Bob Dylan / Modern Times At The Arena Vol 1 / 4CDR

Bob Dylan / Modern Times At The Arena Vol. 1  /4CDR /Trial

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Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield 14th April & Wembley Arena, London, UK 15th April 2007

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2007, complete recording of a high-quality audience record two shows in the UK from the beginning of the tour and became the European tour. In the original sound source with the same taper both performances, has been recorded in the party hereto attached hard to great sound quality. To “Vol.1”, recorded and April 14, Sheffield performances, April 15, the Wembley Arena the first day of performances. In the range of “Modern Times” tour, which was greeted with a huge cheer to the United Kingdom of the crowd with the fact that the first European tour after the release is, of course, but this time of the tour up to the topic guitar on stage Dylan for the first time in a long time I would have played. He played the guitar for only a few songs of the early stages in every stage, but it therefore Cat’s In The set list that rare number was to be played at the opening, such as the Well is really fresh. In Wembley first day has been very played also rare Chimes Of Freedom, has become far from listening. Playing the music selection rich in variety, and the release of stress-free to enjoy enhanced sound quality and all aspects of undisputed.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.84 (No. July 2007). In case you’re wondering.

Bob of this year from the spring of the European tour is the first line live tour, recorded the middle of the show of stroke. All in the recording by the same person, it has been captured in all excellent stability of high-quality audience recording. The called the big topic in this tour, it would be that Bob was really playing the electric guitar after a long time. It is he such only in the early four songs up every time, “It’s Alright Ma”, also Bob playing the guitar and listen to frank a great performance with a lively decorated the Sheffield of opening “Most Likely You Go Your Way” keenly aware are you me appreciating. Moreover, in the song this song that has been in this tour are always played on the keyboard mainly, because the result back to the original performance form even after this, guitar arrangement of this day has become a very valuable treatment. Shuffle arrangements was played at Wembley the first day of “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” also a fresh. However, even moved to the usual keyboard set, is a quite interesting performance, yet Bob which day is also full of vitality. The only, but I in Birmingham was the centerpiece of the first day of the Wembley “Chimes Of Freedom” is he not remain in the impression surprisingly easily with the arrangement, but to listen in “Vol 2” is being played is “Workingman’s Blues # 2”, this is also from the fact that Bob is played with a guitar, after this date, guitar repertoire has increased up to five songs. So listen in “Vol.1”, “Vol.2”, tour in the four days that will show that instead of pointing to the new changes, the all of the sound quality good, yet which day also the music selection is rich in variety it sets that do not get tired.

★ release at the time, received high praise from the fan-media, high-quality set the title of the original sound source. At the time, because it was released in limited 50 sets numbering entering, is a masterpiece sound source set title you think that the many fans that could not be obtained. The opportunity of this time of recurrence please, thank you so as not to miss.

2007年、最初のツアーとなったヨーロッパツアーからイギリスでの2公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。両公演とも同一テーパーによるオリジナル音源で、甲乙つけがたい素晴らしい音質で収録されています。「Vol.1」には、4月14日シェフィールド公演と、4月15日、ウェンブリー・アリーナ初日公演を収録。『モダン・タイムス』リリース後初のヨーロッパツアーということでイギリスの観衆にも大歓声を持って迎えられたツアーであるのはもちろんですが、今回のツアー最大の話題はディランが久しぶりにステージでギターを弾いたことでしょう。彼がギターを弾いたのは毎回のステージにおける序盤の数曲だけですが、それゆえCat’s In The Wellのようなレア・ナンバーがオープニングに演奏されるようになったセットリストは実に新鮮です。ウェンブリー初日では大変にレアなChimes Of Freedomも演奏されており、聴きどころなっています。バラエティに富んだ選曲と演奏、そして文句なしの音質とあらゆる面でストレス無く楽しめる充実のリリースです。

★beatleg誌 vol.84(2007年7月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

ボブの今年最初ライライヴツアーである春のヨーロッパ・ツアーから、行程の中盤のショウを収録。全て同一人物による録音で、全て安定感抜群の高音質なオーディエンス録音で捉えられている。今回のツアーで大きな話題を呼んだのは、ボブが本当に久々にエレキギターを弾いたことだろう。それは毎回「It’s Alright Ma」までの序盤4曲に限ってなのだが、シェフィールドのオープニングを飾った「Most Likely You Go Your Way」の率直で活気のある素晴らしい演奏を聴くとやはりボブがギターを弾いてくれているありがたみを痛感する。しかもこの曲は今回のツアーでは常にキーボード主体で演奏されていた曲で、この後も元の演奏形態に戻ってしまうので、この日のギターアレンジは大変貴重な扱いとなった。ウェンブリー初日で演奏された「Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues」のシャッフル・アレンジも新鮮だ。しかしいつものキーボード・セットに移っても、なかなか面白い演奏であり、しかもボブはどの日も元気いっぱいである。唯一、ウェンブリーの初日の目玉であった「Chimes Of Freedom」は意外とあっさりとしたアレンジで印象に残らないのだが「Vol 2」で聴けるバーミンガムでは「Workingman’s Blues #2 」が演奏されているのだが、これもボブがギターを持って演奏したことから、この日以降、ギター・レパートリーは5曲にまで増えている。「Vol.1」「Vol.2」で聴けるように、ツアーが新たな変化に差し代わったことを示してくれる四日間で、全ての音質が良好で、しかもどの日も選曲がバラエティに富んで飽きさせないセットだ。


Live at Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, UK 14th April 2007

Disc 1
1. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) 2. She Belongs To Me 3. Watching The River Flow
4. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 5. The Levee’s Gonna Break 6. Spirit On The Water
7. Highway 61 Revisited 8. My Back Pages 9. Rollin’ And Tumblin’

Disc 2
1. When The Deal Goes Down 2. High Water (For Charlie Patton) 3. Stuck Inside Of Mobile
4. Nettie Moore 5. Summer Days 6. Like A Rolling Stone 7. Thunder On The Mountain
8. Band Introduction 9. All Along The Watchtower

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 15th April 2007
Disc 3
1. Cat’s In The Well 2. It Ain’t Me, Babe 3. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
4. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) 5. The Levee’s Gonna Break 6. Spirit On The Water
7. Highway 61 Revisited 8. When The Deal Goes Down 9. Rollin’ And Tumblin’

Disc 4
1. Chimes Of Freedom 2. Blind Willie McTell
3. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 4. Nettie Moore 5. Summer Days
6. Like A Rolling Stone 7. Thunder On The Mountain 8. Band Introduction
9. All Along The Watchtower


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