Deep Purple / Rises Over Japan /1DVD

Deep Purple / Rises Over Japan /1DVD /Non Label

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 15th December 1975 PRO-SHOT

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Hard Rock must for fans of the definitive edition video title is a gift first appearance! ! 1975 December 15, in the video, which was recorded live at the Tokyo Budokan in professional shot of multi-camera, while being released over twice as press DVD, in each case, is the ultra-high-quality titles that are recording sold out . To say that “RISES OVER JAPAN”, unlike what has become commercially available video software in 1985, starting with the original film song order of the street that had been recorded in the master (Smoke On The Water, not the Burn. Remaining also different all except the last of Highway Star.) has been recorded in, and yet, although a commercially available video I had been covered with a shout of joy to the sound source of official LP “last Concert in Japan”, this board is not housed in a film was it record a realistic live sound source. By the way, the sound source has been recorded here in the original, it is a different thing with official live “This Time Around”. Venue, such as was recorded make a microphone as if, in a fresh sound like feel at the same time space of while high-quality direct feeling full, in a voice full of thick momentum, the sense of scale is an attractive 75-year Purple you can enjoy the great performance. As a further Ad Vantage, so far version is the sound and the picture did not match the subtle, this board will not match perfectly. Moreover, it appeared to match the Tommy a red light at the Burn of the intro of official accrued, cool scene turns round and round, and the end of Highway Star, boy rose Yankee wind came in from the audience to the stage clinging to Glen, immediately to security guards take is go, then Glen there is official accrued scene to throw the base has been reflected perfectly at the highest quality! Splendor of the band of performance is self-explanatory here, as to enthusiasm swept the audience up to the stage at the Highway Star will be able to view an image that is powerful to think that “this is really Japan”. This version is a fan of such film-concert to the first half of the 70s and 80s did those of the familiar, it is finally appeared version of the legend is the highest quality. In image quality and sound quality up to the extent that not only believed to have straight off the master film, this official There is no need for any of the true definitive edition even if any.

It should be noted that, in the happy bonus video also packed, television live in Paris 70 years October 8 days of purple, Burn in London performances of May 9, 1974, and further to rapture in recent years appeared Richie mania around the world was 76 years and 77 years and 2 kinds of Copenhagen live (this of viewing audience-shot) of Rainbow also included together. Vividly Richie in clear shot, Ronnie, is the one and only super must-see video Ogameru the brave figure of Cozy. Just hard rock fans, one of the most powerful machine in the family! Purple fan, of course, ’70s rock fans must-have of the strongest version of the questions asked. This is recommended! !

ハード・ロック・ファン必携の決定版映像タイトルがギフト初登場!!1975年12月15日、東京武道館でのライブをマルチカメラのプロショットで収録した映像で、プレスDVDとして2度に渡ってリリースされながら、その都度、完売を記録している超高品質タイトルです。「RISES OVER JAPAN」といっても、1985年に市販ビデオソフトになった内容とは違い、元々のフィルムマスターに収録されていた通りの曲順(Smoke On The WaterではなくBurnでスタート。残りもラストのHighway Star以外全部違います。)で収録されており、なおかつ、市販ビデオではオフィシャルLP「Last Concert In Japan」の音源に歓声を被せてあったのですが、本盤はフィルムに収められていたリアルなライブ音源を収録しています。ちなみにここに収録されている音源はオリジナルで、オフィシャルライブ「This Time Around」とも別物です。まるで会場にマイクを立てて収録したような、ダイレクト感いっぱいの高音質ながら同時に空間性を感じさせるような生々しいサウンドで、太く勢いに満ちた音色で、75年パープルの魅力であるスケール感の大きな演奏を堪能することができます。更なるアドヴァンテージとして、これまでのヴァージョンは音と絵が微妙に合ってなかったのですが、本盤はバッチリ合っています。しかもオフィシャル未収のBurnのイントロでトミーが赤いライトに合わせて登場、くるくると回るかっこいいシーン、そしてHighway Starの終盤、客席からステージに駆け上がったヤンキー風の少年がグレンに抱きつき、即座に警備員に連れて行かれ、その後グレンがベースを放り投げるオフィシャル未収シーンが最高画質でバッチリ写っています!バンドのパフォーマンスの素晴らしさはここで説明不要ですが、Highway Starでステージまで観客が押し寄せ熱狂する様は「これが本当に日本か」と思わせる迫力ある映像を見ることができます。このヴァージョンは70年代から80年代前半にかけてフィルム・コンサートなどでファンにはお馴染みのものでしたが、遂に伝説のヴァージョンが最高クオリティで登場です。マスターフィルムを直落ししたとしか考えられない程に画質・音質最高で、これさえあればオフィシャルは全く不要の真の決定版です。


1. Introduction 2. Burn 3. Love Child 3. Smoke On The Water 4. You Keep On Moving
5. Highway Star

David Coverdale – Vocal Tommy Bolin – Guitar Glenn Hughes – Bass & Vocal
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

Bonus Features

Deep Purple – Pop Deux
Live at “Pop Deux”, French TV, Paris, France 8th October 1970
1. Wring That Neck 2. Mandrake Root

Deep Purple – London 1974
Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 9th May 1974

1. Intro. 2. Burn

Rainbow – Copenhagen 1976
Live at Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark 22nd September 1976

1. Intro. 2. 16th Century Greensleeves 1 3. 16th Century Greensleeves 2 4. Catch The Rainbow 1
5. Catch The Rainbow 2 6. Guitar Crash 7. Do You Close Your Eyes

Rainbow – Copenhagen 1977
Live at Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 1st October 1977

1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 1 4. Kill The King 2 5. Mistreated
6. Guitar Solo(Mistreated) 7. 16th Century Greensleeves Intro.
8. Guitar Solo(16th Century Greensleeves) 9. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 10. Guitar Solo/Lazy
11. Guitar Solo(Still I’m Sad) 12. Guitar Crash(Do You Close Your Eyes)

COLOUR NTSC Approx.83min.

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