David Bowie / The Freakiest Show /1CD

David Bowie / The Freakiest Show /1CD /Non Label

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Performances from: Unreleased 1972 Studio Version + Nassau Coliseum on 23 March 1976 + Earl’s Court, London July 1st 1978 & many more.


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The Collector’s CD of DAVID BOWIE, a year best item undoubtedly, will give a shock to immeasurable in mania, appeared ultimate rarities collection is! Moreover, is its all have enough available ultra-high quality sound board at the official, and even contains the take that does not fragment even appeared in this world, the advent of the ultimate compilation of earth-shattering for the mania. First of all, the first track is completely unpublished Early mix version of the will give an impact to the Bowie fan of World Five Years! Vocal another take the official. The sound of the piano at the beginning is also a smallish, very fresh take before the strings are superimposed. Singing of the second half of the free form of Bowie are also quite unlike the final version, will shake all of my heart those who listen to the compelling vocals. The second song Waiting For The Man than 1976 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which is also recorded in the “Station To Station” of the bonus, live take of the complete first appearance, here is also included in the highest sound quality. Followed by “Heroes”, What In The World is (is take that has not been used in the “Rarestonebowie”.) 1978 July 1 of the from Earls Court performances here also full first appearance of the line recording sound source. Space Oddity in the marquee club of “1980 Floor Show” even familiar 1973 recorded in the past the best sound quality of different levels that does not compare to its outstanding. Spirits In The Night, the Bruce Springsteen of the first “Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ” cover in rhea ultra-high-quality demo recording of 1973, Rupert The Riley, Miss Peculiar also recorded in the past the best sound quality (EMI / Rykodisc recurrence planning that was not is take that used in), recorded from Life on Mars? Peter Noone of acetate disc of, yet the mania has been recorded in the finished form of the surprise that “whether there is such a version!” it is one song, the last is suddenly one take of flying era, ‘Black Tie White Noise’ strange work from the session, here is the installation, but the first-ever appearance. Released in limited press CD!

★ release at that time, is Ketteiban sound source collection of the extent to feature articles of up to 5 pages as “item was recorded awesome sound source” has been organized in beatleg magazine vol.54 (No. 1 January 2005). One of the fans must listen.

DAVID BOWIEのコレクターズCDとしては、間違いなく本年度最高のアイテムであり、計り知れない衝撃をマニアに与えるであろう、究極のレア音源集が登場!しかも、その全てがオフィシャルで十分使用可能な超高音質サウンドボード、更にはこの世に断片すら出現したことのないテイクを含む、マニアにとっては驚天動地の究極のコンピレーションの登場です。まず、1曲目は世界のボウイファンに衝撃を与えるであろうFive Yearsの完全未発表アーリー・ミックス・ヴァージョン!ボーカルはオフィシャルとは別テイク。冒頭のピアノの音も小さめで、ストリングスが重ねられる前の非常に生々しいテイク。後半のフリーフォームなボウイの歌唱も最終版とは全く違っており、切実なボーカルが聴く者全ての心を揺り動かすでしょう。2曲目Waiting For The Manは「Station To Station」のボーナスでも収録された1976年ナッソーコロシアムより、完全初登場のライブ・テイク、こちらも最高音質で収録。続く”Heroes” 、What In The Worldは1978年7月1日ののアールズコート公演からでこちらも完全初登場のライン録音音源(”Rarestonebowie”で使用されなかったテイクです。)。「1980 Floor Show」でもお馴染みの1973年のマーキークラブでのSpace Oddityは既発とは比較にならない段違いの過去最高音質で収録。Spirits In The Nightは、ブルース・スプリングスティーンのファースト「Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.」のカバーで1973年の激レアな超高音質デモ録音、Rupert The Riley、Miss Peculiarも過去最高音質で収録(EMI/Rykodisc再発企画で使用されなかったテイクです)、Life On Mars?のピーター・ヌーンのアセテート盤からの収録、しかも完成形で録音されておりマニアには「こんなヴァージョンがあったのか!」という驚きの1曲です、最後はいきなり時代が飛んでの1テイク、’Black Tie White Noise’ セッションからの怪作、こちらはインストですが史上初登場。限定プレスCDにてリリース!


1. Five years (Unreleased 1972 Studio Version)
2. Waiting For The Man (Nassau Coliseum 23rd March 1976)
3. “Heroes” (Earl’s Court, London July 1st 1978)
4. What In The World (Earl’s Court, London July 1st 1978)
5. Space Oddity (Marquee, London October 1973)
6. Spirits In The Night (Trident Studios, London 1973)
7. Rupert The Riley (Unused Rykodisc Bonus Track)
8. Miss Peculiar (Unused Rykodisc Bonus Track)
9. Life On Mars? (Unreleased Peter Noone Acetate)
10. Untitled (From ‘Black Tie White Noise’ Sessions)

Track 2 Was omitted from the original broadcast due to a tape flaw.
Tracks 3 & 4 Were originally shortlisted for inclusion on the Trident/NMC”Rarestonebowie”
Track 6 Performed by the Astronettes, an alternative to the version that appeared on “People From Bad Homes”
Tracks 7 & 8 Were mastered for EMI/Rykodisc reissues but not used

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