Deep Purple / London 1974 / 1DVDR

Deep Purple / London 1974 / 1DVDR /Non Label

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Filmed At Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 9th May 1974.

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DEEP PUEPLE is (whether official or Collector’s item) from the ’70s are a lot of pro-shot video is left, how the live and the stage is known in detail. Speaking of things that impressive particularly unique among the various left the video, it would be the video material called “Leeds Polytechnic Project” between overseas mania.
In this work, “LONDON 1974”, that the “Leeds Polytechnic Project”, the already issued that turned into press DVD in high image quality does not compare. The realistic appearance of the third period PURPLE, live and back stage, and was housed in an interview (with insert was printed out the full text), all of PURPLE fan must-see precious video!

This video is a student of the UK University of Leeds in 1974, was produced as part of the “College project”, the video work that the DEEP PURPLE on the theme. And live performances, mainly in London “Hammersmith Odeon” performances of May 9, 1974, interview in London “Ruwishamu Odeon” performances back stage of the May 12, made up from a total of 40 minutes.
Content begins to live performance of “Burn”, interviews with four members of the (interview only in a separate room Richie), organ solo of Jon Lord (including “2001 Theme”), and “Space Truckin ‘” the configuration of the intro part, John of the interview, Richie guitar solo part of the last in the second half of “Space Truckin ‘”, called. This video to enjoy the London show of 1974 (as at the time) with a high quality of professional shots, in a very famous video material is between from previous mania, it has appeared in a wide variety of forms from the VTR era.
Press DVD of Quality in recent years appeared in Yu matic master in this work to direct use, you can assert that past superlative definitely. Although a little reddish film seems screen will feel the era, vivid image quality with the firm sound quality that surpasses all the existing airport (production does not think the student) professional-grade impressive. Performance is, of course interview also very valuable, is the level that seems possible even recording of TV broadcasts and official board. If the fans are interested in PURPLE, asserts that one of the must-see, must-have!

Was captured by the Fururensu from intro “Burn” has been taken to leverage a variety of camera angles, you can enjoy the official to just like. Richie in the California Jam Rear View was the center also, shot from the portion of the texture is firmly front.
Action many, stage effects, such as lighting and smoke also, to produce the highest seems to live stage atmosphere. Of course not only Richie, also will be pat watch Glen to move vertically and horizontally Kavaderu and stage to sing. Not to say presence of John and Paice. In the big point that has been state also vividly shooting of audience, the audience enters to play like a trance, you can also check the fan to be taken away to security too glue. At the same time and is excellent as a live video, from the video that were cut live seems hot air of such ’70s the first half of the stunning, tried to outgoing capture the lock as a “new culture” and “reflection of the times”, students I feel the hot enthusiasm of.

Four interviews and backstage of one scene followed by other than Ritchie on “Burn”. This back in the stage scene, after the band join recently of Kavaderu (yet innocent!) Expression and, John to lead the members in Rashiku elders speak, you will see the figure of Glen that have already been imposing. Here, according to the remarks of the members, it is also noted that the pattern of Richie of guitar solo and guitar crash have been used (of course in the pro shot).
And move on to the individual interviews with Ritchie. For the interviewer questions, talkative as much surprising, smiling speak Richie would be very unusual. From the contents of the conversation, not Nigase Zurarito also seen gold disc comes out is the office landscape of decorated with “Purple Record” scene.

After four interviews are finished, “Space Truckin ‘” will begin. “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (Tzara-to-Studios La spoke Ki nuclear) from John of the keyboard solo featuring, scene of dramatic intro is derived is, you can enjoy the spectacular full entanglement of John and Glen. Finally song story contains guitar, and is regrettable would return to the interview in a place to say! The second half, “Space Truckin ‘” of across the interview with John and John is captured in the main, you can see the last climax scene. The last is insert interviews voice the situation to the back of the crowd to frenzy in the climax of the live, 40-minute video will be concluded.

It does not have to say is valuable of the performance scene and interviews, unique this video as described above, is that it deals with the audience to enjoy it and live in the DEEP PURPLE as a “new culture” and “reflection of the times.” But will become only if enough at the official image that contains the “California Jam” this time of the live, by entering the personality of its own point of view to these, this video is to have a still higher value now (it should be noted that, since I am firmly confirm the characteristics of the video content of these in the present work, insert printed the full text of the interview to the luxury paper comes with specially).
Must-see must-have a third phase PURPLE from live and backstage, for all of PURPLE fan this work that reflects realistic. If the person who you do not yet have this work, I think I would like you to come get this opportunity!

