Sandy Denny / The Happy Blunderers / 2CDR

Sandy Denny / The Happy Blunderers / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer
Translated text:
Live At The Guildhall, Newcastl Upon Tyne, U.K. October 12th 1972. Audience

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Sandy Denny ‘s valuable live entering Fairport Convention, Fostering Gay to Solo Activity comes out as a coupling 2 pairs!
On Disk 1, the stage at “Lincoln, Folk, Festival” held in the UK on July 24, 1971 was recorded from a good audience recording master.
It was a time when we started solo activities from Fosterjay, and Fairport’s ally Richard Thompson was also a remarkable live guitarist.
On Disk 2, the performances at Newcastle · Guildhall in the UK in 72 years were recorded from the high sound quality audience recording master.
As a live collection of Sandy Denny who was also a topic to participate in “Red Zeppelin IV” at that time, it is a highly recommended title!


1. Late November/2. The North Star Grassman And The Ravens/3. Down In The Flood/4. Blackwaterside/5. The Optimist/6. Next Time Around/7. Crazy Lady Blues/8. John The Gun
Linoln Folk Festival 1971:Live At Tupholme Manor Park, Lincolnshire, U.K. July 24th 1971
01. Introduction by Ray Fisher / It’ll Take A Long Time/02. Bushes And Briars/03. Sweet Rosemary/04. It Suits Me Well/05. Late November/06. Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood/07. The Sea Captain/08. The Sea/09. The Lady/10. John The Gun/11. The Music Weaver
Live At The Guildhall, Newcastl Upon Tyne, U.K. October 12th 1972

Midnight Dreamer. MD-813A/B

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