Pink Floyd / Raving Maniacs /3CD

Pink Floyd / Raving Maniacs /3CD /Sigma

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Live At Roosevelt, Jersey City, New jersey, Usa 15th June 1975.

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June 15, 1975, New Jersey is complete recording of the Roosevelt Stadium performance in the ultra-high-quality audience recording. Although this performance there is already issued “Jersey Not Mother” (STTP), this board has been recorded indeed 6 minutes long and Duration 140 minutes, without any cut of between in the song, the song, “OK at the beginning, Here we go, “and from the intro part, including the MC of Roger that you can see that has already been recording 2 minutes longer. It is essential in the sound, which has been recorded in the other is the already issued are excellent enough to not be compared, one of the best among the excellent recording a lot of 75-year US tour ultra-high-quality sound. “Madness” is not divided in the second part, of course is that it can be heard in the non-cut, it has also become a very good content worthy of the final edition as seen from anywhere. Full marks to meet to hear the sound punchy, pitch is also accurate to clear, with the ideal sound image, you can enjoy the great performance of the scale of this time powerful. Invites the excitement opening Raving And Drooling, “This also a new song. ‘S song about Syd Barrett.” To start from the MC called Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar guitar is a highlight of Gilmore, also of heart sound 6 minutes but to listen to the performance full of creativity from Speak to Me to enthusiastic audiences until the Eclipse of the excitement of the finale “madness”, further to free key sax solo and Rongusoro intense encore Echoes of Gilmore, pleasant absolutely no slack tension you can enjoy playing a tight, full of feeling plenty. Followed by four sets of the popular “Earls Court 1973”, sound quality and playing the finest masterpiece title is the appearance at 200 sheets limitation of press CD!

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.96 (7 May 2008 issue). In case you’re wondering.

From the 1975 North American tour, recorded New Jersey performance. CD with this performance have come already the world as the “Jersey Not Mother (STTP),” but, at the time of this release, digitized sound source is being used the master tape to direct. Therefore, the sound quality is possible of course to have been dramatically improved, in that they are also recorded, such as MC of between songs, and has a content that dismissed its outstanding panel described above.
The 1975 tour, intended to be an extension of the UK tour of 1974, new song is in the first part, and the second part, “Dark Side Of The Moon”, and the encore configuration called “Echoes” . However, among the first part of the new song, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is divided, became the arrangements new song “Have A Cigar”, which was the first unveiled at the North American tour of 1975 is interposed. Also performance of 1974, whereas it was the sound of good old Floyd that overall drifting floating feeling, the performance of this 1975 has been transformed into a hard rock style. In addition, vocal Gilmour that hurt the throat singing from beginning to end dummy voice can be said that the features of the 1975. Release is also very happy at the factory press of 200 sheets limitation.

1975年6月15日、ニュージャージーはルーズベルト・スタジアム公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。本公演には既発「Jersey Not Mother」(STTP)がありますが、本盤は収録時間140分と実に6分長く収録されており、曲中・曲間のカットも無く、冒頭の「OK, Here we go」というロジャーのMCを含むイントロパートからして既に2分長く収録されているのが確認できます。肝心のサウンドですが、これはもう既発とは比較になら無い程に優れており、優秀な録音の多い75年USツアーの中でも屈指の超高音質で収録されています。第二部の「狂気」が分断されず、ノンカットで聴く事ができるという点は勿論、どこから見ても決定版に相応しい大変優れた内容になっています。クリアーでパンチの効いたサウンドは聴き応え満点、ピッチも正確で、理想的な音像をもって、この時期のパワフルでスケールの大きな演奏を堪能できます。興奮を誘うオープニングRaving And Drooling、「これも新しい曲だ。シド・バレットについての曲だ。」というMCからスタートするShine On You Crazy Diamond、ギルモアのギターが圧巻のHave A Cigar、6分間もの心臓音が観客を熱狂させるSpeak To Meから感動の大団円のEclipseまで創造性に満ちた演奏を聴かせる「狂気」、更にフリーキーなサックスソロとギルモアのロングソロが強烈なアンコールEchoesまで、全く弛みのない心地よい緊張感に満ちた締まった演奏をたっぷりと楽しむことができます。大好評の4枚組「Earls Court 1973」に続く、音質・演奏極上の傑作タイトルが200枚限定のプレスCDにて登場です!

★beatleg誌 vol.96(2008年7月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1975年北米ツアーから、New Jersey公演を収録。本公演を収録したCDは『Jersey Not Mother (STTP)』としてすでに世に出ているが、今回のリリースに際して、マスターテープをダイレクトにデジタル化した音源が使用されている。そのため、音質が飛躍的に向上しているのはもちろんのこと、曲間のMCなども収録されている点で、前述の既発盤を一蹴する内容となっている。
この1975年のツアーは、1974年の英国ツアーの延長線上にあるもので、第一部には新曲、そして第二部には「Dark Side Of The Moon」、そしてアンコールには「Echoes」という構成。ただし、第一部の新曲のうち、「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」は分断され、1975年の北米ツアーで初披露となった新曲「Have A Cigar」が挟み込まれるアレンジとなった。また1974年の演奏が、全体的に浮遊感漂う古き良きFloydのサウンドだったのに対し、この1975年の演奏はハードロック・スタイルへと変貌している。さらに、喉を痛めて終始ダミ声で歌うGilmourのボーカルも1975年の特徴ということができる。200枚限定のファクトリープレスでのリリースも非常に嬉しい。
Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Raving And Drooling 3. You Gotta Be Crazy 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5
5. Have A Cigar 6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9

Disc 2
Dark Side Of The Moon 1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 3
1. Echoes

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