Rory Gallagher / Bottom Finish /2CDR

Rory Gallagher / Bottom Finish /2CDR /Trial

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Live At Bottom Line, New York, NY, USA 12th November 1978 Late Show. STereo. SBD

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From 1978 US tour, New York, which was held for 2 consecutive days, completely recorded late show on November 12 of the 2nd day from the bottom line performance with the best stereo sound board recording. Ultra high-quality take taking on the first day of the 78-year bottom line which surpassed the fans of fans all over the world, completely appreciating the fan absolutely first time! The set is also attractive and 17 songs are also shown for 2 hours and 7 minutes while being the second show this day. I Wonder Who and Just A Little Bit familiar with “Irish Tour ’74” which was not played on the first day, Cloak & Dagger from the new work “PHOTO FINISH” and The Last Of The Independents, as well as Laundromat et al. Recorded. Popular songs such as Tattoo’d Lady and A Million Miles Away are also well covered and can be said to be “Live In Europe” “Irish Tour ’74” + “CALLING CARD” “PHOTO FINISH”, exactly the best set this time You can enjoy it with sound quality. Following the withdrawal of Rod and Rou, we returned to trio formation again with Gary McCabo of the base and Ted McKenna of the new subscribed drum, and plenty of energetic live at the time when we announced the origin recursive album “PHOTO FINISH” A supreme piece you can enjoy. Please enjoy the guitar play full of Rory ‘s groove feeling and the vocal full of momentum with the highest sound quality. A large-scale title which can assert that rock fan of England is one piece to the family appears.

1978年USツアーより、2日連続で行われたニューヨークはボトム・ライン公演より、2日目の11月12日のレイトショウを極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音で完全収録。世界中のファンの度肝を抜いた78年ボトムライン初日に続く、ファン絶対必聴の完全初登場の超高品質テイク!セットもまた魅力的でこの日、二回目のショウでありながら、2時間7分に渡って17曲も披露。初日にプレイされなかった「Irish Tour ’74」でお馴染みのI Wonder WhoやJust A Little Bit、新作「PHOTO FINISH」からのCloak & DaggerとThe Last Of The Independents、更にはファーストアルバムからLaundromatらを収録。Tattoo’d Lady、A Million Miles Awayといった人気曲もしっかりカバーされており、「Live In Europe」「Irish Tour ’74」+「CALLING CARD」「PHOTO FINISH」とも言える、まさにこの時期ならではのセットを最高音質で楽しむことができます。ロッドとルーの脱退を受け、ベースのゲリー・マッカボと新加入のドラムのテッド・マッケンナとで再びトリオ編成に戻り、原点回帰的アルバム「PHOTO FINISH」を発表した時期の、エネルギッシュなライブをたっぷりと堪能できる至高の一枚。ロリーのグルーブ感いっぱいのギタープレイと勢いに満ちたボーカルを最高音質でお楽しみ下さい。英ロック・ファンは一家に一枚と断言できる大別格タイトルが登場です。

Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Shin Kicker 3. Do You Read Me 4. Shadow Play 5. I Wonder Who 6. Secret Agent
7. The Mississippi Sheiks 8. Tattoo’d Lady 9. Cloak & Dagger 10. Out On The Western Plains
11. Too Much Alcohol

Disc 2
1. Moonchild 2. A Million Miles Away 3. Messin’ With The Kid 4. Bullfrog Blues
5. Just A Little Bit 6. Laundromat 7. The Last Of The Independents

Rory Gallagher – Guitars, Vocals, Harp Gerry McAvoy – Bass Ted McKenna – Drums, Percussion




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