Deep Purple / Perfect Gunners / 6CDR

Deep Purple / Perfect Gunners / 6CDR /Shades

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th, 14th & 16th May 1985

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From the reorganization tour accompanying “Perfect Strangers” in 1985, the first day (5/13), the second day (May / 14) and the last day (May / 16) of Budokan 4 consecutive performances are all circulated among traders There is no first appearance The 6-disc set title that completely recorded 3 performances from the original master cassette appears. From the opening SE to Encore Smoke On The Water, except for the fine cut part of the tape reversal part, complete the respective shows. The sound quality is recorded with excellent high quality sound audience recording both in 3 performances, especially on the 2nd day May 14 was recorded with the highest sound quality exceeding the departure press CD “The Ricochet” (DTB). The natural spread of sound, tone color, clearness is excellent in this board, you can enjoy a wonderful live with surprising high sound quality outstanding stability. On the last day of May 16th, we recorded 8 minutes of accident in the already unexplored intro. You can enjoy richie’s last deep purple live in Japan with immersive sound. And what is the best listening place is the first day of live CD first appearance May 13th. What’s great that the live on this day was so far! I can enjoy plenty of the best wonderful performances that I listen to without thinking.

May 13 Take is the first day of purple Tokyo, the show started in a special mood filled with distinctive enthusiasm and excitement. At Highway Star, organ and guitar showcasing together a remarkably superb solo, while the first fast-paced part of the guitar, the real arrival of spectator excitement reaches the first peak. (Mike / noise enters around 2:50.) The voice of Guillain has also come out well, the second Nobody’s Home, followed by Strange Kind Of Woman can listen to a wonderful singing marginally, this time the good news I will. Strange Kind Of Woman’s 6-minute richie and guillant multiplication can also hear a long energetic performance. However, Technical problem seems to have occurred here, Guillain connects with a long MC, but say “Please wait two minutes”. (In the meantime, it is actually an interruption of nearly ten minutes.) Cutting enters the tape and restarting from Ritchie Blues. In the re-partitioning A Gypsy’s Kiss, we will show off a vocal that Gyuran will fall over, and we will create a wonderful peak in the third song “Geronimo!”. Richie also shows sharp solos in the second half and reassures listeners. I was impressed also by the vigor of Under the Gun’s extended Guillain. Lazy’s intro also got excited about the plot to Ritchie’s intense play. The crispy wild play since the drum entered is the best. There is noisy as if you hit the microphone with Child In Time 2: 55. Child In Time of Purple after reunion is incongruous with vocal, it is nowadays, but this day is very wonderful including vocals. I listened to the middle Richie’s solo as well as playing with aggressive riding around, I heard the transcendent long solo reminiscent of the 70’s, it is also the best listening place for this 6th CD. However, here is a major incident! Even then, the equipment (keyboard) will be troubled, and as a result you will be able to listen to the unusual take that the latter song will not be shown. (Since Richie’s solo has been playing for more than a minute longer than usual, it may be that members or staff gestured “to play long” against Ritchie during this time.) Knockin ‘At Your Back Door is also very good vocals. With Richie’s long solo from 5 minutes to 7 minutes, you can listen to outstanding play full of creativity full of vibrations using the Middle East code, becoming the best listening place for this day as well as Child In Time It is. Continuing, Difficult To Cure also shows a fancy play with control. The keyboard solo of this day is short, 2 minutes, because of trouble. But even more amazing is from here, in Space Truckin ‘, Richie’s guitar noise solo which raises the intense groaning like a giant’s peak at the height of the peak, the second half of an organ solo, the beast’s roar, the best among them You can listen to the performance. What is it that the performance of the first day of the Budokan was so far! It is! Will listen to the sharp singing of Guillain at Woman From Tokyo, Smoke On The Water. Black Night, the excitement inside the place at Smoke On The Water is also moving. It is a really wonderful live take.

