Rainbow / Instrument Of Surrender /2CD

Rainbow / Instrument Of Surrender /2CD /Power Gate

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 27th August 1981

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1981, from the Japan tour accompanying the album “DIFFICULT TO CURE”, Budokan second day of 3DAYS, direct the August 27 performance has not been around all even between traders, a master cassette officials were microphone recording on the PA desk wonders of high-quality press CD that was used to is the appearance. (Next day performances Edition “Surrender Documents” in the recording from the master the same providers and cassette) the same day performances and its outstanding panel was recorded revives a great sound quality that no comparison Budokan ’81 whole picture of! This day, it was released late last year, quickly Upon the day before performances were sold out “Surrender Documents”, Tokyo performances only this day, Richie was crazy glue is shows off the guitar crash of the last powerful. Listening to “Surrender Documents”, because Joe Lynn Turner is, but I think that at this late hour while the surprised fans there were many in the high-quality performance of the first participation was in ’81 tour, it was accrued the second half of the show with a single thing , while microphone recording, the emergence of this board that captures a high quality the whole picture of the live the day before or will not become a thing very happy. The first half, but male fans to roar in the vicinity of the recorder as “Richie!” There is also a little annoying felt part, on the whole it has been recorded in the sound quality and balance of the best, to represent the ’81 Japan tour definitely title to be a is a super excellent title of the inevitable. Tape change at the beginning of the keyboard solo of Don Airey, also All Night Long’s head, once order was allowed to stop the tape, we are a little off, but almost perfect recording otherwise. Masterpiece convoluting Catch The Rainbow, Lost In Hollywood of Richie from the second half of Rongusoro, and Maybe Next Time, Woman From Tokyo riff, and Since You Been Gone encore. Unfortunately this high-quality 90-minute master cassette will be completed in the middle of a riff of Kill The King, but they can connect to the last in a different this also high-quality take also unpublished From here, of course, to resound Guitar crash sound of great power pat. You can carefully and is Kikiiru until the last of the Over The Rainbow SE. Limited press CD is the emergence from the popular POWER GATE!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.57 (April 2005 issue). In case you’re wondering.

From the Japan tour that took place in 1981 of the rainbow that was joining the Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, stage of August 27 is the Tokyo day two, was pressed on CD from the first appearance of the master cassette. As what was recorded the stage of the day “Missing Gate” (3CDR), and the like “Risese Over Japan-Day Four” (2CDR). This sound source, it seems that at the time of the parties was recorded on a cassette deck that was placed in the mixer console, the only mixer console for adjusting the sound of the entire stage, valuable that is recorded in great audience recording to balance sound quality both tape. is not that the audience cheers also do not mind, it might be said that the sound that contrary to reality. Stage is the opening SE, “Over The Rainbow” flows from the “Pomp and Circumstance” of Elgar, start at Spotlight Kid. Tokyo performance the second day of the band, makes us hear the best play from the first track. At the highest, including Ritchie of guitar solo nor phrase of the second half of the texture, a wonderful combination of the Don of keyboard. Flow to the Love’s No Friend to be played without putting Kanpatsu from ending of Spotlight Kid also has impact. In flowing as playing Don of keyboard is pleasant intro is I Surrender, Richie is in the back of the jaws of the vocal, come to mind figure which was playing a solo, such as dancing like. Ritchie from the “Lazy” of promise even Man On The Silver Mountain to be played in compact play the polite solo. In Catch The Rainbow is 14 minutes near the play’s power of expression also listening stations rich vocals of Joe. (For master cassette is 90 minutes, but a minute weak part to reverse in the second half of the songs are connected by another sound source, less discomfort is not.) Disk 2 so overwhelms the audience from the keyboard solo of Don Lost In Hollywood, which is play. Of course, in the second half guitar solo of destructive sound of Richie, “A Light In The Black” Play also interwoven. From negotiations of Richie and Joe in Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, after Joe has repeatedly audience and hot dialogue, but Joe is to sing in improvisation, it is regrettable from being entered into as it is ending. Encore albeit from All Night Long, intro play of Richie regrettably, for a moment, has expired. His second encore, first, Maybe Next Time is flowed in the tape, switch to Richie. And Play Since You Been Gone from Tsumabii a Woman From Tokyo. The last guitar crash Ritchie of madness from guitar solo. (because start to master cassette in one minute a little less than the time-out, have been connected in a different sound source to the last.) Richie striking the guitar on stage and PA noise is fresh. At that time, only the second day of the Tokyo show was held in three consecutive days, Tomosureba also had premonition likely to disconnect the hand, was of the great can listen to the hot play up about this! I ran out to the word. Soredakeni fans want to hear, including the valuable of the sound source item.

