David Gilmour / Firenze 2006 / 1DVDR

David Gilmour / Firenze 2006 / 1 DVDR / Non Label

Live At Plazza Santa Croce, Firenze, Italy 2nd August 2006. NTSC

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From the European tour in summer 2006 accompanied by “On An Island”, the video title that fully recorded the performance of Florence on August 2 in the highest level audience video over 2 hours and 42 minutes has appeared. Although it is a handy camera image, it is recorded with surprisingly clear image quality and sound, making it one of the best quality tour tours in 2006. Gilmore’s tasteful guitar vocals as well as the performance of the back team including Rick Wright are clearly recorded, so fans can enjoy the blissful time. The long guitar solo released by Gilmore lit by white light is truly exquisite. Of course, the “On An Island” suite is perfect for listening, but the dynamic performances of the Floyd classic Astronomy Domine and Fat Old Sun, as well as the Coming Back To Life, “High Hopes” from “Division Bell” are played in a mood. Dramatically excite the latter half of the part. The 20-minute Echoes that conclude the show’s main set are also recorded in great quality. At Comfortably Numb, sung in twin vocals with Rick, Gilmore’s solo illuminated by green and blue lights is incredible! The fresh mood that matches the tune and feels the openness of the outdoor stage is also wonderful, guaranteeing outstanding quality that you can see without being a fan. A super high quality piece that is essential for all Gilmore & Light fans.

「On An Island」に伴う2006年夏のヨーロッパ・ツアーより、8月2日のフィレンツェ公演を極上レベルのオーディエンス映像で2時間42分に渡って完全収録した映像タイトルが登場です。ハンディのカメラ映像ですが、驚くほどクリアーな画質と音声で収録されており、2006年ツアー屈指の超高品質な内容になっています。ギルモアの味わい深い、ギター・ボーカルは勿論、リック・ライトを始めとするバック陣の演奏もクリアーに収録されており、ファンは至福の時を堪能することができます。白を主体としたライトに照らされたギルモアが放つロング・ギターソロはまさに絶品。聴き応え満点の「On An Island」組曲も勿論ですが、フロイドクラシックAstronomy DomineとFat Old Sunのダイナミックな演奏は勿論、ムードいっぱいに演奏される「Division Bell」からの Coming Back To Life、High Hopes も後半のパートをドラマチックに盛り上げます。ショウのメインセットを締める20分に及ぶEchoesも素晴らしいクオリティで収録されています。リックとのツインボーカルで歌われるComfortably Numbではグリーンとブルーのライトに照らされたギルモアのソロは壮絶!曲調に合った、野外ステージならではの開放感を感じさせる生々しいムードも素晴らしく、ファンならずとも見入ってしまう抜群のクオリティを保証します。全てのギルモア&ライト・ファン必携の超高品質な一枚が登場です。

1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. Time/Breathe (Reprise) 4. Castellorizon 5. On An Island 6. The Blue
7. Red Sky At Night 8. This Heaven 9. Then I Close My Eyes 10. Band Introduction
11. Smile 12. Take A Breath 13. A Pocketful Of Stones 14. Where We Start
15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 16. Wearing The Inside Out 17. Astronomy Domine 18. Fat Old Sun
19. Coming Back To Life 20. High Hopes 21. Echoes 22. Wish You Were Here 23. Comfortably Numb

David Gilmour – Guitar & Vocal Richard Wright – Keyboards Guy Pratt – Bass & Guitar
Phil Manzanera – Guitar Jon Carin – Keyboards Dick Parry – Saxophone
Steve DiStanislao – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 162min.

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