On the second day there is also good sound quality, you can enjoy live filled with creative creativity that the band feels good. As mentioned above, the sound is close, the sound image is clear, the sense of separation is good, there are also advantages such as Child In Time which had been cut by the previous departure is recorded with non-cut as well. Richie’s flowing solo play listened to by each song is exquisite and you can enjoy the stage of this day with a wonderful sound with a high degree of completeness, highly evaluated with the best during the Japan tour. In Strange Kind Of Woman, Richie of Norinori inserts Bach in a bargaining match. Following the Blues I think the splendid nature of the spontaneous introduction department is impressive, a really wonderful A Gypsy’s Kiss can also enjoy an exquisite performance. Gilan’s abundant vocals at Perfect Strangers are also brilliant, and on this day strings and synths are outputting larger. German military-style title call of familiar Under The Gun every time is not laughing on this day without trashing oneself, but the stable vocal performance in the song is brilliant. Richey to listen to the solo of Norinori in the second half, the ending was disappointing because of the number of times conflicts, after the show, Ritchie turned his face to Pace and touched his finger as much as to say ” You can listen to the episode’s play that pace got angry and threw a stick. Following the action in the familiar intro in Lazy of redevelopment, we showed an intense grooving performance where the bands were all together. And after all the great thing is Child In Time Ritchie ‘s amazing long solo is truly amazing power. On this day the keyboard is doing well and we will show off 7 minutes of solo including a piano solo that was not the previous day. Space Truckin ” s most impressive performance is particularly wonderful, so you can listen to the best on vocals, guitar, keyboards and their respective scenes. Originally the sound quality is good, but the sound improves further in the latter half of the show, and the last three songs can enjoy the best performance of Japan tour with amazingly superior sound quality. The piano of Woman From Tokyo is very clear, and it fades to the Black Night of a clear musical sound that does not lose at all in hand clapping (although Ritchie misses at 1:29). The singing of Guillain at 2:55 is also the best. You can enjoy exquisite performance at Smoke On The Water, which was recorded with an excellent sound image like a sound board.

At the beginning of the last day, a little trouble will occur. Although the familiar Bach SE flows throughout the venue, some accident, I can not start right away, silence. Again (even a little stupid) replay the same Bach intro. And again silence. While the venue was making noise, another Baroque style classic was applied, and again silence. And for the first time for the first time, I’ve recorded for the first time for 8 minutes, without Bach, suddenly sinking down the SE before the Highway Star and starting the concert. Although it is a sound image that makes air feeling and the presence feeling in the place much more compare than the first day and the second day, it is recorded with high sound quality that is comparable to the already released “Final Crash” (DTB). Sound with natural texture is great anyhow, vocals are a little smaller, but the musical sound itself is picked up clearly, the depth of the sound is also sufficient, there is not enough taste. There is a tape change cut at 7:31 of Child in Time. Knockin ‘At Your Back Door After a splendid slide solo in the second half, after Guillan finished the song, we unexpectedly shout “On The Guitar Ritchie Blackmore!” Ritchie’s unusual single piece of Blues and Difficult To Cure of this day is one of the listening places. Space Truckin ‘In the second half, Ritchie’s guitar crash only on this day will explode. Black Night and Smoke On The Water, which are the last performances of Richie and Guillain in Japan for 24 years ago, are deeply emotional. (It is said that all the crews appeared on the stage at the last Smoke On The Water and became a festive mood.)

★ Decision board of 85 years Japan tour released in 2009 only 50 sets limited and all sold out reservation. All 6 high-quality sound recordings using the same original recording master’s master cassette are re-released for the first time in 8 years. While listening to this, let ‘s immerse themselves in the frenzy of May 32 years ago! It is!

1985年「Perfect Strangers」に伴う再結成ツアーより、武道館4連続公演の初日(5/13)、2日目(5/14)、そして最終日(5/16)を、トレーダー間でも一切出回っていない初登場オリジナル・マスター・カセットより3公演とも完全収録した6枚組タイトルが登場です。オープニングSEからアンコールSmoke On The Waterまで、テープ反転箇所の微細なカット部を除けば、それぞれのショウを完全収録。音質は3公演とも大変優秀な高音質オーディエンス録音で収録されており、特に2日目の5月14日は既発プレスCD「The Ricochet」(DTB)を上回る極上音質で収録。音の自然な広がりや音色、クリアーさは本盤のほうが優秀で、安定感抜群の驚きの高音質で素晴らしいライブを楽しむことができます。最終日5月16日は、既発未収のイントロでのアクシデントの様子を8分も収録。日本でのリッチー最後のディープ・パープルのライブを臨場感溢れるサウンドで堪能できます。そして何と言っても最高の聴き所は、ライブCD初登場となる初日5月13日です。この日のライブがここまで素晴らしかったとは!と思わず聴き入ってしまう最高の素晴らしい演奏をたっぷりと堪能できます。

