Simon And Garfunkel / At Osaka Stadium / 2CD

Simon And Garfunkel / At Osaka Stadium / 2CD / Zion

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Live At Osaka Stadium, Osaka, Japan 8th May 1982.

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SIMON & GARFUNKEL ‘s first performance in Japan in 1982, which took place in a total of 5 stadium performances in Osaka stadium 2 times and 3 in Korakuen Stadium, will be held on May 2nd, Osaka’ s 2nd day The long-awaited title which recorded the performance with wonderful high sound quality is appearing in press CD. The first day in Osaka was CD in the past as “FAR EAST REUNION”, but on the second day it will be completely released. Directly used a high-quality cassette master that has not been circulated even among traders. It is recorded with a very warm and analog-like high-quality sound, and reproduces that wonderful re-formed performance with real high sound quality sound. Like their music, the atmosphere of the audience is warm, and it can be said that it is a splendid name recording that captures the warm atmosphere as well. 120 minutes The tape has become master and the second half cut at The Late Great Johnny Ace which corresponds to the point of tape change is regrettable but except for that it is recorded with a very stable sound all over the time, both vocals and tones are extremely Because it is recorded with clear sound quality, you can concentrate on the concert with confidence.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.55 (February 2005 issue). For your information.

The second Osaka performance from 1982 reunion tour was released for the first time as an item. With an audience recording of very good sound quality, the first day of Osaka the day before was released from overseas with the title “FAR EAST REUNION”, which was also a very good sound quality audience recording so that the definitive version of this tour and Although it has been done, it also has a wonderful tone quality exceeding that. Originally this visit to Japan had a favorable sound source with the benefit of the recording equipment just developed at that time, but it is also outstanding high quality sound among them. Not only realistic feeling at the stadium inherent in this performance in Japan, but also the performance is captured with a very clear sound image, the balance of each instrument is also very good natural and thick sound quality, without complaints Can be called the best of the tour. Steve Gad’s drums are also caught in a good tone color, and the place where the audience’s clapping at “El Condor Pasa” echoes is a truly a concert at the stadium. Their excitement is also wonderful. Although they are performing very well at all in a good mood, they are playing all the time, have they gained momentum? In the final “The Sound Of Silence” of the main part, the tuning of the strings beneath Paul’s acoustic guitar is a bit crazy, and while the singing It seems that his figure to nervously signal to his sleeve appears to the eyes. Anyway, the sound quality is good, I think that it is a suitable item to call as the definitive version in this performance in Osaka prefecture rather than in Osaka.

★ Currently, the sound board sound source of the same day is released with the same title as “EAST BOUND” from the same ZION label, but this “AT OSAKA STADIUM” was also recorded with audience recording, very good high quality sound, this also I think that it is one piece of fan necessity. Even if I hear it again, it is a very high quality piece that makes me emotionally and deeply impressed again as “This is such a good sound!”

SIMON & GARFUNKELの1982年、初来日公演は、大阪球場2回、後楽園球場で3回の、計5回のスタジアム公演で行われましたが、このたび大阪公演2日となる5月8日公演を素晴らしい高音質で収録したファン待望のタイトルがプレスCDで登場です。大阪初日は過去に「FAR EAST REUNION」というタイトルでCD化されていましたが、2日目は完全初登場になります。トレーダー間でも一切出回っていない高音質カセットマスターをダイレクトに使用。非常に暖かでアナログ風な高音質サウンドで収録されており、あの素晴らしかった再結成公演をリアルな高音質サウンドで再現します。彼らの音楽同様に観客の雰囲気も暖かで、そのウォームフルな雰囲気までをも実によく捉えている見事な名録音と言えるでしょう。120分テープがマスターになっており、テープチェンジのポイントにあたるThe Late Great Johnny Aceでの後半カットが残念ですが、それ以外は終始、たいへん安定したサウンドで録音されており、ボーカル、楽音ともに非常に鮮明な音質で録音されているので、安心してコンサートに集中することができます。

★beatleg誌 vol.55(2005年2月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1982年の再結成ツアーから大阪二日目の公演が初めてアイテムとしてリリースされた。非常に良好な音質のオーディエンス録音で、前日の大阪初日は『FAR EAST REUNION』というタイトルで海外からリリースされており、それも非常に良好な音質のオーディエンス録音だったことでこのツアーの決定版とされてきたが、それをも上回る素晴らしい音質である。元々この来日公演は当時発達したばかりの録音機材の恩恵もあって良好な音質の音源に恵まれているが、その中でもずばぬけた高音質だ。この来日公演特有のスタジアムでの臨場感はもちろん、演奏も非常にはっきりとした音像で捉えられており、しかも各楽器のバランスも非常に良くナチュラルで厚みのある音質であり、文句なしでこのツアーのベストと呼べる。スティーブ・ガッドのドラムなども良い音色で捉えられており、さらに「El Condor Pasa」における観客の手拍子がこだまするところなどは正にスタジアムでのコンサートといった感じだ。その盛り上がりも素晴らしく二人もかなり上機嫌で終始演奏しているのだが、勢い余ったのか本編最後の「The Sound Of Silence」ではポールのアコギの下の弦のチューニングが少し狂っており、歌いながら舞台の袖に向かって神経質そうに合図を送る彼の姿が目に浮かぶようだ。とにかく音質が良好で、大阪公演どころかこの来日公演における決定版と呼ぶにふさわしいアイテムだと思う。

★現在、同じZIONレーベルから「EASTBOUND」と言うタイトルで同日のサウンドボード音源がリリースされていますが、この「AT OSAKA STADIUM」もオーディエンス録音ながら、非常に素晴らしい高音質で収録されており、これもファン必携の一枚と思います。今、聴き直しても「こんなに良いサウンドなのか!」と改めて感動・感激してしまう、実に高品質な一枚です。

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Mrs. Robinson 3. Homeward Bound 4. America 5. Me And Julio Down By The School Yard
6. Scarborough Fair 7. My Little Town 8. Wake Up Little Susie 9. Still Crazy After All These Years
10. Bright Eyes 11. Late In The Evening 12. Slip Slidin’ Away 13. El Condor Pasa
14. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Disc 2
1. American Tune 2. The Late Great Johnny Ace 3. Kodachrome/Maybellene
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water 5. The Boxer 6. Old Friends/Bookends Theme
7. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) 8. The Sound Of Silence
9. Late In The Evening 10. The Boxer

Paul Simon – Vocal/Guiar Art Garfunkel – Vocal/Harmonica
John Eckert – Trumpet John Gatchell – Trumpet Gerry Niewood – Saxophone
Fred Lipsius – Saxophone George Wadenius – Guitar Pete Carr – Guitar
Richard Tee – Keyboards Ed Walsh – Synthesizer Wayne Pedzwater – Bass
Steve Gadd – Drums


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