもプレイした「荒城の月」では観客も覚えてきたのか、クラウスが促すと大合唱となっているのも素晴らしい。2度目の来日でバンドも余裕のあるステージングを見せて、初日を飾っている。


Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Pictured Life 3. Backstage Queen 4. We’ll Burn The Sky
5. Loving You Sunday Morning 6. Lovedrive 7. In Trance 8. Is There Anybody There?
9. Always Somewhere

Disc 2
1. Life’s Like A River 2. Fly To The Rainbow 3. He’s A Woman, She’s A Man 4. Another Piece Of Meat
5. Top Of The Bill 6. Drum Solo/Top Of The Bill(reprise) 7. Robot Man 8. Kojo No Tsuki
9. Steamrock Fever 10. Can’t Get Enough

Klaus Meine – Vocals Rudolf Schenker – Rhythm Guitars Matthias Jabs – Lead Guitars
Francis Buchholz – Bass Herman Rarebell – Drums

Shades 084



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