5月13日テイクはパープル東京初日ということで、独特の熱気と興奮溢れるスペシャルなムードの中、ショウはスタート。Highway Starではオルガン、ギターともどもカッチリしていながらも完成度の高い見事なソロを披露、ギターの最初の速弾きパートでは観客の興奮がファーストピークに達する様子がリアルに伝わってきます。(2:50付近でマイク・ノイズが入ります。)ギランの声も良く出ており、2曲目のNobody’s Home、続くStrange Kind Of Woman でも余裕綽々の素晴らしい歌唱が聴け、この日の好調ぶりが伺えます。Strange Kind Of Womanの6分台のリッチーとギランの掛け合いでも長めのエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスを聞くことができます。しかしながら、ここでテクニカルな問題が起きたらしく、ギランが長めのMCで繋ぎますが、「2分待ってくれ」と言います。(この間、実際は10分近い中断です。)テープはここでカットが入り、リッチーのBluesから再スタートします。仕切りなおしのA Gypsy’s Kiss ではギランがほれぼれするようなボーカルを披露し、歌の3番の「Geronimo!」では素晴らしいピークを創りあげます。リッチーも後半で鋭いソロを披露しており聴き手を安心させます。Under The Gun の伸びやかなギランのボーカルにも感動。Lazy のイントロもリッチーの激しいプレイに場内大興奮。ドラムが入ってからの歯切れの良いワイルドなプレイは最高です。 Child In Time2:55でマイクを叩いてしまったようなノイズあります。再結成後のパープルのChild In Timeはボーカルに違和感あり、いまひとつなのですが、この日はボーカルも含め非常に素晴らしいです。中間のリッチーのソロも聴いたこと無いくらいにアグレッシヴで乗りまくって弾いており、70年代を彷彿とさせる超絶ロングソロが聴け、今回の6枚組でも最高の必聴箇所になっています。しかし、ここで大事件!またしても機材(キーボード)がトラブり、結果、後半の歌が披露されないという珍しいテイクを聴くことができます。(リッチーのソロが通常より一分以上長く演奏しているので、この間、リッチーに対し、メンバーかスタッフが「長く演奏してくれ」とジェスチャーしていたのかもしれません。)Knockin’ At Your Back Door もボーカルが非常に良いです。5分台から7分台のリッチーのロングソロでは中近東コードを使用し、ヴァイブレーション溢れる創造性に満ちた抜群のプレイを聴くことができ、Child In Time同様に、この日の最高の聴き所になっています。続く、Difficult To Cure もコントロールの効いた洒落たプレイを披露ています。この日のキーボードソロはトラブルのせいか2分と短め。しかし、更に凄いのはここからで、Space Truckin’ では、ギランの絶頂期並みのボーカル、後半のオルガンソロ、野獣の咆哮のような強烈な唸りを上げるリッチーのギターノイズソロ、それら全てで最高のパフォーマンスを聴くことができます。武道館初日の演奏がここまで良かったとは!!Woman From Tokyo、Smoke On The Waterでのギランのシャープな歌いっぷりも必聴です。Black Night、Smoke On The Waterでの場内の盛り上がりも感動的。本当に素晴らしいライブテイクです。

