Crosby Stills Nash & Young / Opening Night Detroit / 3CD

Crosby Stills Nash & Young / Opening Night Detroit / 3CD / Zeus

Palace of Auburn Hills, Detriot, Michigan, USA. 24 Jan 2000

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Contains the first day of the 2000 reunion tour that became a hot topic of CSNY’s full-fledged tour since 1974. This is a quick release of the audience recording that the label originally obtained. What is surprising is that the sound quality of the sound source heard here is really wonderful. Although the sound from the venue was a bit too close to “Slowpoke”, the sound image turned on.
It’s been early 20 years since this tour, but the quality and impact of this audience recording has not faded at all when I hear it now. Even if it is released as a new record this week, it will not feel strange. Clearness and freshness as well as the sound image I mentioned earlier are really wonderful. However, the order of “Stand And Be Counted” and “Pre-Road Downs” was reversed for the song of the back cover.
The content of the performance is full of points of interest because the content of the performance is the first day of the reunion tour that attracted the attention of the world. The first few songs are very complete because they were broadcast using the latest technology at the time of Internet distribution, but on the first day, Neil Young’s lead “ Cinnamon Girl ” can not start well and start over That happening. In addition, “ Helplessly Hoping ” seems to make a mistake in the composition of the song, or David Crosby’s “ Dream For Him ” played a lead guitar with a disproportionate tone on the lead day, etc. Let’s go.
On the other hand, the charm of the arrangement unique to this tour, such as “49 Bye-Byes” played with the band back after a long time, “Southern Cross” played with CSNY and the band has not faded. In addition, Jim Keltner’s late MG Duck Dunn’s MGs combination was firmly supported by innocent artisan play, so it’s really interesting that the opening day seems to have continued in the middle of the game.

The original release of this work was March 2000. 10 sets only arrived from overseas. (It is completely new. There will be no stock in the future.)

早いものでこのツアーからちょうど20年の歳月が経過しましたが、令和を迎えた今の耳で聞いてもこのオーディエンス録音のクオリティの高さとインパクトはまったく色褪せていません。もし今週の新譜としてリリースされたとしても違和感ないほど。先に触れた音像はもちろん、クリアネスや鮮度も本当に素晴らしい。もっとも裏ジャケの曲目は「Stand And Be Counted」と「Pre-Road Downs」の順番が逆になっていたのですが。
演奏内容の方も世界中が注目した再結成ツアーの初日ということから、演奏は聞きどころが満載。序盤の数曲はネット配信という当時の最新技術で放送されたことから非常に完成度が高いのですが、そこは初日、ニール・ヤング主導による「Cinnamon Girl」の演奏がうまく始められずにやり直すというハプニングが。さらには「Helplessly Hoping」で曲の構成を間違えそうになったり、あるいはデヴィッド・クロスビーの「Dream For Him」でニールが不釣り合いな音色のリードギターを弾いてしまった場面なども初日ならではの光景でしょう。
一方で久しぶりにバンドをバックに演奏された「49 Bye-Byes」、CSNYかつバンドでの演奏となった「Southern Cross」といった、このツアーならではのアレンジの魅力も色褪せていない。それに何と言ってもジム・ケルトナーに故ダック・ダンというMGズ・コンビが危なげない職人プレイで堅実に支えただけに、なおさら初日らしいハプニングが中盤で連続した様が実に面白い。


Disc 1

1. Carry On
2. Southern Man
3. Stand And Be Counted
4. Pre-Road Downs
5. Heartland
6. 49 Bye-Byes
7. Slowpoke
8. Marrakesh Express
9. Faith In Me
10. Almost Cut My Hair
11. Cinnamon Girl

Disc 2
1. Helplessly Hoping
2. Our House
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Dream For Him
5. Someday Soon
6. Looking Forward
7. After The Goldrush
8. Guinnevere
9. Seen Enough
10. Out Of Control
11. Teach Your Children
12. 7th Inning Stretch

Disc 3
1. Love The One You’re With
2. Long Time Gone
3. Ohio
4. For What It’s Worth
5. Down By The River
6. Dark Star
7. Rockin’ In The Free World
8. Woodstock
9. Long May You Run

Strictly 10 copies only imported from overseas.

ZEUS Z 2013001/2/3


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