1981年、アルバム「DIFFICULT TO CURE」に伴う日本ツアーより、武道館3DAYSの2日目、8月27日公演が、トレーダー間でも一切出回っていない、関係者がPA卓でマイク録音したマスターカセットをダイレクトに使用した驚異の高音質プレスCDが登場です。(翌日公演盤「Surrender Documents」のマスターと同一の提供者のカセットからの収録)同日公演を収録した既発盤とは比べ物にならない素晴らしい音質で蘇る武道館’81の全貌!この日は、昨年末発売され、あっという間に完売となった「Surrender Documents」の前日公演にあたり、東京公演ではこの日のみ、ノリまくったリッチーが最後に迫力のギタークラッシュを披露しています。「Surrender Documents」を聴いて、ジョー・リン・ターナーが初参加した81年ツアーのハイクオリティなパフォーマンスに今更ながら驚いたファンも多かったと思いますが、1枚ものでショウの後半は未収だった為、マイク録音ながら、前日ライブの全貌を高音質で捉えた本盤の登場はとても嬉しいものになるのではないでしょうか。前半、レコーダーの近くで「リッチー!」と咆哮する男性ファンがやや鬱陶しく感じられるパートもありますが、全体的には極上の音質・バランスで収録されており、間違いなく81年日本ツアーを代表するタイトルになることは必至の超優良タイトルです。Don Aireyのキーボードソロの頭でテープチェンジ、またAll Night Long の頭が、一旦テープをストップさせた為、ちょっと切れてますが、それ以外はほぼ完璧に収録。圧巻はCatch The Rainbow、Lost In Hollywood 後半からのリッチーのロングソロ、そしてMaybe Next Time、Woman From Tokyoリフ、Since You Been Goneと畳み込むアンコール。残念ながらこの高音質90分マスターカセットはKill The Kingのリフの途中で終了してしまいますが、ここからも未発表の別のこれまた高音質のテイクで最後まで繋いでおり、勿論、響き渡る大迫力のギタークラッシュ音もバッチリ。ラストのOver The Rainbow S.E.までじっくりと聴き入ることができます。限定プレスCDで好評POWER GATEから登場です!

ヴォーカルにジョー・リン・ターナーを加入させたレインボーの1981年に行われた日本公演から、東京2日目である8月27日のステージが、初登場のマスター・カセットからプレスCD化された。この日のステージを収録したものとしては「Missing Gate」(3CDR)、「Risese Over Japan-Day Four」(2CDR)などがある。今回の音源は、当時の関係者がミキサー卓に置いたカセット・デッキで録音したものらしく、ステージ全体の音響を調整するミキサー卓だけに、バランス・音質ともに素晴らしいオーディエンス録音で収録されている貴重なテープ。観客の歓声も気にならないことはないが、逆に臨場感のある音と言えるかもしれない。ステージは、オープニングSEである、エルガーの「威風堂々」から「Over The Rainbow」が流れ、Spotlight Kidでスタート。東京公演2日目のバンドは、一曲目からベストなプレイを聴かせてくれる。リッチーのギターソロも後半のキメのフレーズも含めて最高で、キーボードのドンとのコンビネーションが素晴らしい。Spotlight Kidのエンディングから間髪入れずプレイされるLove’s No Friendへの流れもインパクトがある。流れるように奏でられるドンのキーボードが心地良いイントロのI Surrenderでは、リッチーがジョーのボーカルのバックで、まるで舞うようなソロを弾いていた姿が思い浮かぶ。お約束の「Lazy」からコンパクトにプレイされるMan On The Silver Mountainでもリッチーは丁寧なソロを奏でる。14分近くプレイされるCatch The Rainbowでは、ジョーの表現力豊かなボーカルも聴き所だ。(マスターカセットが90分のため、曲の後半でリバースする部分の一分弱が別音源で繋がれているが、さほど違和感はない。)ディスク2はドンのキーボード・ソロから観客を圧倒するようにプレイされるLost In Hollywood。勿論、リッチーの破壊的なサウンドのギターソロ後半では、「A Light In The Black」も織り交ぜてプレイ。Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll ではリッチーとジョーの掛け合いから、ジョーが観客と熱い掛け合いを繰り返した後、ジョーがアドリブで歌おうとするが、そのままエンディングに入ってしまうのが惜しい。アンコールはAll Night Longからではあるが、リッチーの弾くイントロが惜しくも、一瞬、切れている。2度目のアンコールは、まず、テープでMaybe Next Timeが流され、リッチーにスィッチ。そしてWoman From Tokyoを爪弾いてからSince You Been Gone をプレイ。最後はリッチーがギターソロから狂気のギター・クラッシュ。(スタートして1分弱でマスターカセットが時間切れのため、別音源でラストまで繋がれている。)リッチーがステージやPAにギターを叩き付けるノイズが生々しい。当時、三日間連続で行われた東京公演の2日目だけに、ともすれば手を抜きそうな予感もあったが、これほどまでに熱いプレイを聴くことが出来たのは素晴らしい!の一言に尽きた。それだけにファンは音源の貴重さも含めて聴いて欲しいアイテム。

Disc 1
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Love’s No Friend
5. I Surrender 6. Man On The Silver Mountain 7. Catch The Rainbow
8. Can’t Happen Here

Disc 2
1. Don Airey Keyboard Solo 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In The Black
4. Difficult To Cure 5. Bob Rondinelli Drum Solo 6. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. All Night Long 8. Maybe Next Time/Woman From Tokyo 9. Since You Been Gone
10. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash 11. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise) 12. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums



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