Santana / Tokyo 1983 / 3CD / Zion

Santana / Tokyo 1983 / 3CD / Zion
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Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th July 1983 SBD

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1983 visit to Japan, which is also a narrative grass among maniacs. An official soundboard album that involves stake out that wonderful performance has appeared.
This tour was a time for SANTANA to say “a second golden age” as well. SANTANA, who built a great heyday in the 1970s, repeatedly returned to Japan, but the scale gradually shrunk little by little. However, on the Japan tour accompanying “HAVANA MOON” in the name of Carlos Sanatana, a two-digit performance has been realized for a long time. This is the last large-scale tour so far and has never been realized after that. First of all, let’s realize that popularity for the first time in a schedule.

· July 3: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
· July 4: Hamamatsu City Hall
· July 6: Osaka Festival Hall “HAVANA MOON IN OSAKA”
· July 7th: Osaka Festival Hall
· July 9: Nagoya City Auditorium
· July 10: NHK Hall 【this work】
· July 11: Utsunomiya City Cultural Center
· July 13: Gunma Music Center
· July 14th: Chiba Cultural Center
· July 15: Nakano Sanguraza ※ FM broadcasting
· July 16: Nippon Budokan

Over all, 11 shows in 14 days. You will understand that it was a really overcrowded schedule. What is contained in this work is the “July 10, 1983: NHK Hall Show” just in the middle of it.
Such a work is exquisite sound board of what the officials leaked. There is also popularity from this tour? Radio broadcasting of “July 11: Utsunomiya Cultural Center” sound board and “July 15th: Nakano Sanguraza” is also famous, but they are both imperfect versions did. However, this work directly CDs the original · cassette that it was handed out from the stakeholders, and it contains the show completely.
Even “outflow” “length” is surprised, but it is the sound itself that draws out the liver more than that. It seems to be a monitor mix recorded directly from the sound board desk, and it plays out a musical performance without any decoration. Not to mention overdubs, there are no signs of fine-tuning the post-ride effect as well. The sounds themselves at the moment Carlos picked up are recorded exactly as online. It came on top of it, abnormal until master freshness. The stakeholder cassette mentioned above has been sleeping for many years without being dubbed and played after being recorded from the sound board desk. Indeed, it brings music and performance instantly from the live scene to the present age.
Still, since the balance is superb, I am surprised. Recording of such circumstances is not strange even if the mix is ​​rough and unbelievable, but for some reason all instruments are in good condition. As a matter of fact, this recording first appeared as “TOKYO TALES” from the MASTERPORT label more than 10 years ago, but at that time also “exceptional rawness of direct sound without processing is exceptional” “exactly” NAKED “Sound” “The best title to say very high point mast item” and praised extensively. In this work, it digitizes again from its original master, the latest and meticulous mastering. Of course, I will not do anything that would damage the “ringing” of the original cassette, the goal is a complete reproduction of the “sound of the work place”. I realized the ultimate shape of extreme rare and superb sound.
It is wonderful because it is SANTANA that is drawn with that intense and direct sound. Even in the above-mentioned specialized magazine, “It has been fulfilling content for more than two hours on this day, and it is a content that is fulfilling and it is one of the leading performances representing the live concert in 83 years,” but she was praised as a prize, but I prove that he does not lie to that word As if you blow a lot of hot performances. In “Tales Of Kilimanjaro”, the tension runs from the sound of the guitar riff, and in “Gypsy Queen” the percussion not reverbed is overwhelmed with the attack sound of Pacqui Paki. “Oye Como Va” brilliant even switching delicate phrases and sounds, “Incident At Neshabur” where you can taste the hi-hat’s virtuosity that has skillfully crafted, and so on … etc .. There are no tips. All songs, all instruments, all lyrics are live albums that sound directly in the brain’s miso.

