Santana / Spirits Dancing In The Winery / 2CDR

Santana / Spirits Dancing In The Winery / 2CDR / Project Zip

Live At Paul Masson Winery, Saratoga, CA, USA September 9th 1989 Soundboard

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Santana A valuable performance that preceded the US tour in the latter half of 1989 debuted with a high-quality sound board sound source!

Recorded from a four-day performance at Paul Masson Winery in Saratoga, California, on September 9, 1989, in the role of an unveiling performance shortly after the member change.

Introducing a must-listen live sound source that features a rare set list unique to this time, including new songs from the album “Spirits Dancing in the Fresh”! !!





01. Angels All Around Us / Spirits Dancing In The Flesh/02. For Those Who Chant/03. It’s A Jungle Out There/04. Sowetto/05. Batuka/06. No One To Depend On/07. Bella/08. Sweet Black Cherry Pie/09. Lee Lee Jungle Music/10. She’s Not There
11. Mandela/12. Full Moon/13. Super Boogie/14. Hong Kong Blues

01. Get Uppa/02. Savor/03. Armando Peraza / Walfredo Reyes Solo/04. Goodness And Mercy/05. Choose/06. Everybody’s Everything/07. Toussaint L’Overture/08. Soul Sacrifice/09. Walfredo Reyes Drum Solo/10. Soul Sacrifice (Reprised)/11. Love Theme From Sparticus / Jam/12. Black Satin / Cloud Nine

Live At Paul Masson Winery, Saratoga, CA, USA September 9th 1989

Project Zip. PJZ-773A/B

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