Fleetwood Mac / Keep Passing Us By /2CD

Fleetwood Mac / Keep Passing Us By /2CD /Zion
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Live at Kyoto Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan 8th February 1980

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Than the second time of the Japan tour due to the year 1980, “Tusk”, recorded on February 8 Kyoto Kaikan concert at best audience recording. One of mania must listen with full first appearance, ultra-high-quality cassette master. This tape that is not been around at all even between traders, is amazing, with its sound quality, comparable to modern DAT recording, it has been captured by the sound quality of the startle. Sound of clearness, dynamism, separation, punch, all of the highest level, will be greeted with a voice of surprise from Mac collectors around the world, is a super sound source title. In addition, the voice of the audience at a long distance, you can touch the magical sound world of stress without Mac. Master has been using the 90-minute tape, four songs the second half unfortunately is because it was accrued, has been supplemented from February 17, Osaka final performance take the same year. Here are also using the recording at the master cassette, sound quality is also great. Release at 300 sheets limitation of press CD. It should be noted that only the first delivery, but with February 16 days from the master cassette of the main Kyoto performance recording person, the Osaka Festival Hall performance here also over the 90-minute high-quality sound recording was 2-Disc CDR (with a jacket) is. There was a title that had been released in the fact that the previous MP than 16 days of the performance board, there is a written mistake of the day, was actually the contents of the take of the next day 17 days. Therefore been Osaka 80 beginning of the year Date performances recorded on this bonus disc (2/16) take will be the fact that the full first appearance. This sound quality is also really surprisingly nice, fans are hottest sound source must-listen definitely. Large recommendation title of fan must-have is the appearance than popular ZION in the press CD.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.88 (No. 11 2007). In case you’re wondering.

In Kyoto performances of sound quality equivalent to high-quality level as the audience recording of the time, it has been captured in texture with a spread in the clear. Osaka performance bonuses sound quality’s a quite good, the “Songbird IN Osaka 1980” but only to valuable are different performance date.


★beatleg誌 vol.88(2007年11月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

京都公演の音質は当時のオーディエンス録音としては相当良質なレベルで、クリアで広がりのある質感で捉えられている。ボーナスの大阪公演は音質はなかなか良好だし、「Songbird IN Osaka 1980」とは公演日が異なっているだけに貴重だ。

Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Say You Love Me 3. The Chain 4. Don’t Stop 5. Dreams 6. Oh Well
7. Rhiannon 8. Oh Daddy

Disc 2
1. Sara 2. Not That Funny 3. Never Going Back Again 4. Landslide 5. Tusk 6. Angel
7. You Make Loving Fun 8. I’m So Afraid

Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 17th February 1980
9. World Turning 10. Go Your Own Way 11. Sisters Of The Moon 12. Songbird


Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 16th February 1980 TRULY AMAZING/PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)

Disc 1
1. The Chain 2. Don’t Stop 3. Dreams 4. Oh Well 5. Rhiannon 6. Oh Daddy
7. What Makes You Think You’re The One

Disc 2
1. Not That Funny 2. Never Going Back Again 3. Landslide 4. Tusk 5. Angel
6. You Make Loving Fun 7. I’m So Afraid 8. World Turning

Stevie Nicks – Vocal Christine McVie – Keyboards & Vocal Mick Fleetwood – Drums
John Mcvie – Bass Lindsey Buckingham – Guitar & Vocal




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