Santana / East Berlin 1987 / 2DVDR

Santana / East Berlin 1987 / 2DVDR / Uxbridge

Live At Palast Der Republik, East Berlin, German Democratic Republic 6th April 1987. Pro-shot

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Europe in 1987, which was still divided by iron curtains. Introducing SANTANA’s finest professional shot that delivers rock to the other side.
The very historical show was held at “April 6, 1987: East Berlin”. Gorbachev, who became Soviet General Secretary in 1985, recommended Perestroika. Especially in 1987, the 70th anniversary of the Russian Revolution was reached, and with that trend, SANTANA’s East Germany performance was also realized. Speaking of 1987, it is the year of Carlos’s solo work “BLUES FOR SALVADOR” as well as the album “FREEDOM”. In order to sort out the circumstances around that, let’s look back at the schedule at that time and confirm the position of the show.

<< February “FREEDOM” release >>
・ March 3rd-April 6th: Europe # 1 (26 performances) ← ★ here ★
・ April 24th-May 24th: Europe # 2 (22 performances)
・ June 13-July 26: North America # 1 (23 performances)
・ August 14-September 12: North America # 2 (21 performances)
《October “BLUES FOR SALVADOR” released》

This is SANTANA in 1987. “FREEDOM” and “BLUES FOR SALVADOR” were released in the shape of the world tour, and the “FREEDOM TOUR” is roughly divided into 4 sections. The historic East Berlin performance takes place in the last two days of the opening “Europe # 1”, and this work contains the concert on the last day.
It became a hot topic from that time only on the historic stage, and it was broadcast on TV. It has reigned as a great classic for a long time. This work is also a classic professional shot, but it is (substantially) updating the highest peak quality. Until now, it was a master that was distributed in Japan over 10 years ago, but this work is different. Digitally rebroadcast on the German public broadcasting station “MDR” in March 2011. Not only is it broadcast from the station master without deterioration, but it is a DVD of the no error best master. That’s why the quality is ultimate. Of course, it was shot in the analog era, but the vivid contour and the glossy color are iron-clad formal-quality images.
However, this work is a little different from the official work. Although the quality of the master is completely official, the stage set is strangely light, the lighting is dark, and the hobby of arranging the primary colors is strangely old. The camera work is normal at first glance, and Carlos’ zoom is perfect, but when it comes to pulling, the number is small or the angle is plain. Probably because this is East Berlin. There were many domestic rock bands such as PUHDYS, STERN MEISSEN, and ELECTRA in East Germany at that time, but it may be that stage production and shooting know-how had not progressed. It’s more like the “70’s” than in 1987.
Of course, the “1987 sound and song + 70s mood” is not a fault of this work, but a unique taste. Probably because of the historic show, the set also behaves like a large number of 6 songs from the new release “FREEDOM”, but also has a wide range of representative songs, and Buddy Miles is a vocal performer as well as the album. He will also play guitar with “Texas” and “Them Changes / We Gotta Live Together”, and will also show “The Healer” to John Lee Hooker. Large volume of about 2 hours and 26 minutes in total. Moreover, because it was the first communal area and broadcasting, the performance was full of energy and the tension was uninterrupted even though it was a long time.

It is the ultimate quality board that has greatly upgraded the multi-camera Pro Shot that has long been popular as a symbol of the “FREEDOM” era. No, it is a masterpiece and masterpiece of “80’s SANTANA” itself in terms of quality and quantity. A historical video work that truly becomes a cultural heritage. Please enjoy a lot with 2 discs.


 まさに歴史的なショウが行われたのは「1987年4月6日:東ベルリン」でのこと。1985年にソ連の書記長に就任したゴルバチョフがペレストロイカを推奨。特に1987年はロシア革命70周年にもあたり、その流れでSANTANAの東ドイツ公演も実現したのです。また、1987年と言えば、アルバム『FREEDOM』だけでなくカルロスのソロ作『BLUES FOR SALVADOR』の年でもある。その辺の事情を整理する意味でも、当時のスケジュールを振り返ってショウのポジションを確かめておきましょう。
 これが1987年のSANTANA。ワールドツアーを挟むカタチで『FREEDOM』『BLUES FOR SALVADOR』がリリースされたわけですが、その“FREEDOM TOUR”は大きく4セクションに分けられる。歴史的な東ベルリン公演は、冒頭「欧州#1」の最後に2日間で行われ、本作に収められているのは最終日のコンサートです。
 ただし、本作はオフィシャル作品とは趣がちょっと違う。マスターの質は完全オフィシャル級ではあるのですが、ステージ・セットが妙に淡泊で、照明も暗めで原色を並べる趣味も妙に古臭い。カメラワークは一見すると普通でカルロスのズームは文句なしなものの、引きになると台数が少ないのかアングルが地味なのです。これは恐らく、東ベルリンだからでしょう。当時の東ドイツはPUHDYSやSTERN MEISSEN、ELECTRAといった国産ロックバンドも数多くいたわけですが、さすがにステージ演出や撮影ノウハウまでは進歩していなかったのかも知れません。1987年というよりは、全体的に“70年代”っぽいのです。
 もちろん、「1987年のサウンド&曲+70年代的なムード」は、本作の欠点ではなく独特な旨み。歴史的なショウのせいか、セットも新作『FREEDOM』から6曲も大盤振る舞いしつつ、代表曲も幅広く取りそろえており、アルバム同様にバディ・マイルスもヴォーカルで大活躍。さらに彼は「Texas」「Them Changes / We Gotta Live Together」でギター共演もしますし、後にジョン・リー・フッカーに提供する「The Healer」も披露。トータルで約2時間26分という大ボリューム。しかも、初の共産圏&放送ということもあってか、演奏も気合いたっぷりで長丁場なのに緊張感が途切れないのです。
Disc 1 (75:58)
1. The Beat Of My Drum / Veracruz
2. Primera Invasion / Open Invitation
3. She’s Not There / Incident At Neshabur
4. One
5. Samba Pa Ti
6. Songs Of Freedom
7. The Healer / Saja
8. Super Boogie
9. Texas *
10. Them Changes / We Gotta Live Together *
Disc 2 (70:31)
1. Bass Solo Alphonso Johnson
2. Cavatina
3. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
4. Oye Como Va / Evil Ways / Jingo
5. Once It’s Gotcha
6. By The Pool / Europa
7. Soul Sacrifice
8. Aranjuez / El Mar / Soul Sacrifice (reprise)
9. Before We Go
10. Praise
11. Deeper, Dig Deeper
Carlos Santana – Electric Guitars, Vocals
Buddy Miles – Vocals, Guitar (*)
Alex Ligertwood – Vocals
Chester Thompson – Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson – Electric Bass
Armando Peraza – Congas, Bongos
Raul Rekow – Congas, Percussion
Orestes Vilato – Timbales, Percussion
Graham Lear – Drums
Uxbridge 1249 

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