2日目は音質の良さもあり、気持ちよくバンドの放つ創造性に満ちたライブを楽しむことができます。前述のとおり、音が近く音像はクリアーで分離感も良好、既発でカットのあったChild In Timeもノンカットで収録されているなどのアドバンテージもあります。各曲で聴かれるリッチーの流れるようなソロプレイは絶品で、日本ツアー中ベストとの評価の高い、完成度の高い、この日のステージを素晴らしいサウンドで堪能することができます。Strange Kind Of Womanではノリノリのリッチーが掛け合いでバッハを挿入します。スポンテニアスな導入部の素晴らしさがハッと思うBluesに続く、実に素晴らしいA Gypsy’s Kissも絶品の演奏が楽しめます。Perfect Strangersでのギランの存在豊かなボーカルも見事、この日はストリングス・シンセが大きめに出力されています。毎度お馴染みのUnder The Gunのドイツ軍人風のタイトルコールは、この日はしまらず自分で笑ってしまっていますが、曲中の安定したボーカルパフォーマンスは見事。後半でノリノリのソロを聴かせるリッチーですが、回数を混乱したのか、エンディングがあやふやになっていまい、終演後、リッチーがペイスに向かって「お前のせいだ」と言わんばかりに指を差し、ペイスが怒ってスティックを投げ付けたというエピソードどおりのプレイを聞けます。仕切りなおしのLazyではお馴染みのイントロでのアクションに続いて、バンドが一丸となった強烈なグルーブ演奏を披露。でやっぱり凄いのがChild In Timeでリッチーの凄まじいロングソロは本当に凄い迫力です。この日はキーボードの調子も好調で、前日はなかったピアノソロ込みの7分間のソロが披露されます。Space Truckin’ での迫力満点の演奏は特に素晴らしく、ボーカル・ギター・キーボードとそれぞれの見せ場で最高のものを聴く事ができます。元々音質は良好なのですが、ショウ後半ではサウンドが更に向上し、ラスト3曲も驚くほど優れた音質で日本ツアー最高のパフォーマンスを堪能できます。Woman From Tokyoのピアノは非常にクリアーですし、手拍子に全く負けないクリアーな楽音のBlack Nightにはほれぼれします(1:29でリッチーがミスりますが)。2:55でのギランの歌いっぷりも最高です。サウンドボードのような優れた音像で録音されたSmoke On The Waterでも絶品の演奏が楽しめます。

最終日は冒頭、ちょっとしたトラブルが発生します。おなじみのバッハSEが会場いっぱいに流れるものの、なんらかのアクシデントで、直ぐにスタートできず、沈黙。再び(ちょっと間抜けにも)同じバッハ・イントロをリプレイ。そしてまたも沈黙。会場が騒然とする中、別のバロック風クラッシックがかかり、またも沈黙。そしてバッハなしにいきなりHighway Star手前のSEをぶつ切りで流し、コンサートをスタートするという8分間を初めて完全に収録しています。初日・2日目に比べ、場内の空気感や臨場感を多分に感じさせる音像ですが、既発「Final Crash」(DTB)に比べても遜色ない高音質で収録されています。自然な質感をもったサウンドがとにかく素晴らしく、ボーカルがやや小さめですが楽音そのものはクリアーに拾っており、音の奥行きも十分にあり、食い足りなさはありません。Child in Timeの7:31でテープチェンジカットがあります。Knockin’ At Your Back Door後半の見事なスライドソロの後、ギランが曲終演後、珍しく「On The Guitar Ritchie Blackmore!」とシャウトします。この日のBluesやDifficult To Cure のリッチーの一風変わった独演は聴き所のひとつです。Space Truckin’ 後半ではこの日のみのリッチーのギタークラッシュが炸裂します。もう24年も前の、日本でのリッチーとギランの最後の演奏となるBlack NightとSmoke On The Waterは感慨深いものがあります。(ラストのSmoke On The Waterではクルーが全員ステージに登場してお祭りムードになったとのことです。)


Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th May 1985

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Nobody’s Home 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Blues/A Gypsy’s Kiss
6. Perfect Strangers 7. Under The Gun 8. Lazy 9. Drums Solo 10. Child In Time

Disc 2
1. Knockin’ At Your Back Door 2. Difficult To Cure 3. Keyboard Solo 4. Space Truckin’
5. Woman From Tokyo 6. Black Night 7. Smoke On The Water

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 14th May 1985

Disc 3
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Nobody’s Home 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Blues/A Gypsy’s Kiss
6. Perfect Strangers 7. Under The Gun 8. Lazy 9. Drums Solo 10. Child In Time

Disc 4
1. Knockin’ At Your Back Door 2. Difficult To Cure 3. Keyboard Solo 4. Space Truckin’
5. Woman From Tokyo 6. Black Night 7. Smoke On The Water

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th May 1985

Disc 5
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Nobody’s Home 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Blues/A Gypsy’s Kiss
6. Perfect Strangers 7. Under The Gun 8. Lazy 9. Drums Solo 10. Child In Time

Disc 6
1. Knockin’ At Your Back Door 2. Difficult To Cure 3. Keyboard Solo 4. Space Truckin’
5. Woman From Tokyo 6. Black Night 7. Smoke On The Water

Ian Gillan – Vocal Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Roger Glover – Bass Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums

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