Jeff Beck / Reel Masters / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Reel Masters / 2CD / Big Daddy

Classic Beck from 71/72 including disk one completely diff alternate studio versions from the “Rough & Ready” sessions (15 tracks)…disk two live 1971/72. A+ quality sound throughout…line recordings. Full tracklist as follows: Alternate “R&R” Tracks: Got the Feeling/Situation/I’ve Been Used/ Short Business/July 13th/Got the Feeling/Situation/Short Business/I’ve Been Used/Situation/I’ve Been Used/Short Business/ July 13th/Short Business/Raynes Park Blues. Live 8/22/71, Ruis RockFest Finland: New Ways>Train Train/Got To Have A Song/I’ve Been Used/Situation/Jody. Live BBC London 6/29/72: Ice Cream Cakes/Morning Dew/Goin’ Down/ Definitely Maybe/Got The Feeling>Let me Love YoVTM-002u. Live Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, UK, 7/23/72: Jeff’s Boogie Gorgeous color package w/vintage live/candid Beck shots.

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