Santana / Complete San Francisco 1981 / 3CDR

Santana / Complete San Francisco 1981 / 3CDR / Project Zip

Live At Old Waldorf Theater, San Francisco, CA February 5th 1981. Soundboard

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Translated text:

Santana 1981 Soundboard · Live is new with full version!

February 5, 1981 The performance at the San Francisco · Wodorf Theater is recorded as a sound board sound source!

Even though incomplete broadcast versions were all familiar, it is the first live attention live as complete recording version including encore.

There is a part where the sound is distorted by “American Gypsy” as a disadvantage, but Hervey Hancock which was also interchangered in Recordin at that time also appeared as a live decision version representing 81 years when guest appeared!




唯一の欠点として「American Gypsy」で音が歪む部分がございますが、当時レコーディンでも交流あったハービー・ハンコックもゲスト出演した81年を代表するライブ決定版として大推薦タイトルの登場です!

01. E Papa Re/02. Primera Invasion/03. Searchin’/04. Tales Of Kilimanjaro/05. Black Magic Woman/06. Gypsy Queen/07. All I Ever Wanted/08. Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)/09. Savor/10. Jingo

01. Aqua Marine/02. Body Surfing/03. Well All Right/04. Hannibal/05. Brightest Star/06. Over And Over

01. Incident At Neshabur/02. Runnin’/03. Soul Sacrifice/04. Blues (Concierto de Aranjuez / Whole Lotta Love) / Open Invitation/05. She’s Not There / Marbles/06. American Gypsy/07. Transcendance

Live At Old Waldorf Theater, San Francisco, CA February 5th 1981

Project Zip. PJZ-693ABC

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