Rainbow / Same Old Dream / 2CD

Rainbow / Same Old Dream / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

Live At Budokan, tokyo, Japan 22nd October 1982.

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live the RAINBOW is due to the “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” release of the 1982 excavation of the sound source advances what the current, sound and video in the United States tour and European tour also came to be known more. But sometimes the official video is present, the type of live sources was limited until about 10 years ago. But with respect to Japan tour, some of the titles from the original CD of the analog era and Collector’s items have been known. Among them, Tokyo concert was held in two consecutive days, the central presence in both quality and quantity of the item up to the present. Speaking of sources that the 2Days can relive in an ideal form at the moment, and at a sound source to pick up here, it can be said that it is not a little think float to the other.

This work “SAME OLD DREAM” was a final day in the “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” Japan tour in 1982, the Tokyo Budokan performances of October 22, has not been known at all even among traders to it We have recorded from the audience master. Recording of this day exist many from earlier, “TOKYO 2 NIGHTS” and which is known from the analog era, and a masterpiece of Power Gate label “CATCH THE NIGHT” has entertained the fans.
But this work, we have realized good recording more than any of the existing departure. The sound is the same as that of the record that has been captured on the day before “RIPPED APART”, not inferior level in balance and stability of the sound. Whereas the day before they were good at feeling like the line source, this recording feel the excitement of playing the powerful and the audience more directly, Lively of realism and air feeling is attractive.
Although “Spotlight Kid” of excitement and enthusiasm is of course great, even there was even somewhat sober impression “Miss Mistreated”, in this recording is recorded in the dynamism that was missing one head, listen hand also shines “so live and was a song or “, you’ll learn a surprise. In addition, “I Surrender” the beginning of the keyboard intro and tight drum and excitement of the audience, as well, and its outstanding has been recorded in the force can not compare. If you think live in this sound to be either listen to the last, will pretend Beat involuntarily feeling it just!
“RIPPED APART” In It was a meeting to hear the great Richie of the guitar, this recording may be made in this have drums of Bobby Rondineri is lively (its outstanding panel was cymbal is felt loudly in the first three songs, in this edition includes Such a problem is not), you will not hear the momentum some play tight so that the entire band also fall for him. Not only the “I Surrender,” above “Can not Happen Here” Furthermore, “All Night Long” is also, I served in the musical tone, such as the eye-popping. “Tearin ‘Out My Heart” and the new song “Power” is also reproduced in more powerful and dynamism album, you waged energetic live seems RAINBOW.
Large listening stations of this recording in the middle and “Difficult To Cure”. Echoed elsewhere in Ritchie of guitar lush tone the audience of the hustle and bustle, listeners will have been fascinated by this only. Ad-lib solo in the song, also distinguish delicate and aggressive tone in addition to regulation, will entertain the exquisitely controlled guitar. Keyboard solo of David Rosenthal, which is sandwiched in the middle has also been reproduced in amazing realism.
It became the centerpiece of the day “Catch The Rainbow” and “MAN On The Silver Mountain” is also, both recorded in great sound. Romantic former in melodious, with the latter playing calm close to the album, I am allowed to enjoy the skillful vocal of Joe.
Live of the climax to “Smoke On The Water” of promise, featuring guitar crash “Kill The King”. Also jumped texture of “A Light In The Black” in the last, we will conclude the live out of enthusiasm and excitement!

“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES” This work to live and it became Budokan last day of Hakubi, was cut in the superb sound enough said to be no more in the tour, one that you would like you to listen to RAINBOW fans. In general it is ’82 years live it was said to be “somewhat tension is low,” but Budokan live to prove that it was so much amazing, is the document title of superb!

RAINBOWが1982年の「STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES」リリースに伴うライヴは現在でこそ音源の発掘が進み、アメリカツアーやヨーロッパツアーの音源・映像も複数知られるようになりました。しかし公式ビデオが存在している事もあり、10年ほど前まではライヴ・ソースの種類が限られていました。しかし来日公演に関しては、アナログ時代やコレクターズ・アイテムのCD化当初から幾つかのタイトルが知られてきました。中でも2日間連続で行われた東京公演は、現在に至るまでアイテムの質・量ともに中心的存在。現時点でその2Daysを理想的な形で追体験できるソースといえば、ここで取り上げる音源を措いて、他にちょっと思い浮かばないと言えます。

