Queen / Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse / 2CD

Queen / Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse /2CD /Wardour

Live At Broendby Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark 12th may 1977 with Limited programme replicas.

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May 12 days from the European tour due to the 1977 “A Day At The Races”, Denmark recorded in the best sound quality from the past Copenhagen performances the press has been well-known analog Original in Sweden (STONED 5). On the pitch is also accurate, (about 25 minutes each of the recorded time) In order to record on each side of the four sides in the record, the first half that had been recorded in the song in a different sequence from the actual concert of Death On Two Legs, the second half of the Sweet Lady, Keep Yourself Alive, it has been corrected without discomfort to the Stone Cold actual song order exactly the Crazy. The sound quality is very good as the audience recording of 1977, classic sound in friendly mild to ear, the brilliant performance of the Queen had been to create an original sound-world full of European charm, Sundehatsuban CD for us to reproduce in the excellent stability of the ideal sound image in excess of. Since the master accrued of Rock n Roll Medley is not entered, full is not a recording, but you can enjoy the full picture of the show Excellent rate in the appropriate high-quality sound. Is a familiar name board “Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse,” the release determined by the definitive title is limited 200 sheets of press CD, which was reprinted in the best format from the analog era.

Miniature replica of the Queen of the Official International Fan Club Biography of 24 pages that have been issued in 1977 for the first time delivery minute. Attaching. Of ’70s British Queen’s official fan club magazine is very rare, it deprived the eye on a number of valuable color photo that has been featured on each page. Biography, discography, has become a spectacular certain content, including a list of past concerts. Here is the order because it is limited edition will thank you as soon as possible.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.97 (August 2008). In case you’re wondering.

Has recorded the Copenhagen performances of May 12, 1977, on the basis of very rare in the second folding color jacket is beautiful analog Bootleg 2LP “Invite You To A Night At The Warhouse (STONED 5)” from time something that has been edited. While editing the song order from the relationship of Duration in the analog board had been decorated, here are arranged in the “Death On Two Legs” and “Stone Cold Crazy” is actually playing position, yet it is before and after because it is connected carefully also MC and cheers of Freddie Mercury can be heard in a very smooth flow. There was also the title that was released many years ago that 2CD was based on analog-boot leg in the same way “Invite You To A Night At The Warhouse (STONED 5)”, the same scratch noise is dramatically reduced compared and are not only, I feel that also increased clarity to the sound by mastering. Originally, because the moderate Rivavu sense of appreciation facing audience sound source realism equipped, such editing would be said to be appropriate treatment in order to leave to the future. First batch is equipped with a miniature replica of the Fan Club Biography.

1977年「A Day At The Races」に伴うヨーロッパ・ツアーより5月12日、デンマークはコペンハーゲン公演をスウェーデンでプレスされた有名アナログのオリジナル盤(STONED 5) から過去最良の音質で収録。ピッチも正確な上、レコードでは4面の各サイドに収録するため(それぞれの収録時間は約25分)、実際のコンサートとは違う曲順で収録されていた前半のDeath On Two Legs、後半のSweet Lady、Keep Yourself Alive、Stone Cold Crazyを実際の曲順どおりに違和感なく修正してあります。音質は1977年のオーディエンス録音としては非常に良好で、耳に優しいマイルドでクラシカルなサウンドは、ヨーロピアンな魅力に満ちたオリジナルなサウンド・ワールドを創造していたクィーンの華麗なパフォーマンスを、既発盤CDを上回る安定感抜群の理想的な音像で再現してくれます。原盤未収のRock n Roll Medleyが入っていないので、完全収録ではありませんが、ショウの全貌をExcellentレートが相応しい高音質で楽しむことができます。アナログ時代からお馴染みの名盤「Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse」を最良のフォーマットで復刻した決定版タイトルが限定200枚のプレスCDでリリース決定です。


★beatleg誌 vol.97(2008年8月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1977年5月12日のコペンハーゲン公演を収録しており、当時から非常にレアで2折りカラー・ジャケットが美しいアナログ・ブートレッグ2LP『Invite You To A Night At The Warhouse (STONED 5)』を元に編集されたものだ。アナログ盤では収録時間の関係から曲順に編集が施されていたが、ここではその「Death On Two Legs」と「Stone Cold Crazy」が実際に演奏された位置に配されており、しかもそれに前後するフレディ・マーキュリーのMCや歓声も丁寧に繋げられているので大変スムーズな流れで聴くことが出来る。同じようにアナログ・ブートレッグを元にした2CD『Invite You To A Night At The Warhouse (STONED 5)』という何年も前にリリースされたタイトルもあったが、それと比べるとスクラッチ・ノイズが激減しているだけでなく、マスタリングにより音に明瞭さも増した感じだ。元々、適度なリヴァーヴ感と臨場感が備わった鑑賞向きのオーディエンス音源なので、このような編集は今後へ残すためにも適切な処理と言えるだろう。初回分はファン・クラブ・バイオグラフィのミニチュア・レプリカ付き。

Disc 1
1. Intro : A Day At The Races 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. Ogre Battle 4. White Queen
5. Somebody To Love 6. Killer Queen 7. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 8. The Millionaire Waltz
9. You’re My Best Friend 10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 11. Death On Two Legs 12. Brighton Rock

Disc 2
1. ’39 2. You Take My Breath Away 3. White Man 4. The Prophet’s Song 5. Bohemian Rhapsody
6. Sweet Lady 7. Keep Yourself Alive 8. Stone Cold Crazy 9. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
10. Now I’m Here 11. Liar


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