It is more beautiful than just a desk cabinet sound board and far more raw than the FM tone generator. A miraculous sound is a 3 piece set which flows steadily from opening to ending. The very best audience album “HAVANA MOON IN OSAKA (Uxbridge 634)” released the other day was also very popular, but this work is a miracle official leakboard sound board. It is one more valuable equivalent experience and more experienced with a brilliant sound. SANTANA ‘s visit to Japan, a rare miracle live album. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.
このツアーは、SANTANAにとって“二度目の黄金期”とも言うべき時代でした。70年代に一大全盛期を築いたSANTANAは、その後も来日を繰り返しましたが、少しずつ規模は縮小。しかし、カルロス・サナタナ名義の『HAVANA MOON』に伴うジャパンツアーでは、久々の二桁公演が実現。ここまでの大規模ツアーはこれが最後で、その後は一度も実現していません。まずは、日程でその人気ぶりを実感していただきましょう。

・7月6日:大阪フェスティバルホール『HAVANA MOON IN OSAKA』
・7月10日:NHKホール  【本作】
・7月15日:中野サンプラザ ※FM放送

それでいて、バランスも見事だから驚く。こうした経緯の録音はミックスが荒っぽく滅茶苦茶なバランスでもおかしくないのですが、どういうわけか全楽器が綺麗に整っている。実のところ、この録音は10年以上前にMASTERPORTレーベルから『TOKYO TALES』として初登場したのですが、その際にも「一切加工のないダイレクトなサウンドの生々しさは格別」「正に”NAKED”なサウンド」「非常にポイントの高いマスト・アイテムというべき最高のタイトル」と大絶賛。本作では、そのオリジナル・マスターから再度デジタル化し、最新・細心マスタリング。もちろん、オリジナル・カセットの持つ“鳴り”を損なうようなことは一切せず、目標は“現場の音”の完全再現。激レア・極上サウンドの究極形を実現しました。
その激・直結サウンドで描かれるのがSANTANAだからこそ、素晴らしい。先述の専門誌でも「この日は演奏内容も二時間以上に及び、充実した内容であり83年ライブを代表する屈指の名演」と激賞されましたが、その言葉に嘘偽りないことを証明するかのように熱い演奏がたっぷりと吹き出す。「Tales Of Kilimanjaro」ではギターリフの入り音からして緊張が走り、「Gypsy Queen」ではリバーブが掛かっていないパーカッションがパッキパキのアタック音で圧倒。繊細なフレーズと音の切り替えまでもが鮮烈な「Oye Como Va」、技巧を凝らしたハイハットの妙技が味わえる「Incident At Neshabur」等々など……挙げていったらキリがない。全曲・全楽器・全ノートが脳ミソ内で直接鳴るライヴアルバムなのです。

ただの卓直結サウンドボードよりも美しく、FM音源よりも遙かに生々しい。奇跡のようなサウンドがオープニングからエンディングまで止めどなく流れ出る3枚組です。先日リリースされた極上オーディエンス・アルバム『HAVANA MOON IN OSAKA(Uxbridge 634)』も大好評を賜りましたが、本作は奇跡の関係者流出サウンドボード。同等の極上コンサートをさらに貴重で、一層鮮烈なサウンドで体験できる1本です。SANTANAの来日史上、類い希なる奇跡のライヴアルバム。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。
Disc 1(59:49)
1. Introduction 2. Batuka 3. No One To Depend On 4. Taboo 5. Hold On 6. Tales Of Kilimanjaro
7. Black Magic Woman 8. Gypsy Queen 9. Oye Como Va 10. Incident At Neshabur
11. I’ve Waited All My Life 12. Aqua Marine

Disc 2(39:39)
1. Savor 2. Jingo 3. Havana Moon 4. Soul Sacrifice 5. Open Invitation 6. She’s Not There

Disc 3(53:07)
1. Audience 2. Right Now 3. Europe 4. Shango 5. Super Boogie 6. Hong Kong Blues
7. Shake Your Money Maker 8. Member Introduction



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