Judas Priest / Run For Cover /2CDR

Judas Priest / Run For Cover /2CDR /Power Gate

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Live At Grugahalle, Essen, West Germany 17th October 1986.

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In 1986, on October 17th from the European tour accompanying the “TURBO” album, Germany recorded Essen performance completely with a superb audience recording. As recorded audience seats in this era, it is surprisingly clearly recorded and it will be a great pleasure for fans. It is wide and wide, yet the edge of the guitar works well enough, you can enjoy the full picture of the show with the best balanced sound. Official live boards are also on sale from this tour, but one of the best high-quality audience recording boards on the tour that you can listen with the realistic sounds of the venue’s hot air is definitely a must. Although introduction of synthesizer / guitar raises controversial / controversial thought “TURBO”, bright and fun pop pop flavor filled with positive mood like the middle of the 80’s, live sounds fresh freshly on the contrary, every song is fun listening It has become a place. Many songs played only on this tour, full of listening places. The best live board of the 1986 tour full of colorful color feeling weaving old and new songs. This is recommended! !

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.98 (September 2008 issue). For your information.

From the European tour accompanying the promotion of the album “TURBO” which is said to be an experimental work or problem work, October 17, the stage at Essen of Germany is recorded with audience recording of good sound quality. On this day I play 5 songs including “TURBO” including title songs, but it is natural that I listen now, but I know that it is nothing but JUDAS. Was that a sense of incongruity in the sound of the synthesizer used at that time as the intro of the title song at that time? In a sense, it was such a time that the title song was released as a 12 inch single as “Hi – Octane Mix”. Even at the stage of this day, it may have been said that it was a success as a band speculation that there is a remarkable impression. The Last ‘The Green Manalishi’ and Angkor triplet are perfect promises, but without this there seems to be a member who plays in the iron wall formation as it is said that the stage of JUDAS can not be over.

★ Wonderful high sound quality recording board. It is recommended.


★beatleg誌 vol.98(2008年9月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

実験作或いは問題作と言われたアルバム「TURBO」のプロモーションに伴うヨーロッパ・ツアーから10月17日ドイツのエッセンでのステージを良好な音質のオーディエンス録音で収録。この日は「TURBO」からタイトル曲も含めて5曲をプレイしているが、今聴いてみると当然ではあるが、JUDAS以外の何物でもないことがわかる。やはり当時はタイトル曲のイントロに使われたシンセサイザーのサウンドに違和感があったということだろうか。そのタイトル曲が“Hi-Octane Mix”として12インチシングルでリリースされたのも、ある意味、そういう時代だったのだろう。この日のステージでも、際立った印象があるということは、バンドの思惑のようなものとしては成功と言えたのかもしれない。ラストの「The Green Manalishi」とアンコール三連発は完璧なお約束状態だが、これがなくてはJUDASのステージは終われないと言わんばかりに、鉄壁のフォーメーションでプレイするメンバーが目に浮かぶようだ。


Disc 1
1. Out In The Cold 2. Locked In 3. Heading Out To The Highway 4. Metal Gods 5. Breaking The Law
6. Love Bites 7. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll 8. The Sentinel 9. Private Property
10. Rock You All Around The World

Disc 2
1. Hellion/Electric Eye 2. Turbo Lover 3. Parental Guidance 4. Freewheel Burning
5. Victim Of Changes 6. The Green Manalishi 7. Living After Midnight
8. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 9. Hell Bent For Leather

Rob Halford – Vocals Glenn Tipton – Guitars, Synthesized Guitars
K.K. Downing – Guitars, Synthesized Guitars Ian Hill – Bass Dave Holland – Drums



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