DEEP PUEPLEは’70年代から(公式やコレクターズ・アイテム問わず)多くのプロショット映像が残されており、ライヴやステージの様子は詳しく知られています。その各種残された映像の中でも特に個性的で印象深いものといえば、海外マニアの間で”Leeds Polytechnic Project”と呼ばれる映像素材でしょう。
本作「LONDON 1974」では、その”Leeds Polytechnic Project”を、既発とは比較にならない高画質でプレスDVD化したもの。第三期PURPLEのリアルな姿を、ライヴとバックステージ、そしてインタビュー(全文をプリントアウトしたインサート付き)で収めた、全てのPURPLEファン必見の貴重映像です!

この映像は1974年に英国リーズ大学の学生が”カレッジ・プロジェクト”の一環として製作した、DEEP PURPLEをテーマにした映像作品。主に’74年5月9日のロンドン”ハマースミス・オデオン”公演におけるライヴ演奏と、5月12日のロンドン”ルウィシャム・オデオン”公演のバックステージにおける取材の、合計40分間から成り立っています。
内容は「Burn」のライヴ演奏に始まり、4人のメンバーに対するインタビュー(リッチーのみ個別の部屋でのインタビュー)、ジョン・ロードのオルガンソロ(”2001年のテーマ”含む)、そして「Space Truckin’」のイントロ部分、ジョンのインタビュー、最後に「Space Truckin’」後半におけるリッチーのギターソロ・パート、という構成。’74年のロンドン公演を(当時としては)高いクオリティのプロショットで楽しめる本映像は、以前からマニアの間では非常に有名な映像素材で、VTR時代から多種多様な形で登場してきました。


そしてリッチーへの個別インタビューへと移ります。インタビュアーの質問に対し、意外なくらい饒舌に、にこやかに話すリッチーは非常に珍しいでしょう。会話の内容から、ずらりとゴールド・ディスクが飾られた”Purple Record”のオフィス風景が出てくる場面も見逃がせません。

4人のインタビューが終わった後、「Space Truckin’」が始まります。「Also Sprach Zarathustra」(ツァラトゥストゥラはかく語りき)をフィーチャーしたジョンのキーボードソロから、ドラマティックなイントロが導かれる場面は、ジョンとグレンの絡みも見応えたっぷりに楽しめます。ギターが入っていよいよ曲本編、と言う所でインタビューに戻ってしまうのが惜しい! ジョンへのインタビューを挟んでの「Space Truckin’」後半もジョンがメインに捉えられており、ラストのクライマックス・シーンを見る事が出来ます。最後はライヴの盛り上がりに狂乱する観客の様子をバックにインタビュー音声がインサートされ、40分の映像は締めくくられます。

演奏シーンとインタビューの貴重さは言うまでもありませんが、前述したように本映像は、DEEP PURPLEのライヴとそれを楽しむ観客を「新しい文化」そして「時代の反映」として扱っている点がユニーク。この時期のライヴだけなら”カリフォルニア・ジャム”を収めた公式映像で足りてしまうでしょうが、こういった独自の視点という個性が入る事で、本映像は今もなお高い価値を持っているのです(なお、本作ではこういった映像内容の特性をしっかり確認して頂くため、インタビューの全文を高級紙に印刷したインサートが特別に付属しています)。

1. Introduction 2. Burn 3. Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale Interview Pt 1
4. Dressing Room After The Show 5. Ritchie Blackmore Interview Pt 1
6. Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale Interview Pt 2
7. Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale Interview Pt 3
8. Ritchie Blackmore Interview Pt 2
9. Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale Interview Pt 4
10. Jon Lord Solo incl. Also Sprach Zarathustra 11. Space Truckin’
12. Jon Lord Interviews 13. Ritchie Blackmore Solo 14. Outroduction

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar David Coverdale – Vocal Glenn Hughes – Bass & Vocal
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

Taken from first generation copy of the original U-Matic Master. 40 minutes from the Hammersmith Odeon in 1974 which has live footage & backstage interviews, done as a media project by students at Leeds University(“Leeds Polytechnic Project”). Some of the interviews were taken from the backstage of Lewisham Odeon, London on 12th May 1974.



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