Cozy Powell / Alive In Studio III Phenomena Years / 1CD

Cozy Powell / Alive In Studio III Phenomena Years / 1CD /Langley

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Ultra Rare Studio Demos Collection Taken From Cozy Powell’s Personal Cassette Tapes.

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Than Cozy Powell Fine cassette master, even in valuable demonstrations and studio-out has been unearthed a number of take “Cozy Tapes” series, is a numbering title “ALIVE IN STUDIO” is central presence. Do not stay in the band activities such as RAINBOW and WHITESNAKE, when attempting to elucidate the Cozy of solo albums and aggressive session work, has now become the presence excavation sound source is indispensable from this work.
In its “1” and “2” of the “ALIVE IN STUDIO” is a Cozy solo album “OVER THE TOP” and, I was able to glimpse the project with Jack Bruce. As for the preceding two installment, in this work, “ALIVE IN STUDIO 3”, Cozy is advanced work at the time you are enrolled in WHITESNAKE, the demo outtakes from was released in 1985, “PHENOMENA” project 8 track (s). As “ALIVE IN STUDIO” series unique and most consistent of a title even while, it has become a fan of the classic.

And Mel galley of the original WHITESNAKE, to its Tom Galley of producer brother is teamed “PHENOMENA” projects, such as the addition to Glenn Hughes and Don Airey of Cozy, gorgeous variety of human relations of Mel guest participation as. There is also the excellent music and playing content, has been known as the still of the ’80s middle masterpiece.
This work is one of the surprise the production landscape, which was packaged in the demo tracks of eight songs, including unreleased. To back the Cozy of the drum, the contents vocals are big feature of Glenn Hughes is unbearable for 42 minutes for the hard rock / heavy metal fans! Here, let’s take a look at the contents of each song.

1. Destiny
“Voice of Rock” this and Glen of God singing freeze of hard pop taste bought Keikyoku. It has already been completed with the song arrangements while rough mix. Only in the “single-hit also aim” type, it is why hard to understand a song or was the album unreleased.

2. Twilight Zone
Before you put the guitar, vocals, is a rhythm track. Enjoy Cozy seems drumming is in the clear over the album, has become to take unbearable to the fan. Also it has been playing for more than one minute longer than the album.

3. Believe
Guitar intro there is no rough version of the 30 seconds that listen on the album. Vocal and chorus, of course, is the state of before even guitar or keyboard is overdubbing. And simple Kyokuso, the guitar riffs echoing suddenly, you’ll be surprised about who knows the finished version.

4. Kiss Of Fire
The song that called “Gambler” look-alike style is the topic of WHITESNAKE are initially, but in fact that was adopted by Kavaderu a demonstration that Mel had been warmed up from the previous, it is this figure is original. The intro has been recorded from the texture is not in the final version.
Including pop code deployment of the chorus part, it does not have all entered the vocal and chorus. Solid backing version is, you show me the one side which is different of the same song (It should be noted that the guitar solo is already entered, also provides ending with rough).

5. Dance With The Devil
Count entering it thinks that the Cozy. This song does not contain any vocals. Natural drum sounds of before applying the effect, in the sound image that it can be said that different from a completed version, you can enjoy a straight appeal in Cozy seems loud (especially bass drum roll part of the last 50 seconds is all Cozy fan must listen)!

6. Phoenix Rising
Large listening stations of this work. Final version, as well as recently released also different with the bonus track listen in 3 Disc remastered, is “third version”!
The first surprise is also recorded long 1 minute 30 seconds from the album. And (had been substituted for the synth in the album) from the vicinity of 0:18 accent in the cymbal has been recorded in the clear. Glen vocal of the opponent, do not miss listening also Cozy snare accent to swipe from the beginning of a song to loud in the back! Although the rhythm sounds in the book has been a simple process, this take is exactly “COZY MIX”. Although the final version will fade out in the rust, for more than one minute in the ending in this take, followed by a dramatic instrumental part (the interlude arrange also long point worth watching).

7. Hell On Wings
In the album of unreleased, it contains the intro part by guitar arpeggio. This intro is about 50 seconds, rich melodies and dramatic expansion, should that surprise listeners greatly.

8. Assassins Of The Night
This take is also in a different take three sets of remastered, vocals, drums with a different take. Overall sound quality even in a more clear, mix has also been refined, is a version of Cozy drum sound is heard in the more straight.

In this sound source has hardened even members who are to play each of the music, play and consistent direction with chunks, full of a sense of stability seems band sound. If you have been taking it as it is completed listen here, reminiscent of Cozy and Mel, and with a combination of Glen and … be a “new TRAPEZE” and also say the band had sailed.
Over a period of 42 minutes and 30 seconds of recording time, content and sound quality and value, all is superb quality. If the hard rock and heavy metal fan, everyone asserts that one of the must-have that you want to collection at hand!


コージー・パウエル所蔵のカセット・マスターより、貴重なデモやスタジオ・アウトテイクの数々を発掘してきた”Cozy Tapes”シリーズにおいても、ナンバリング・タイトルである「ALIVE IN STUDIO」は中心的存在。RAINBOWやWHITESNAKEなどのバンド活動に留まらない、コージーのソロアルバムや積極的なセッション・ワークを解明しようと試みるとき、今やこの作品からの発掘音源は欠かせない存在となっています。
その「ALIVE IN STUDIO」の「1」および「2」では、コージーのソロ・アルバムである「OVER THE TOP」や、ジャック・ブルースとのプロジェクトを垣間見る事ができました。その前二作に対し、本作「ALIVE IN STUDIO 3」では、コージーがWHITESNAKEに在籍している当時に作業が進められ、1985年にリリースされた「PHENOMENA」プロジェクトからのデモ・アウトテイクを8トラック収録。「ALIVE IN STUDIO」シリーズ中でも異色かつ最も統一性のあるタイトルとして、ファンの定番となっています。

本作はその制作風景を、未発表テイクを含む8曲のデモ・トラックでパッケージした驚きの一枚。コージーのドラムをバックに、グレン・ヒューズのヴォーカルが大きくフィーチャーされた内容は、ハードロック/ヘヴィメタル・ファンにとって堪らない42分間です! ここでは一曲ごとに内容を見ていきましょう。

1. Destiny

2. Twilight Zone

3. Believe

4. Kiss Of Fire

5. Dance With The Devil

6. Phoenix Rising
アルバムより1分30秒も長く収録されているのがまず驚き。さらに0:18付近から(アルバムではシンセに代用されてしまった)シンバルでのアクセントがクリアに収録されています。グレンのヴォーカルを相手に、歌の出だしからバックでラウドに強打するコージーのスネア・アクセントも聴き逃せません! アルバムでのリズム・サウンドはシンプルな処理にされましたが、このテイクはまさに”COZY MIX”。完成版はサビでフェイドアウトしますが、本テイクではエンディングで1分以上に渡り、ドラマチックなインスト・パートが続きます(間奏アレンジも長い点は要注目)。

7. Hell On Wings

8. Assassins Of The Night


1. Destiny 2. Twilight Zone 3. Believe 4. Kiss Of Fire 5. Dance With The Devil
6. Phoenix Rising 7. Hell On Wings 8. Assassins Of The Night

Cozy Powell – Drums Glenn Hughes – Vocals Mel Galley – Guitar John Thomas – Guitar
Neil Murray – Bass Don Airey – Keyboards Richard Bailey – Keyboards

Langley Deluxe-005

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