Santana / ZEBOP Sessions / 1CDR

Santana / ZEBOP Sessions / 1CDR / Project Zip

Translated text:
Zebop Outtakes Sessions, The Automatt Studios, CA 1981. Soundboard


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Santana 81 years studio album “ZEBOP! Outtake sound collection that caught the recording session of!

Starting with the single hit “I Love You Match To Match” at the time, the album contains songs In addition to the most alternate take, recording sessions including unreleased songs are valuable sources that Santana collector can not overlook It is a big recommendation title to say!


01. E Papa Re
02. Winning (without solo guitar)
03. Primera Invasion
04. Searchin’ (without vocal & solo guitar)
05. I Love You Much Too Much
06. Hannibal – with jazz end (without solo guitar)
07. Untitle #1 (instrumental)
08. Untitle #2
09. Tales Of Kilimandjaro
10. Brightest Star
11. I Love You Much Too Much #2
12. Untitle #1 (on vocal)
13. Untitle #3

Zebop Outtakes Sessions, The Automatt Studios, CA 1981
Project Zip. PJZ-637

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