Paul Simon / All Time Favorite Melodies / 2CD

Paul Simon / All Time Favorite Melodies / 2CD / Zion

Translated text:

Live At Osaka Festival Hall,Osaka,Japan 3rd April 1974.

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Until the present time, since the release in 2007, the very first Paul · Simon’s first performance tour to Japan. Initially Simon’s first visit to Japan was not so blessed with items, and this title is the one that threw a stone in such a situation. The sound quality of the audience recording used here was truly wonderful. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a miraculous thing that combines both freshness and clearness in this era, but it has not faded completely even after more than five years have passed since the release. Since the arrival in Japan as S & G until 1970 did not come true, the performance at this time had a meaning close to sacredness for fans. At the time Simon had already been hit as a solo artist, but the live sound that fused the ethnic music and gospel here will convince Japanese fans who visited the venue for the shadow of S & G It was enough.

Simon himself also has plenty of time to spare on this day and has gone upstage with a feeling of humor, and in a solo hit “Kodachrome” it is a camera connection and singing in exchange for “Nikon camera”, and it is clear that the audience is pleasing The lack of sound quality, it will be transmitted to real. Thanks to such a peaceful atmosphere, the audience also seemed to be watching while relaxing while still holding the members of S & G for the first time. I wonder if this led to Simon’s later nature of Japan. A wonderful concert that will never get into excessive enthusiasm while coming to Japan in a tremendous popularity is a masterpiece that can enjoy with the highest level of recording as this era.



Disc 1
1. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard 2. Was A Sunny Day 3. Cecilia 4. Homeward Bound
5. American Tune 6. El Condor Pasa 7. Duncan 8. Death In Santa Cruz 9. Kacharpari
10. Scarborough Fair 11. The Boxer

Disc 2
1. Mrs. Robinson 2. Kodachrome 3. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
4. I Am A Rock 5. Mother And Child Reunion 6. The Sounds Of Silence
7. What Do You Call Him 8. Jesus Is The Answer 9. Bridge Over Troubled Water
10. Loves Me Like A Rock 11. Bye Bye Love 12. America


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