本作「SAME OLD DREAM」は、1982年の「STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES」ジャパンツアーで最終日となった、10月22日の東京・日本武道館公演を、それまでトレーダー間でも一切知られていなかったオーディエンス・マスターより収録しています。この日の録音は以前から多く存在し、アナログ時代から知られる「TOKYO 2 NIGHTS」や、Power Gateレーベルの傑作「CATCH THE NIGHT」などがファンを楽しませてきました。
しかし本作は、その既発のいずれも上回る優良な録音が実現しています。音がオンに捉えられている事では前日の録音「RIPPED APART」と同様で、音のバランスや安定感でも遜色ないレベル。前日がライン・ソースのような感触で楽しめたのに対し、本録音は演奏の迫力や観客の熱気をよりダイレクトに感じる、ライヴリーな臨場感と空気感が魅力です。
「Spotlight Kid」の興奮と熱狂はもちろん素晴らしいですが、やや地味な印象すらあった「Miss Mistreated」ですら、本録音では頭ひとつ抜けたダイナミズムで記録されており、聴き手も「こんなにライヴ映えする曲だったのか」と、驚きを覚えるでしょう。さらに「I Surrender」冒頭のキーボード・イントロやタイトなドラム、そして観客の盛り上がりも、既発とは比較にならない迫力で収録されています。この音でライヴを最後まで聴けるかと思うと、それだけで思わず気持ちが昂ぶってしまいます!
「RIPPED APART」ではリッチーのギターが素晴らしい聴き応えでしたが、本録音はボビー・ロンディネリのドラムが活き活きとしていて(既発盤では最初の3曲でシンバルがやかましく感じられましたが、本盤ではそのような問題はありません)、バンド全体も彼につられるようにタイトで勢いあるプレイを聴かせます。前述の「I Surrender」だけでなく「Can’t Happen Here」さらに「All Night Long」も、目の覚めるような楽音で楽しめます。新曲の「Tearin’ Out My Heart」や「Power」も、アルバム以上の迫力とダイナミズムで再現され、RAINBOWらしいエネルギッシュなライヴを繰り広げます。
本録音の大きな聴き所は中盤の「Difficult To Cure」。客席の喧騒をよそにリッチーのギターが瑞々しい音色で響き渡り、聴き手はこれだけで魅了されてしまうでしょう。曲中でのアドリブ・ソロは、緩急に加え繊細さやアグレッシヴなトーンも使い分け、絶妙にコントロールされたギターを楽しませます。中盤に挟み込まれるデイヴィッド・ローゼンタールのキーボードソロも素晴らしいリアルさで再現されています。
この日の目玉となった「Catch The Rainbow」や「MAN On The Silver Mountain」も、どちらも素晴らしいサウンドで収録。メロディアスでロマンティックな前者、アルバムに近い落ち着いた演奏の後者とも、ジョーの巧みなヴォーカルを堪能させます。
ライヴのクライマックスはお約束の「Smoke On The Water」に、ギタークラッシュをフィーチャーした「Kill The King」。ラストでは「A Light In The Black」のキメも飛び出し、ライヴを熱狂と大興奮のうちに締めくくります!

「STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES」ツアーでも白眉のライヴとなった武道館最終日を、これ以上ないと言えるほどの極上サウンドで切り取った本作は、RAINBOWファンの皆さんに聴いて頂きたい一本。一般に「ややテンションが低い」とも言われた’82年ライヴですが、武道館ライヴはこんなにも凄かった事を証明する、飛び切りのドキュメント・タイトルです!

Disc 1
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Miss Mistreated 5. I Surrender
6. Blues 7. Can’t Happen Here 8. Tearin’ Out My Heart 9. Lazy 10. All Night Long
11. Child In Time/Stone Cold

Disc 2
1. Guitar & Keyboard Intro. 2. Power 3. Difficult To Cure incl. Keyboard Solo 4. Guitar Solo
5. Drum Solo 6. Long Live Rock’n’Roll 7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Long Live Rock’n’Roll(reprise)
9. Man On The Silver Mountain 10. Maybe Next Time 11. Since You Been Gone
12. Smoke On The Water 13. Kill The King/Long Live Rock’n’Roll(reprise)

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums

Darker Than Blue 064/065

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