Replacements / Get Outta My Way Im Drunk /1CD

Replacements / Get Outta My Way Im Drunk /1CD /Roaring Mouse Records

Early 80’s Westie solo/Mats soundboard as follows….actually blows away the now-legendary “Everyone Loves and Ego Maniac.” Just a delightful, stitch of a set. Devastating CBGB set with incredible setlist chock full of covers. Westerberg solo acoustic – 1st Ave Minneapolis 17 Oct 1982 Hospital/If Only You Were Lonely/I’m In Trouble/Treatment Bound/Ballad of ‘Mats/ Get Outta My Way/Shut Up/Lawdy Miss Clawdy. “Sorry Ma” LP outtakes: Careless/Otto/Shiftless When Idle/Adore Cigs CBGB, NY City, 09 Dec 1984: Hear You Been To College/Old Tease>Never Been To College/Easier Said Than Done/Color Me Impressed/Music Is My Life>Jolene/Poor Girl>Radio Free Europe/ It’s Alright Girl/I Got You Babe/Let It Be>Fu*k School/Lucy In The Sky…./ Temptation Eyes>Hey Good Lookin’/Last Train To Clarksville/I’m In Trouble/ September Gurls/Customer

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Roaring Mouse Records. -70060


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