Santana / Budokan 1976 / 2CD

Santana / Budokan 1976 / 2CD / Masterport

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan On 20th February 1976.

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1976 nationwide 15 locations nine performances over 19 performances From Santana’s 3rd visit to Japan, the performance on February 20, the Tokyo Nippon Budokan on the first day of the tour was completely recorded from the master cassette recorded by the Japanese record company staff at the time. It is the appearance of a decision board which is praised with a marvel of fans all over the world as a title of 76 years of Santana, which is not a circle among tape traders, nor of course, the Japanese performance of 76 years. After a couple of weeks of Australian performances and a hard schedule of live the next day after arriving at Haneda on the 19th of the previous day, a wonderful stage will be developed, shortly before the release of the new work “Amigo”. In the opening, legendary Bill · Graham introduces the band and started from ‘Incident At Nashabur’. I think that you can realize how wonderful this day’s live is by just listening to the introduction of this song and the feed back tone played from SG of Carlos who was baptized much more than the past arrived in Japan. And it is surprised that the numbers from new works are more than standard songs and they are already being played with an approach different from the album and know how good this six-person formation is progressing I can do things. Astounding qualities as audience recording at the time, decisive items that accurately captured the aggressive stage & audience appeared in limited press CD.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.43 (February 2004 issue). For your information.

A Japanese performance was released for 76 years from “Master Port” label which released a lot of Santana recently. “Europe of the sorrow” which became a big hit in Japan as a release time album “Amigo” which became a topic in Tadanori Yokoo’s jacket since “Lotus” has also been performed. The popularity of Santana at this time was tremendous, and the Japan tour of this time was also performed 19 times from Kyushu to Hokkaido as well as Tokyo and Osaka. What is included here is the Budokan performance on February 20th, the first day of the tour. In the intro, the late Bill · Graham appears led by a Japanese announcement that makes us feel the times, “Situations of Neshabur” explodes with Santana introduction. Only by this opening fans of the former years will get caught in tears. Fans can not miss being able to listen to the numbers unique to this period, such as “Let It Japan”, “Dance Sister Dance” and “Give and Take”. It is a valuable live sound source that captured Santana’s lively guitar play that let the strange religious color fade and let you hear straight hot performances. The sound quality is an audience recording, but it is a recommended title that you can enjoy enough with a stable and easy-to-hear one.

★ The final version of the 1976 Budokan performance released in 2003 by the former MASTERPORT label and received acclaim from media fans. For a long time, the title was sold and sold, this time, restricted stock of miracles from overseas. Thank you so that you do not miss this opportunity.

1976年全国15ヶ所19公演に及ぶサンタナ3度目の来日公演より、ツアー初日の2月20日東京日本武道館公演を、当時の日本のレコード会社スタッフが録音したマスターカセットから完全収録。テープトレーダー間で出回ってないのはもちろんの事、76年の日本公演、というかサンタナの76年のタイトルとして世界中のファンに驚嘆をもってして賞賛される決定盤の登場です。2週間に亘るオーストラリア公演を終え、前日の19日に羽田に到着後の翌日のライブというハードなスケジュールながら、新作「アミーゴ」の発売を直前に控えてか、素晴らしいステージが展開されていきます。オープニングでは伝説のビル・グラハムがバンドを紹介し「Incident At Nashabur」からスタート。この曲のイントロと、過去の来日に比べ格段に洗礼されたカルロスのSGから奏でられるフィード・バック・トーンを聴いただけでこの日のライブがいかに素晴らしいか実感して頂けると思います。そして驚かされるのは新作からのナンバーが定番の曲以上に纏まりがあり、既にアルバムとは違うアプローチで演奏されていたりして、今回の6人編成がいかに良い状態で進行しているかを窺い知る事が出来ます。当時のオーディエンス録音としては驚くべきクオリィティで、アグレッシブなステージ&オーディエンスを的確に捉えた決定的アイテムが、限定プレスCDで登場です。

★beatleg誌 vol.43(2004年2月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。



Disc 1
1. Bill Graham’s Introduction 2. Incident At Nashabur 3. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
4. Oye Como Va 5. Let It Shine 6. Europe 7. Dance Sister Dance 8. Give And Take

Disc 2
1. Gitano 2. Savor 3. Toussaint L’Overture 4. Let Me 5. Soul Sacrifice (Incl.Member Introduction)
6. Samba Pa Ti 7. Evil Ways

Carlos Santana – Guitar Greg Walker – Vocals David Brown – Bass
Leon Chancler – Drums Tom Coster – Keyboards Armando Peraza – Congas



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